Update Tags When File Info Changes

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The meaning of this setting could be expanded to;

"Update the metadata stored in the Tag written to the actual media file or Media Center's sidecar file, whenever the metadata contained in the corresponding Field of Media Center's Library changes."


You can configure the program so that it saves all or some fields in the files themselves. This way you can re-import the files and still have access to all the information. To ensure this happens for the fields you want written to your files, two things must be configured:

  1. Tag Writing must be enabled. Go to Tools > Options > General and enable "Update tags when file info changes".
    • You can also quickly toggle this option on and off under the Edit menu.
  2. The Library Field must be set to store tags in files. Go to the Library Field Manager under Tools > Options > Library & Folders > Manage Library Fields, select a field in the list, press the Edit button, and check "Store in file tags (when possible)" box. Repeat for other fields.