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Deprecated: This content has been deprecated as of current versions and may no longer be valid. Please refer to Television for additional details.

Audio Rendering

Displays a list of audio rendering devices for use with HDTV devices. The default choice normally works well. You should try changing it only if you are having problems (such as audio video synchronization).

Video Mixing Renderer

There are a few check boxes that you can try checking and unchecking to improve video/performance of HDTV device. Normally using these options improve performance. For more details, see Microsoft DirectX 9 documentation

Start Digital TV in Time-shifting Mode

This option is on by default. When initially playing a digital channel, it is played in time-shifting mode. This is only applicable to digital TV. Analog TV is always played in normal mode until the user starts time-shifting manually. Note also that this option is in effect only during invocation of a digital channel for the first time. Once a channel is started in time-shifting mode, and then switched back to normal mode later, any subsequent channel switching will not be in time-shifting mode, until the user starts time-shifting manually.

When this option is used, clicking the Stop button will completely stop TV playback instead of stopping only the time-shifting and resuming regular playback. This affects digital TV only.