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Ripping is simply the process of copying media from an optical disc (or disc image) onto your computer, and converting the media into standard media file types. You can rip both Audio discs and unprotected DVD and BluRay content. You have a wide variety of formats you can use to rip your music, including mp3, wmv, and lossless formats such as wav or ape. A search on Interact or the Internet will provide information about the various formats.

Disc Types

Media Center can rip:

Ripping Discs

To access this feature, insert your disc into your computer's optical drive and then go to:

If you have more than one optical Drive, you can rip multiple discs at the same time. For more information on the ripping process for different disc types, please refer to the following articles:

While ripping:

  • MC will give the the opportunity to change the Title as the one automatically read from DVD may not be that user friendly, then
  • MC will commence copying the DVD Folder Structure from the DVD to your HDD
  • While the DVD is being copied (it can take up to half and hour as most discs are around 8GB), the "Get Movie & TV Info" feature will appear and allow you to search using the Title on line databases for Movie Info and Cover-art. If it doesn't find the "correct" movie, just modify this title in the search box. Once you have selected the best option press "Use This Data" and the MC Database will be populated.