Installation & Removal

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System Requirements

Please Note: Modern versions of MC require an x86-compatible CPU that supports SSE2. This means the CPU needs to be from around 2002 or newer.

Please refer to the guide specific to your platform:

Upgrade Installation

The database/library format may change between versions and it is not backward compatible. Make a backup of your library before installation if you are not sure you will always use the newer version. Media Center also makes automatic backups.

Starting with Media Center 11.1, each Media Center installation is independent, that is, 2 different versions can exist on the same machine, side by side. You can remove either if both are installed. This is not true for earlier versions of Media Center or for Media Jukebox 8.

Installation Steps

  1. Download the Media Center Installation file from the JRiver Media Center website.
  2. Execute the file (double click it).
  3. Choose the installation type and install options (Express, Custom and Auto Install)
  4. Occasionally you may be asked to restart Windows to complete the install.

Installation Type and Options

  • Express installs the program in c:\Program Files\ J River\Media Center and associates the Supported File Types with the program (this can always be changed at a later time by going to Tools > Options > File Associations). Media Center becomes the default player for these file types.
  • Custom installs the program in a directory of your choice. You select the default file types to be associated with the program, and you choose to enable or disable the default association with Audio CDs. You can choose where shortcuts are installed.
  • Auto Install will cause future installs to wait for 30 seconds and then use the settings from the previous install. Useful for frequent updaters and beta testers.

Windows Media Codecs

Starting with Media Center v12, the installation installs the latest Windows Media codecs as part of its installation.

If your system does not already have these codecs installed, they will be downloaded and installed automatically by the Media Center installer.

Installation of the Windows Media components can be safely skipped or cancelled, but Windows Media related tasks including DRM file playback and handheld device management may not work as expected.


  1. Start->Programs->Media Center xx->Uninstall Media Center xx
  2. Choose removal options
    1. Remove Registry Entries (removes custom settings, plug-ins and Media Editor settings).
    2. Remove Library Files (will remove the library files but not the content files). Don't select if you are upgrading to a newer version.