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The following settings are configured under Tools > Options > Podcasts:

Podcast Directory. Change the path where podcasts are downloaded.

Downloading New Episodes: In each of these entries, the number can be configured. The number that appears here is the default:

  • Check for episodes every 60 minutes.
  • After a download error retry in 5 minutes.
  • Attempt each download at most 3 times.
  • Stop downloading when less than 1 GB free.
  • Allow up to 2 simultaneous downloads.

Deleting Old Episodes:

  • Delete when all episodes exceed xx GB (1,000 is the default).
  • Delete only when max disk space exceeded (this is the maximum disk space on the partition where the downloaded podcasts are stored).
  • Keep Orphan Episodes. Orphaned episodes are downloaded podcast episodes whose associated feed has since been deleted. You can keep them all, keep on a number of newer episodes or keep them for a set number of days.

These settings work in conjunction with the feed setup settings.

Note: To by-pass any of these settings and permanently keep an episode, click on "On Disk" in the Episode Status column to toggle between "On Disk" and "Keep Forever".