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This topic is intended to give intermediate users more features to explore. Once you've got MC installed and running well, be sure to try a few of these. The wiki has more on each.


Theater View -- Our "ten foot mode" for viewing MC on a TV across the room. Now you're in HTPC territory.

Remotes -- Whether you use a hardware remote like the Media Center Remote we sell or a software remote for use on another device, you will quickly find it an indispensable tool.

Gizmo -- Our remote for android. You can use it as a remote or you can use it to stream from MC to your phone. For iOS devices and anything else that has a browser, try WebGizmo. It looks and acts like Gizmo but runs in a browser.

Servers -- JRiver has the most sophisticated set of servers available. They allow you to easily enjoy your media in other locations. Set up a single server at home and play content on your other PC or phones -- at home or on the go.

Zones -- JRiver supports playback to several locations at once. You can play audio or video in each location.

Customizing Views -- MC Beta Team member marko wrote a fantastic tutorial.

Tagging -- MC Beta Team member MrC did something similar for Tagging (also known as Library Fields).

Library Tools -- MC can fill your tags from filenames or vice versa. It can move files to directories or rename them based on their tags. And much more.


Getting Started is our guide for new users.

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