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An Example Library Sub-menu

  • Import Folder...
The Import Folder dialog box will open where the different search criteria can be entered to import a folder's media contents to the Media Center library.
For more information, see Import.
  • Run Auto-Import Now...
This menu item will run Auto-Import immediately based on the Auto-Import options specified.
  • Auto-Import Options...
The Auto-Import Folders section of the Options dialog box will opened where the different options for the Auto-Import can be selected.

  • Default
This is the default library that is created when Media Center is first installed. More than one library may be listed here by using the Library Manager.
  • Other Libraries (including Matt and Library 2)
These are libraries created in the Library Manager
  • Search for Library Servers
Media Center will search for other Library Servers that are currently being run.
For more information, see The Server.

  • Clear Library...
For more information, see Clear Library.
  • Export to XML...
For more information, see Export Library to XML.

  • Backup Library...
For more information, see Backup Library.
  • Restore Library...
For more information, see Restore a library.

  • Library Manager...
For more information, see Manage Libraries.