How do I connect TiVo to Media Center?

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The TiVo® Series2™ can play your music and show your photos from a Media Center library on your PC using TiVo's Home Media features. However, by using MC's TiVo Server, you can browse and play music playlists and photo slideshows that you have already created using MC's unbeatable organization features.

Here's what to do to get started:

  • Use the latest version of MEDIA CENTER (must be version 11 or higher). You can get it here
  1. Click on the TiVo Server component located under the Plug-ins node in the Organization Tree (to the left of the MC interface). Before starting the server, click on the Options button to select the correct settings.
  2. Choose a port number:
    • Use the Auto Port Selection option if there is NOT a router between your TiVo and your Media Center PC. This will select a random port for you.
    • Use Manual Port Selection to choose a known unused port if there IS a router between your TiVo and your Media Center PC.
    • NOTE If you are not sure about routers, try the Auto Port option first, and then manually add a port if it fails.
  3. Choose Convert if Necessary, and then select an encoder. MP3 is a good choice, and then, under Advanced, select a bitrate for encoding audio files. If you later notice skipping/pausing, you should come back and set a lower bitrate or quality. Click OK.
  4. Click OK to close the TiVo Server Option dialog box.
  5. Click the Start Server button to start the TiVo Server.
  6. With your TiVo and your TV on, press the TiVo key on your TiVo remote control, and navigate to the Music & Photos option and select it. You are now able to navigate and select Audio and Photos from your collection.
    • TIP If you are a fan of the service, you will be pleased to know that MC will let you stream Audible files that you own through your TiVo and right into your living room. The Audible service appears under Services in the Organization Tree.
  7. If you cannot see your Audio and Photos, you may need to manually Add a Server by entering your IP address. This will be required only if the TiVo is separated by a router from your Media Center PC.
    • To determine the server IP address (the IP address of your computer) start a DOS window on your PC from Start > Run, and then type CMD. A window will open up, type IPCONFIG at the prompt. You will see the IP address. Enter this number on the TiVo screen using the TiVo remote.
  8. Wait for the TiVo to identify the server.
  9. You are now ready to browse and play music and photos.