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Media Center's Library Tools menu.

Media Center has a number of tools that can be used to work with the files in your Library for tasks like moving and renaming files, analyzing audio, manipulating Library Fields, and a variety of other useful functions. These tools can operate on a single file, or on many files at once.

To access the available Library Tools, select one or more files and select:

  • Tools > Library Tools, or
  • Right-Click > Library Tools

When first experimenting with one of these tools, or before performing any major operation, make a Library Backup to ensure that you can restore your Library should you make a serious mistake.

Filesystem Tools

These tools work with the files in your Media Center Library on disk.

Filesystem Tools
Rename, Move, and Copy Files This is a powerful tool that can be used to move, rename, and create copies of your files using their Library Fields (metadata tags) to create the file structure. This is also a great way to get your media organized into a central location on your hard disk. However, use this feature with care, because it moves files on the hard disk.
Fill Properties from Filename This tool allows you to fill in tag information using the filenames or directory structure of your files. Simply fill in the naming scheme that your files use.

Field Manipulation Tools

These tools can be used to manipulate the metadata stored in the Library Fields of the files.

Field Manipulation Tools
Find and Replace This is a quick way of editing your file tags. If, for example, you find that you have misspelled an artist name, you can easily replace the wrong name with the right one.
Clean File Properties This tool provides several tag cleaning options. Any selected action will be performed on the artist, album, name, and genre fields. You can: convert underscores to spaces; remove leading and trailing spaces; change spacing to single-spaced; and fix capitalization.
Move/Copy Fields This opens a dialog where you can move or copy the information from one field to another. For example, if the Composer field is empty, and you previously had that information in your Artist field, you can copy or move the information from the Artist field into the Composer field.
Fill Track Numbers from List Order This tool will fill in the track numbers of the tracks you've selected based on their order in the file list. It will make the first selected track's track number 1, then the next selected track's track number 2, and so on. This tool is helpful when you have a full album without track numbers. You can order the tracks in the file list (by dragging them around), select the whole album, and then let this tool fill in the track numbers.

Play State Tools

These tools simply allow you to mark a particular file as played or not played.

Play State Tools
Mark as Played Marks the current file as played.
Mark as Not Played Marks the current file as never played.

Track Linking Tools

These tools enable non-contiguous tracks to playback in a specific order without changing the original track numbering of the ripped CD. Linked tracks will override track and disk# ordering.

This is particularly useful with older classical CD masters which followed the original boxed vinyl order made for automatic turntables; also for people who want to listen to symphonies or works in a given order (eg. String quarter 1 then 2 instead of 1 and 4 see screen shot). Another example is for more recent jazz cds which include multiple alternate takes. This allows the listener to playback the "LP" tracks in their order putting the alternate tracks at the end.

Track Linking Tools
Link Tracks This links the selected tracks.
Break Track Links This clears the link between the selected tracks.

Metadata Lookup Tools

Metadata Lookup Tools
Lookup Track Info From Online Database Lookup track metadata in JRiver's YADB database based on the file fingerprint.
Submit Track Info To Online Database Submit this file(s) metadata to JRiver's YADB database.

File Tagging Tools

These tools let you synchronize your in-file tags with the metadata in your Library.

File Tagging Tools
Update Tags (from library) Fixes all in-file tags so that they match the metadata in Media Center's Library.
Update Library (from tags) Re-reads the in-file tags (and other characteristics) and updates Media Center's Library to match.
Remove Tags Removes all tags from the files on disk.

Conversion and Analysis Tools

Conversion and Analysis Tools
Analyze Audio Sends selected file(s) to the Audio Analysis window for replay gain analysis.
Convert Format Converts the selected file(s) to a different file format.
Ringtone Uses the selected file as a source to create a ringtone (in MP3 format).