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  • Open Media File...
The dialog box Select Media File will open where a media file can be selected to open in Media Center.
For more information, see Open File(s) to Edit.
  • Open URL...
The dialog box Open Streaming File will open where a URL of a streaming file can be added.
For more information, see Web Media(Radio).
  • Quick Play
For more information, see Quick Play.

  • Print..
The Action Window window will open where two options will be listed:
  • Print Images
  • Print File List
For more information, see Action Window.

  • Export Playlist...
For more information, see Export Playlists.
  • Export All Playlists...
This item will automatically export all the playlists. The default format will be .M3U and they will be saved in a Playlists folder under the current library folder.

  • Exit
Select Exit to close Media Center.