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Glynor's Cleanup

Things I did so you know about them and maybe why. Like the description I gave for the Media Center name thing on Interact, these are just my own personal "style" rules. Most of them I only loosely enforce (sometimes even on my own stuff). But, if I'm "going for a clean article" then I follow this stuff:

Fixed Media Center naming
Explained on Interact.
Unordered lists converted to unordered lists
If you refer to a specific number of steps or choices, then use an ordered list. Otherwise use bullets.
Bottom Links section renamed More
The Wiki had some uses of More and some uses of Links for this kind of section. I remember I read a bunch of things on Wikipedia's style guide about these sections (which they generally hate, but I think they work here when used sparingly), and when they were deemed to be allowd on Wikipedia, they prefer the "More" type of heading. Also, that seems to be what JimH does here more often (based on my very non-scientific survey, and he's not always very consistent), so I kinda settled on that.
Bottom More section always contains just bullets
Pretty self-explanatory. Use bullets for unordered lists, not just paragraph returns.
Added Code tags around the code
MediaWiki's basic formatting guide here is pretty handy, as is Wikipedia's Cheat Sheet.
Reformatted the Interact thread links in the More section
Whenever practical, use thread titles and "nice text" for links, not raw URLS

This last one I'm bad about myself. It is a pain, but it provides more context and information when you use descriptive text, and I think, makes people more likely to actually click on them than on a "blind link".

Stuff I didn't do, but probably will:

Add a summary "quick steps" just below the How to Use Convolution section heading, but before Filter Generation.
I generally avoid sections that are immediately followed by another section heading. I find this to be not only visually unpleasant, that it actually helps you write better and organize your thoughts better if each section is adequately described, at least with a summary or "quick steps" type of preface.
Highlighting of "Actions" once I finish my template
I'm going to build templates to simplify this. I use the standard described on my user page, fairly consistently.

glynor (talk) 00:52, 23 February 2015 (CST)