Playing Now

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Playing Now is an ordered Playlist created automatically when you play media files. You can do any of the following (they are explained below):

  • Send files to Playing Now in a number of ways.
  • Re-order the Playing Now playlist.
  • Clear the Playing Now playlist.
  • Shuffle and/or reshuffle the playlist.
  • Save the playlist on exit so that it opens the next time the program starts.
  • Set the program to automatically start playing the playlist when you start the program.

Playing Now is also a special screen. It includes two panes: a list (or thumbnails), and a visualization pane.

  • Access the Playing Now screen in a variety of ways.
  • View the list of files in queue to play.
  • View cover art, lyrics, notes and other fields of the currently playing track in the visualization pane.
  • Hide the list or the visualization pane, or modify the size of each pane with the slider bar.
  • Set the program to automatically jump to the Playing Now screen during playback.
This is not to be confused with a plug-in called Playing Now by RhinoBanga which displays a popup showing the currently playing track.

The Playing Now playlist is saved between sessions. If you stop Media Center and then start it again, your Playing Now is still there. Even switching libraries will return to the same Playing Now (when you switch back to the original library).