Create an Audio CD or DVD

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  1. Put a blank CD in your CD-RW.
  2. Select the tracks you want to record or select a Playlist.
  3. In the Action Window, select Burn CD or DVD.
  4. Select Audio CD as the type of CD you want to create. Also select the drive if there are multiples, and select Next.
  5. Drag files into the Action Window.
  6. Select the Burn button.

View, Delete or Reorder Queued Files

(Action Window > Burn CD or DVD > Details)

View the list of queued files. You can re-order the tracks by dragging them into another position, or you can remove tracks from the list by right clicking on the track and selecting Delete.

Clear List of Queued Files

(Action Window > Burn CD or DVD > Options > Clear List)

This will remove all queued files from the list.

Edit CD-Text

(Action Window > Burn CD or DVD > Options > Edit CD-Text)

CD-Text is the Artist and Title information that is saved within the CD itself, as an identifier. You can modify the Artist and Title fields here. If you do not want to save CD-Text, disable the option in Tools > Options > CD Writer.