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When you set Media Center to save tags in the files themselves, those files(1) are updated almost immediately whenever you make changes in the database. If the files and the database are no longer connected for some reason, or one or the either did not update correctly, you can re-'synchronize' the tag information, either from the file to the database, or the database to the file.

Set Media Center to automatically update file tags with the Library information:

  • Tools > Options > General, "Update tags when file info changes" is checked. This is on by default.
  • If your files are mp3s, you must select the type of tags you want to save. Go to Tools > Plug-in Manager > Input > mp3 plug-in and select the Configure button on the right. You can save id3v1 and id3v2 tags.

With these settings (on by default), your files and database should always remain synchronized. If, for some reason, you need to resynchronize, you can do so in the ways described below.

(1)Note: not all file types accept tags. Tags cannot be saved in *.txt files, for example. See File Types and Tags.

If your files have the most recent tag information, update your library from your files:

  • Go to Tools > Import Media > Add the folders containing your files, or if they are already in the list, make sure they are checked.
  • Select Advanced, and check "Update library for external file changes".

Media Center will compare the files with the database information and update the library for those files that were modified since Media Center last analyzed them.

You can also update your library selectively, for specific files. Select some files from within Media Center, and go to Tools > Library Tools > Update Library (from tags).

Update Files

If you library has the most current information, update your files to reflect that information:

· Select some files from with Media Center and go to Tools > Library Tools > Update Tags (from library).