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Media Center v11 requires some new Windows Media codecs. They are installed automatically by Media Center, but if your PC is not connected to the Internet, you'll have to manually download the package here:

Windows Media 9.0 for Win98SE, ME, and 2000

Windows Media 9.5 for XP

You can then follow these steps below to install Media Center.

It is best to exit all Windows programs before beginning the installation procedure. If you are upgrading, see below:

· Double click the install program you downloaded to run the installation wizard

· Read the License Agreement, ensure that "I accept the terms in the license agreement" is selected, and click the Next button.

· Select either the Express setup or the Custom Setup.

o Express installs the program in c:\Program Files\ J River\Media Center and associates the standard file types with the program (this can always be changed at a later time by going to Tools > Options > File Associations). Media Center becomes the default player for these file types.

o Custom installs the program in a directory of your choice. You select the default file types to be associated with the program, and you choose to enable or disable the default association with Audio CDs.

· You can have Media Center Setup install the appropriate shortcuts on your desktop, in the Start Menu, or as a Quick Launch shortcut.

Under some circumstances, you may be asked to restart Windows.


Upgrading from a Previous Version

System Requirements