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Media Center supports TiVo's Home Media Option.

How do I connect TiVo to Media Center?

How can I stream radio to a TiVo with Media Center?

What you need

  • TiVo 2 DMR (with Home Media)

TiVo Server Options

To access these options, go to Services & Plug-ins > TiVo Server in the tree, and select the Options button in the content pane (to the right).

  • Port Selection. Automatic Port Selection will search for the first available port number between 8070 and 8080. You can manually enter a Port number here.
  • Convert Audio Content. You can set the TiVo Server to automatically convert all audio files to a recognized format (such as mp3). Select the audio format in the drop-down menu, then select the Advanced button. This will open a box with a variety of choices, depending on your selection.

TiVo Server and Smartlists

See UPnP Server and Devices (Media Receivers)#UPnP and Random Smartlists for an explanation of how random smartlists are handled - the TiVo server does them in exactly the same way as the UPnP server.

TiVo and Audible

Audible files can be played on TiVo if conversion is enabled.

TiVo Server Preventing Windows Shutdown

If the TiVo Server is running, Windows may not be able to shutdown. The quick solution is to turn off TiVo Server (make sure Media Server is not still running).

The technical details: the TiVo Server must connect to the TiVo Beacon so that the Beacon can advertise the TiVo sharing available from Media Center. When the beacon knows we are sharing, it refuses to shutdown when Windows asks it to. Shutting down the TiVo Server doesn't work, since it may not be shutdown before the beacon is notified of the shutdown. We don't have control over the TiVo Beacon code, so we are unable to do anything.