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Interface for working with a single playback zone (requires MC 11.0.20 or later)


string GetName()

Description: gets the name of the zone
Return Value: the name of the zone

MJPlaybackAutomation * GetPlayback()

Description: gets a MJPlaybackAutomation interface for this zone (see above)
Return Value: MJPlaybackAutomation interface

MJCurPlaylistAutomation * GetCurPlaylist()

Description: gets a MJCurPlaylistAutomation interface for this zone (see above)
Return Value: MJCurPlaylistAutomation interface

IMJMixerAutomation * GetMixer()

Description: gets a MJMixerAutomation interface for this zone
Return Value: MJMixerAutomation interface

IMJFileAutomation * GetPlayingFile()

Description: get a MJFileAutomation interface for the file currently playing in this zone
Return Value: MJFileAutomation interface