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If you have an optical disc drive that supports burning, you can use Media Center to write:

  • Audio CDs (Redbook)
  • Data discs
  • Video DVDs

Redbook Audio CDs can be played on any CD player. Data CDs or Data DVDs are only for computers and certain consumer electronics units that can handle MP3 or WMA files.

You should also be aware that not all blank CDs play in audio systems. It is safe to use "Gold" blank CDs.

MC has a basic DVD video burner. Insert a blank DVD. Drag any video file(s) that will play in MC (except DRM protected WMV files) onto the burner. Select "DVD Video" for burn type. Click burn. A DVD video disc is created with a VIDEO_TS directory structure. It's playable on the computer and in standalone DVD/Blu-ray players. If you dragged multiple videos to the burn, you can use chapter up/down to navigate to them.