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Deprecated: This content has been deprecated as of current versions and may no longer be valid. Please refer to Television for additional details.

If you have a TV tuner in your computer with a cable or antenna attached, you can set up TV channels for viewing in Media Center.

  • Select TV Tuner in the organization tree under Drives & Devices. You will see a series of numeric buttons, as well as a list of "Available Channels". If you don't see these, click the "Channels >>" button. Clicking the "Channels <<" button will make them disappear, to increase your viewing area.
  • Click on the Options button to display the TV Options (Configurations) window.

Scan for Channels

  • On the "TV Channels" tab, the analog and digital (if you have one) devices you have previously selected are shown at the top of the page. If they are not correct, you can change them here.
  • You need to scan or modify your analog TV channels and digital TV channels separately by clicking either the "Analog Chan" button or the "Digital Chan" button (if you have an HDTV device). The "Scan Channels" dialog window appears.
  • If your channels list is empty, scanning will start automatically at this point. You can stop scanning by clicking the "Stop Scan" button anytime during scanning.
  • If you have previously setup the channels (the channels list is not empty), scanning will not automatically start (this allows you to make modifications manually). If you need to change them, select your country and tuner input type (cable or antenna) in the dialog window, then click the "Scan" button.
    • You can stop scanning anytime during the process by clicking the "Stop Scan" button.
    • You can modify or override the auto scan result by using Add, Delete and (for digital TV) Modify buttons.
  • Click OK when you are finished scanning.

In very rare situations, when automatic scanning does not produce the channels that you know should be available, you may need to use Frequency Override (see below).

When the automatic channel scanning is complete, the available channels appear in the box below the numeric pad and above the Watch and Options buttons.

Manually Add a Channel

  • Whenever one of the "Scan Channels" windows is displayed, you can add channels manually by clicking the "Add" button.
  • For analog TV, select a channel number and type the station name for the channel in the "Add A Channel" window, and click OK button. For digital TV, insert the relevant information in the various boxes ("Physical Channel", "Major Channel", "Minor Channel", and "Station Name") on the "Add Digital Channel" window, and click OK button.

Frequency Override (analog TV only)

In rare cases, you may need to manually override the frequencies used by the program. You must know the frequencies used by the broadcasters for each channel you want to override. To override frequencies:

  1. Click on the Scan button to open the "Scan Channels" dialog window.
  2. Click Override button. The Frequency Override dialog window appears. The program automatically scans the system for existing frequency data. Wait until scanning stops (but you can interrupt the scanning process by clicking "Stop Scan" button). After scanning is done, the channels that may require overriding are indicated by bold-faced numbers.
  3. Use the check boxes to choose channels to override. Use "Check bold entries" button if you want to override all channels that the program suggests you to override (bold faced entries). For each channel you want to override, examine the frequency in the third column. If the value is not correct, change it by double-clicking the cell and editing the number.
  4. When you have entered all overriding frequencies, click "Override Selected" button. The program will re-do scanning.
  5. Click Close button after you are done.