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Media Center Won't Install

If install starts, but then stops without completing, there are a few things to try:

Another item that has been seen in the past involves the view for the Window's Start Menu. On Windows XP, there are two views allowed for the Start Menu: Start menu and Classic Start menu. Switching to Classic Start menu may solve the install problem. You can get to the selection screen by right-clicking on the Start icon in the bottom left corner of Windows and selecting Properties. Click the Start Menu tab and select Classic Start menu. Try the install again.

Sometimes an uninstall of Media Center, reboot of the computer, and reinstall of Media Center will fix an incomplete install.

The Installer Requires a Reboot

When the installer is unable to install critical files, it will ask to reboot at the end of the installation.

When this happens, it is recommended that you do not run the program until you have rebooted.

This should not happen every install, but it is normal for it to happen occasionally.

You can see the files that need to be installed on reboot in: [MC Install Path]\Setup

Shell Extensions in Explorer Don't Work After an Install

It is not possible to ask the operating system to unload old shell extensions so that new shell extensions can be installed.

When old shell extensions can not be replaced, the installer will not ask for a reboot. Instead, the old shell extensions will turn themselves off.

Rebooting the system will replace the old shell extensions with the new shell extensions. After reboot, shell extensions will work again.