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You can open the Playing Now screen in one of the following ways as well:

Toolbar Image55 17.png
Keyboard Ctrl + 2
Tree Playing Now
Action Window Build Playlist > Edit Playing Now

The currently playing file is highlighted.

! If some files are missing from Playing Now, you could have Access Control (filter) turned on, or you may be viewing a mix of images and audio files (in which case images will not appear in the Playing Now list). See Images and Playing Now.

View Recent Playing Now's

Whenever you add files to Playing Now, your previous Playing Now is saved until you exit Media Center. To access the automatically generated list of recent Playing Now's, go to "Recent Playing Now's" under Playlists in the tree. You may have to refresh the view: collapse Recent Playing Now's, then expand. Note: Recent Playing Now's are only generated after your first Playing Now list has been modified.. Each Playing Now list will be saved until you exit the program.