Watch TV

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Deprecated: This content has been deprecated as of current versions and may no longer be valid. Please refer to Television for additional details.
  1. Click on TV Tuner in the organization tree.
  1. Double-click on the Channel you want to watch in the "Available Channels" box or, for analog TV, enter the channel number in the numeric pad then press Enter.

To quickly switch to the next or previous channel, click on the arrows in the status bar Image55 21.png. Or, right click in the display area, select Channels, and click on the channel you want from the list.

Note: The Display Status Bar will auto-hide by default. To change this setting, select the Display Options Menu on the Status Bar (or right-click on the display area) and select Configure Display. Change the Control Bars Mode to Always Show bars

You can use the normal Media Center player controls to mute or change the volume; skip to next/previous channels; or stop TV playback. You can also use the Pause/Play button to pause/resume TV playback.

When resuming normal play from fast forward or rewind, play will begin a little before the current start place to compensate for human reaction delay. This can be configured in Options > Advanced Properties > Backtrack on resume.

Tip: You can add your favorite TV channels to a playlist for easy playback. Create a playlist called TV. Watch the channel in TV Tuner then go to Playing Now and drag the channel into the playlist. You can then change the properties if you like, for example, you can rename FOX to "24" or "Tue 9pm - 24". Use the comment field to include any other TV shows played by this channel, so that you can easily find them using Search.