Video Customised Playback - "Playback Info"

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MC allows the user to set both global Video Playback Options but when required, the ability to set Customised Playback Options for individual videos.

When playing back a video, you can change or select (where available) by right clicking on the playing Video: - Titles - Streams (Audio, Video) - Subtitles - Cropping - Aspect Ratios - Resolution (including desired FPS playback)

These values are then stored in the Tag "Playback Info" in the form of "(1:3)(14:BlurayPlaylist)(10:00100.mpls)(7:Streams)(5:0,1,9) (9:Subtitles)(0:)" pending what playback customisation you have specified.

To reset to the Global Playback Options just detail the contents of this tag.

If you have similar files you can then copy this information to their tags as well.