Set as Default Download Program

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  1. In Download Manager go to Options > File Associations and make sure the kinds of files you want to download are in the list. If they are not, see Add a File Type to Download Manager.

The exception to this is for list files including M3U, MPL and LST which should not be included in the list. Instead, check the option "Enable Download Manager to handle list files".

  1. Go to the General tab and select the default folder into which you want your files downloaded. (Tip: you can set different folders for different file types. See Change the Download Folder.)
  2. Set Download Manager to "Automatically start on Windows' startup" and "Start minimized". This way Download Manager will always be running in the background, and whenever you download a file from a web site or ftp site*, Download Manager will take care of getting the file for you.

Some web pages use special scripts that will not permit Download Manager (or other downloading software) to get the file.