Troubleshooting For CD Burning

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Decode Files Directly to CD

By default, the program is set to decode files directly to CD. That means that the files are decoded "on-the-fly" from their native formats (mp3, ogg, ape, etc.) to CD compatible wave data as the burning process is taking place. The alternative method creates a temporary intermediate file that is then written directly to the disk.

Uncheck "decode files directly to CD" (Tools > Options > CD & DVD Burning) if you have a slower system, an older CD Burner, or are having difficulties burning.

Clicks and Pops

If your recorded tracks have clicks or pops in them, either your CD-Rom drive is not capable of clean audio copying or it's possible that your computer was too busy with other tasks while the recording was taking place. Since CD recording is a very demanding task, make sure you stop most other programs while you are recording. This includes graphics intensive screen savers, auto-answer modems, virus checkers and disk maintenance programs.

CD copying uses large amounts of disk space so make sure you have an adequate supply before copying.

Windows XP

In some cases, Windows XP’s built-in burner can interfere with burning. To disable it, right click on the My Computer icon, select properties, then find your CD-R/RW drive and right click on its icon. Select Drive properties, go to the Recording tab and uncheck "Enable CD recording on this drive". You will have to reboot.