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Interface for working with multi-zone playback system.

Return to MJAutomation


number GetNumberZones()

Description: gets the total number of playback zones
Return Value: the number of playback zones

number GetActiveZone()

Description: gets the index of the active zone
Return Value: index of active zone

void SetActiveZone(number nIndex)

Description: sets the index of the active zone.

  • nIndex: the zero based index of the new zone

string GetZoneName(number nIndex)

Description: gets the name of a given zone

  • nIndex: the zero based index of the new zone

Return Value: the name of the zone

MJZoneAutomation * GetZone(number nIndex) (requires MC 11.0.20 or later)

Description: gets a MJZoneAutomation interface for this zone (see below)
Return Value: MJZoneAutomation interface

void SynchronizeZones(number nSource, number nDestination)

Description: attempts to have the two zones play the same content at the same time

  • nSource: the master zone
  • nDestination: the slave zone