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Note: 17.0.140 introduces Tag Copying, reducing the amount of work required to copy tags from one set of files to another.

If you re-rip a track (perhaps you want better quality) and import it into Media Center, it is considered a new item, and therefore has no tags, statistical information, or playlist associations.

But if you already have that track in Media Center (with tags, statistics, and playlist associations), you can apply all that information to the new track. Follow these steps:

  1. If you are using MEDIA CENTER 12 or higher, you absolutely must turn off auto update first. In MEDIA CENTER's top toolbar, click on "Tools", then on "Auto Update Options"
  2. Look for "Options" in the right hand pane and click on it, de-select "Run Auto Update In The Background" and press the OK button.
  3. Rip the track into a new folder.
  4. In Media Center, go to Playlists > Recently Ripped, and if the track is there, select it and press Shift + Delete, then select Remove From Library.
  5. If your new and old tracks are the same format, go to step 4. Otherwise, in Media Center, select the old track, right-click, select Library Tools > Find and Replace. In the left, check only Filename. In the Find What box, type in the old extension (e.g., .mp3), and in the Replace box type in the new file extension (e.g., .ape).
  6. Find the old track in Windows Explorer and press F2 then Ctrl-C to copy the name. Go to the new folder, select the new track, press F2 and Ctrl-V to paste. This gives the new track the same name as the old track.
  7. Still in Windows Explorer, delete the old track (send it to the Recycle Bin in case of error).
  8. Paste the new track into the old track’s folder.
  9. In Media Center, find the track, right-click on it and select Library Tools > Update Tags from Library. (This applies all the Media Center information to the new track).
  10. Right-click on the file again, select Library Tools > Update Library (from tags). (This sends the new file’s format information to Media Center).
  11. You may want to re-analyze the file for replay gain information (Select the file in Media Center, right-click, and select Library Tools > Analyze Audio).
  12. If you disabled auto import in step 1, it's now safe to turn it back on again.