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Media Center's Action Window is a system that allows you to interact with your Library independently of the main Views of Standard View. Use the Action Window to perform a variety tasks and functions with Media Center, such as changing tags, syncing to Handhelds, creating or modifying playlists, and Importing media.

MC19-Action Window.png

Action Windows are used for a wide variety of tasks in Media Center, including:

Using Action Windows

  • Minimize an Action Window using the minimize button at the top right.
MC19-Action Window-Min Button.png
  • Restore an Action Window by clicking on the maximize button, or on the minimized Action Window itself.
MC19-Action Window-Restore Button.png
  • Maximize some Action Windows, like the Tag Action Window, to fill the entire left-hand area of Standard View.
MC19-Action Window-Tag Maximized.png
  • There is a Menu Button in the upper-left corner of most Action Windows. This is a context-sensitive button, and will display different options depending on which Action Window is currently active.
MC19-Action Window-Menu Button.png
  • You can have multiple Action Windows open simultaneously. Select an item in the Action Window list, and instead of closing it (the "X" button), either minimize it (with the Minimize button), or open another Action Window "below" it in the "stack". You can toggle between the open Action windows.
MC19-Action Window-Multiple.png