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  • Add URL. Enter the URL for the file you want to download.
  • Import List File. This extracts the download links from the list file and queues them for download. Supported list files are: M3U, MPL, and LST.
  • Play. Play selected files immediately.
  • Add to Playing Now. Add selected files to the "Playing Now" Playlist.
  • Explore Location. Opens the folder in which the selected file resides. Go to File > Explore Location.
  • Exit. This exits Download Manager.


  • Select All. This will select all files in the Download Manager list.
  • Copy/Paste URL. You can copy/paste URLs from Download Manager to your web browser, or the other way around. This is particularly useful when using non-supported browsers like Netscape or Opera.


  • Resume\Retry Download. Resumes a canceled download, or reconnects to a canceled or stopped download.
  • Download Next. This tells Download Manager to download the next file in the queue.
  • Download Now. Downloads the selected file immediately.
  • Pause Download/Pause All. Pauses the selected download or all downloads.
  • Cancel Download/Cancel All. Cancels the selected download or all of them.
  • Clear. Removes all items from the list. If you are currently downloading, a dialog box will appear asking if you want to stop downloading.
  • Clear All Inactive. Removes all inactive files from Download Manager, including canceled files, incomplete files, and successfully downloaded files.
  • Delete All Incomplete Files. Deletes all files that have not been successfully downloaded.


  • Always on Top. This will keep Download Manager on the top of your desktop and other programs at all times.
  • Disable Browser Integration. This allows the browser to take back the download process. Download Manager will not intercept any download attempt from the browser if this option is selected.
  • Import Downloaded. Automatically sends all downloaded files to the "Recently Imported" Playlist in Media Center (and therefore in your music library).
  • Play Downloaded. Automatically sends all downloaded files to the "Playing Now" Playlist, and plays them.
  • Options. See below.

OPTIONS - General

  • Default Base Directory To change the default directory, click on [...] at the end of the field and browse to the directory you to use.
  • Create media specific subdirectories.
  • Remove From List. Select whether you want to have the file removed from the list or played and/or imported in Media Center.
  • Automatically Play and/or Import Downloaded files.
  • All Downloads Finished When all your downloads are complete, you can have Download Manager show you a notification.
  • Startup. You can set Download Manager to start minimized, and/or to start every time you start up your computer.

OPTIONS - File Associations

  • Add New Path To add a new path, click on the Add button, type in the new extension in the dialog box, and enter a custom path if you don't want the files with that extension to be downloaded into the default directory.
  • Edit To edit a file association's path, select it and click on Edit. Click on "Custom Download Path" and type in or browse to the new path.
  • Delete. To delete a file association, select it and click on Delete.
  • Enable List Files To enable list files, check "Enable Download Manager to handle list files. If this is checked, the list extensions should not be added to the list of file associations.
  • Select Directory and Filename Rules to rename files automatically based on file tags.

OPTIONS - Authentication

  • Add New Web Site To add a new web site, click on the Add button, enter the url or ftp address in the Site field, and then enter your username and password. The next time you download from this site, you will not have to enter your login and password.
  • Edit Web Site To edit a site, select it and click on the Edit button.
  • Delete Web Site To delete a site, select it and click on the Delete button.