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MC has five primary View Modes, which change the overall look and operation of Media Center for different uses. These are:

  • Standard View - the primary user interface designed for use on a desktop computer
  • Mini View - this is a small-sized interface designed to be used while doing other work on the computer.
  • Theater View - the interface designed for use from a large-screen and remote, such as with a Home Theater PC.
  • Display View - this is the full-screen playback mode of Media Center.
  • Cover View - this is a full-screen version of Standard View, without any additional window chrome.

Media Center can also be accessed by network devices through its Media Network features. These systems can have their own customized views separate from those used by the primary View Modes.

Changing View Modes[edit]

Standard View[edit]

You can switch which View Mode is currently active via a variety of methods:

MC19-Switch View Modes.png

Mini View[edit]

  • By right-clicking on the player and choosing the View menu from within Mini View:
MC19-Switch View Modes-Mini.png

Keyboard Shortcut[edit]

Function Windows Shortcut OSX Shortcut
Cycle Primary Views Shift + F11 + F11
Cycle Theater Views F11 F11
Open Standard View Ctrl + 1 + 1
Open Mini View Ctrl + 2 + 2
Open Display View Ctrl + 3 + 3
Open Theater View Ctrl + 4 + 4
Open Cover View Ctrl + 5 + 5