Add Files to Playing Now Playlist

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Note: Images are added to Playing Now in two circumstances: the playlist is empty, or it already contains other images and no other types of files. In all other circumstances, following these instructions will add the images to the Image List.

Select the file(s) you want to add to the Playing Now Playlist, and do one of the following:

Right Click Add to Playing Now or Send To > Play > select one of the options
Drag & Drop on Playing Now (in tree or in Action Window)
Keyboard Ctrl+C, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+V
Menu bar Tools > Send To > Play, and select one of the options
Action Window Build Playlist > Edit Playing Now > Drag files to the Action Window(1)

(1)Once you use this option, the Playing Now Action Window stays open until you close the program (see the links above and below the Action Window). You can toggle between the Action Window, Playing Now, or any other open Action Window. See Action Window for details.