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Media Center 19

19.0.131 (4/30/2014)
1. Fixed: Web radio stream playback was eating up way too much cpu.
2. Fixed: System sleep is now always disabled while Media Center is playing, including DLNA playback.
3. Fixed: XML playlist exports from iTunes were not importing because of 'file://localhost/' embedded in filenames.
4. Fixed: File rename & copy was producing duplicate library entries when processing filenames containing international characters.
5. Fixed: M3U playlist exports from iTunes were not importing because of line ending issues.

19.0.124 (4/8/2014)
1. Fixed: Some WMA lossless files would play at wrong speed and/or with static.
2. Fixed: Installing non-supported VST plugins (e.g. older 32bit only ones) would cause PackageInstaller to crash and no error was shown in Media Center.
3. Fixed: When adding a new VST plugin, the file selection dialog would show up behind Media Center.

19.0.123 (4/2/2014)
1. Changed: Reinstated standard Mac Quit menu option.
2. NEW: Support for 64 bit VST audio plugins in DSP Studio.  From "Manage Plug-ins / Add VST" select the Plug-in package ending in ".VST" (usually in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST).

19.0.122 (3/17/2014)
1. Fixed: The date tag was being read incorrectly in WMA files.
2. Fixed: WMA lossless wasn't working.

19.0.121 (3/12/2014)
1. Fixed: Duplicate menus were being shown if you activated the left-most item and dragged over one of the other items.
2. Changed: Got rid of "Quit" menu option which was redundant with "Exit" option on File menu. Cmd-Q still works for exiting program.
3. Fixed: WMA files showed incorrect bitrate in player display window.
4. Changed: Retina Mode (View -> Size -> Retina Mode) will now stay enabled between program runs.  Before you had to enable it each time you started Media Center.
5. Fixed: In Retina mode, main menu dropdowns would partially cover the main menu.
6. Fixed: In Retina mode, the blurred 'alpha' background behind menus was offset from the actual location of the background.
7. Fixed: In Retina mode, the DSP Studio windows looked funny - the window was much too big with lots of empty space around the DSP options.

19.0.120 (3/4/2014)
1. NEW: WMA decoding.  Window Media files can now be imported and played.  Tags are read-only at this point.

19.0.119 (2/27/2014)
1. Changed: Changed UDP socket Accept function to use 'select' rather than 'kqueue/kevent'.  Trying to eliminate application hang at shutdown.

19.0.118 (2/24/2014)
1. Fixed: License restores were not working with build 117.

19.0.117 (2/19/2014)
1. Fixed: Playback of AIFF files with unknown 'chunk' types over library server would fail to play.
2. Fixed: MC license no longer needs to be restored whenever the Mac computer name changes.
3. Fixed: Fill properties from filename using Template was showing full path rather than just filename.
4. Fixed: Enabled filesystem statistics gathering function.
5. Fixed: Allow : in filename (was filtered out by windows code).
6. Fixed: Remove special treatment of UNC style paths (windows code).
7. Fixed: Remove special treatment of . in pathnames, i.e. foo./bar (windows code).
8. Fixed: SACD ISOs were always detected with external changes and their metadata re-imported during auto-import, overwriting any changes in the library.
9. Changed: Updated Japanese language file (thanks Tsuchiya Kazuo).
10. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
11. Fixed: Added list member null checking to file stacks code.  MC was crashing on running stack error checking.
12. Fixed: Potential crashes in BufferingInternetReader. Seen on Mac when playing high-def files with memory playback on Library Server clients.
13. Changed: Updated Slovak language file (thanks Peter Lukac).
14. Fixed: Directory presets in some dialogs had the wrong (Windows) type of directory separator slashes.

19.0.103 (1/10/2014)
1. Fixed: iTunes playlists were not importing correctly.
2. Fixed: Debug logging was always re-enabled at startup regardless of user setting.
3. Fixed: Added right-click menu in display view to allow display type and cover art style choices.
4. Fixed: Empty directories were not getting removed following file deletions.
5. Fixed: Very small FLAC files were failing playback (e.g. Test silence files smaller than 64k bytes).

19.0.100 (12/20/2013)
1. Changed: Several improvements to Retina support.
2. Fixed: When exporting playlists with relative paths, the wrong (Windows) type of directory separator slash was used in filenames.
3. Fixed: Typing or modifying a filename path in the tag window would cause the wrong type of directory separator slash to be placed at the end of the path.
4. Changed: Apple IR remote handling can now be disabled/enabled with Options / General / Advanced / Media key mode.
5. NEW: Command-H is now supported for hiding the application.
6. NEW: Better support for multiple monitors with differing resolutions.

19.0.88 (12/6/2013)
1. Changed: Support the separate play/pause button on the newer aluminum Apple remote.
2. NEW: Retina display support enabled with Views / Size / Retina Mode. Reverts to standard mode at program exit.
3. NEW: Support for WavPack and Musepack input plugins.

19.0.84 (12/2/2013)
1. Fixed: Memory leak in build 83.

19.0.83 (11/27/2013)
1. Fixed: The display would not update after extended playback when Spectrum Analyzer was enabled in the player window. This would make the UI appear to be frozen.
2. NEW: The Apple Remote (white plastic) is now supported (play/pause, ff/rew, next/previous, volume up/down).

19.0.76 (11/18/2013)
1. NEW: Visualizations in the player bar at the top of the program are now shown during playback.
2. Changed: Copy and paste cover art was working for image data only.  Now artwork files/URLs can be copied from Finder or web browsers.

19.0.75 (11/14/2013)
1. Changed: This build includes debug symbols which will show up in crash dumps to ease debugging.  Regular builds have these stripped out.

19.0.74 (11/12/2013)
1. Fixed: A bug in the menu tracking system could cause crashes.

19.0.73 (11/11/2013)
1. Fixed: Frequent crashes due to a threading bug introduced in build 71 with the way JRTools objects were created.

19.0.72 (11/7/2013)
1. Fixed: Media Network was broken in the previous build. A crash would occur when thumbnails were sent to a remote device.

19.0.71 (11/6/2013)
1. Fixed: Alphabetic sorting of lists could be incorrect in some situations with some locales.
2. Fixed: At application startup, JRTools objects were not getting created in the correct order - possible cause of crashes.

19.0.68 (11/1/2013)
1. Changed: Auto update now launches the downloaded DMG updater.
2. Changed: Improved support for integer mode on devices that use multiple output streams.
3. Fixed: Back slash in filename caused file to not import.

19.0.67 (10/29/2013)
1. Fixed: Integer playback on little endian devices that used padding was not working.
2. Fixed: When caps lock was on, lists would think the shift key was pressed, making them difficult to use.

19.0.65 (10/28/2013)
1. Fixed: Integer playback on devices that used padding could result in incorrect playback (testing appreciated).
2. Changed: Sorting of devices in Options > Audio is more logical.

19.0.64 (10/25/2013)
1. Fixed: Integer playback mode was not working properly with devices the used MSB padding instead of LSB padding.

19.0.63 (10/25/2013)
1. Fixed: Integer playback mode was not working correctly with devices that used padding.

19.0.62 (10/25/2013)
1. Changed: Integer mode will work with more hardware.
2. Fixed: Media Network was not working properly.

19.0.60 (10/24/2013)
1. NEW: Added support for integer mode playback ( ).
2. Faster: Improved performance, with JRMark scores are about 40% higher for the database section and 5% higher for the image section.
3. NEW: Real-time 2xDSD output using DoP (configure in DSP Studio > Output Format).
4. Fixed: Dropboxes (in tagging action window for example) would sometimes lose keyboard focus so you couldn't type anything.
5. Fixed: Drop suggestion boxes were drawn without a border.
6. Faster: Core drawing engine uses SSE acceleration for flushing and flood filling (helps performance of all user interface).
7. Faster: Speed improvements to date handling that help performance in many areas of the program.
8. Fixed: Crashes on 10.9 (Mavericks) in Media Network http header handling.
9. Fixed: App signing was not being done right.  Could cause warning message at install time about unrecognized developer ID.
10. Changed: Improved how Options > Audio exposes Core Audio devices to make device selection more clear.

19.0.57 (10/17/2013)
1. Fixed: Ape files with very long paths (> 260 characters) could crash on import.
2. Fixed: Ape format files on read-only drives could not be imported or played.
3. Fixed: Right-to-left reading text (Hebrew for example) was not displayed correctly. Symbols for each word were all bunched on top of each other.
4. Changed: The processor extension requirement has been lowered to SSE2 (added in 2001 to Intel, 2003 to AMD). Previously SSSE3 was required.
5. Fixed: When converting audio to WAV format, the RIFF chunk size could be set wrong by 8 bytes.
6. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).

19.0.55 (10/11/2013)
1. Fixed: Filenames containing combining diacritic marks (German umlauts for example) were displayed incorrectly in file listings and could cause crashes.
2. Changed: Volume up / down commands from hot keys (volume keyboard buttons, remote, etc.) work in 5% increments instead of 1% increments.

19.0.54 (10/10/2013)
[Build was pulled due to not containing the latest code updates]

19.0.53 (10/8/2013)
1. Fixed: Deadlocks (beach-balls) could occur when viewing file lists with thumbnail images.
2. Fixed: 2XDSD was included in the drop-list for DSP / Output Format / Output Encoding even though it's only supported with ASIO on Windows.
3. Fixed: Genre field could be incorrect when imported from certain M4A format files with integer id3v1 genres.  In MC they would look like an '8' in parenthenses instead of "Jazz" for example.
4. Fixed: Handling of 32-bit integer input files was not working in the last few builds.
5. Fixed: Added support for MP4 files that used a custom genre atom in their tag, but stored a standard genre by putting a number in parenthesis.
6. Fixed: Double-click on the pause button while playing was not stopping.
7. Changed: Updated the Indonesian translation (Thanks elda).
8. Fixed: Fonts that used left or right overhangs could draw with the overhang portion cropped.
9. Fixed: The white-list for allowing system volume to work while bitstreaming was not working with some Resonessence Labs hardware.
10. Changed: Added the ability to use the token [User] in the playerbar to display the name of the current user.
11. Fixed: Customization to the playerbar would not always take effect right away.
12. NEW: Added 'Set levels from decibel meter' button to Room Correction to make it easier to calibrate levels.

19.0.49 (10/2/2013)
1. Fixed: Copying zone settings was causing crashes.
2. Fixed: In the JRiver folder under Application Support, an unnecessary "Generic" folder was getting created at program startup.
3. Fixed: A running instance of Media Center would prevent OSX from shutting down.
4. Fixed: Audio calibration tool was not available because the plugin 'in_audiotest' was not included with the build.
5. Fixed: Skin effects menu item was missing.
6. Fixed: Many non-applicable image/video items were still in the options dialog and some menus.

19.0.47 (9/27/2013)
1. Changed: Increased default internal audio buffer size and provide more user control over internal and hardware buffering.

19.0.46 (9/26/2013)
1. First build of MC19 for Mac.
2. Changed: Uses the Boost library for regular expressions which is more powerful than the previously used Posix library.

Media Center 18

18.0.219 (9/26/2013)
1. Fixed: Radio buttons were not working.
2. Fixed: Locate > On Disk (external) was not working.
3. Fixed: If Media Center's window position got placed off the top of the screen, it could not be moved back into position.  Now a bad position is fixed at start-up time.
4. Fixed: Potential crashes when importing large number of media files containing certain tag values.

18.0.218 (9/11/2013)
1. Fixed: Files view in tree would not show any files when a folder name in the path contained a bracket character '[]'.
2. Fixed: Mute for system volume was not working.
3. NEW: Next/Previous keyboard media keys are now working.  When held down, they fire FastForward/Rewind events.
4. Fixed: Horizontal scroll direction was the opposite of the Mac 'Natural' scroll direction.
5. Changed: Web links bar is now available (Amazon, AMG, Wiki, etc.).
6. Fixed: Media Center was trying (and failing) to update at program startup. The startup check has been removed.

18.0.217 (9/9/2013)
1. Changed: When media files stored on network drives cannot be found (drive not mounted), files are not longer removed from library - just not playable.
2. Fixed: Thumbnail drawing could cause crashes on some Macs running 10.6.8 OSX (and maybe others?).
3. Changed: Re-enabled skin effects dialog since MMX functions have been rewritten to utilize SSE instructions.
4. Fixed: In Panes view, file path locations were not working as a panes category for browsing.

18.0.216 (9/5/2013)
1. Fixed: Automatic library backups were not taking place.
2. Fixed: Audio input configuration under: "Tools / Options / Audio / Advanced / Configure input plugin..."  was not working at all.
3. Fixed: System volume control was still not working with some USB DAC's (didn't make it into the last build).
4. Fixed: In Media Network options, Web Gizmo appearance option wasn't working.
5. Changed: Several options were being shown even though they didn't apply to the Mac version.

18.0.215 (8/29/2013)
1. Fixed: 'Tools' main menu option was not honoring the current file selection (would show 'No files selected').
2. Fixed: Cmd-Q now quits the application.
3. Fixed: On OSX 10.6, the Help menu was not working.
4. Fixed: Close & minimize buttons were located incorrectly in mini-view mode.
5. Fixed: System volume was not properly controlling the volume on some USB connected DAC's (i.e. Dragonfly).

18.0.214 (8/27/2013)
1. NEW: Moved application menu to the normal 'Mac' location at the top of the screen.  Still some skinning and positioning work to be done.

18.0.213 (8/21/2013)
1. Fixed: Right clicking in playback display window and choosing "Tag" would cause a crash.
2. Fixed: Filepath() was not functioning properly with user-supplied paths (e.g. filepath(//Users/johnt//foo.mp3)).
3. Fixed: Cover art in Action Window could not be copied to/from the clipboard.
4. Fixed: The "Export playlist" option to use relative paths was not working.
5. Fixed: Apparent z-order problem with auto-import results dialog: it would be invisible and cause the app to look hung.

18.0.212 (8/19/2013)
1. Changed: Improved skin looks more "Mac like".
2. Changed: Sharper text font drawing.
3. Fixed: Custom column sorting window would show up empty.
4. Fixed: MC could fail to load ID3 tag data in AIFF and WAVE files.
5. Fixed: Importing of mp4 files that had a copyright atom could cause MC to crash.

18.0.211 (7/24/2013)
1. Fixed: Semi-colon in path names could cause import to not work.
2. NEW: Audio files can be played from Finder.
3. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
4. Fixed: DLNA bug where SetNextAVTransportURI gets called at least once even when disabled.
5. Fixed: DLNA polling interval bug, reduce chatter.
6. Changed: DLNA handle bug from some renderers which mis-spell NOT_IMPLEMENTED!
7. Changed: Dutch language translation updated (thanks bennyd).

18.0.207 (7/3/2013)
1. Fixed: Mouse scroll wheel wasn't working on OSX 10.6 systems.
2. Fixed: On OSX 10.6 systems, it would appear to hang when trying to quit the program.
3. Fixed: Downloading files larger than 2GB could fail.
4. Changed: Tuned how the time remaining is reported in the Action Window during downloads (to work better with large downloads and to be more concise).
5. Fixed: Album and artist fields in "Podcast tag and file renaming rules" now work as expected.
6. Fixed: Ogg Vorbis now fills its compression field with "Ogg Vorbis".
7. Fixed: When converting some FLAC files to ogg, it will no longer tag as "ogv"

18.0.206 (6/28/2013)
1. Fixed: Bold and Italic modes chosen in font picking dialog did not get used.
2. Fixed: Font picking dialog did not initialize to the current font settings.
3. Fixed: Text was unreadable in disabled text edit fields.
4. Fixed: Once Cover View was selected, the top line of the display with the 'leave cover view' button was inaccessible so you couldn't exit cover view.

18.0.202 (6/24/2013)
1. Fixed: Some ALAC files (e.g. those produced by 'Sound Studio 3') were not playable because of a strange looking 'alac' mp4 atom.  We now ignore the strange data.
2. Fixed: Media Center was not honoring the typeface chosen in the font picking dialog.

18.0.201 (6/21/2013)
1. Fixed: Trackpad scrolling did not support the fine scrolling mode, so it was difficult to scroll to a particular item in a list.
2. Fixed: Web page titles on tabs were showing extraneous text.
3. NEW: Support for choosing text fonts using the Options dialog 'Select font...' item under Tree & View.
4. Fixed: Tag saving to APE files was not working (Mac only).
5. Changed: Switched the default audio buffering method to 'Hardware default' to work better with devices that don't properly support hardware buffer size changes (configurable in Options > Audio > Output mode settings...).
6. Fixed: Typing into the Search box could cause crashes when a MC Windows library had been transferred to Mac and it contained long field values (e.g. Lyrics field).
7. Changed: When a file has no Replay Gain, a Replay Gain of -10dB will be used if no other files in Playing Now are analyzed (otherwise the average of analyzed files is used).

18.0.197 (6/14/2013)
1. Fixed: Options dialog could a crash if volume mode was set to disabled.
2. Fixed: Periodic freeze-ups in the DLNA servers (build 196 only).

18.0.196 (6/13/2013)
1. Fixed: SSDP server would die after a varying period of time.

18.0.195 (6/11/2013)
1. Fixed: Library server syncing was not working from a Windows client to a Mac server.
2. NEW: Added support for OGG input format.
3. Changed: Car Radio automatically cleans up duplicate static playlists that used the same index.
4. Changed: SSDP advertisement could hard kill the advertiser in some cases, leaving sockets and/or the internet layer in an undefined state.
5. Fixed: Small icons could draw too large in a details list in some cases.
6. Changed: Basic HTML text formatting tokens like < b >, < font >, < u >, etc. will be supported in almost all text drawing (previously they only worked in some areas of the program).
7. Changed: Updated Chinese language files (thanks kelijun).
8. Changed: When switching tracks that require a hardware stop / start like on a sample rate change, the startup silence option will be honored (silence will be maximum of between track gap and startup silence gap).
9. Fixed: Temp files created for .wvc files are now renamed to their final name when done when encoding Wavpack.
10. Fixed: Empty temp files are no longer created when encoding lossless Wavpack.  
11. Changed: Wavpack files now display compression information.  
12. Changed: When acting as a DLNA renderer, Media Center will use "error free" mode so that playback errors won't cause message boxes to display (since the controller is normally in a different place).

18.0.194 (6/4/2013)
1. Fixed: Media Center could become unresponsive to mouse clicks following showing of a pop-up error dialog. Mostly a problem on OSX 10.8.
2. Changed: Fullscreen modes are not always-on-top (please report any focus or z-ordering issues).

18.0.193 (5/31/2013)
1. Fixed: Audio playback was not working correctly in build 192.

18.0.192 (5/30/2013)
1. Fixed: Media Center would appear frozen in certain cases where a pop-up dialog was showing underneath the app and MC would be unresponsive.
2. Fixed: FLAC reference code would crash when encoding when an estimated total size was provided to the encoder, the 'verify' option was enabled, and encoding duration exceeded the estimated duration.
3. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
4. Fixed: Stopping or switching tracks during Library Server client playback could lead to a crash.
5. Changed: When overwriting a Car Radio preset, the preset will default to using the same name.

18.0.191 (5/24/2013)
1. Fixed: Webview reload button didn't work and could cause crashes.
2. Fixed: Some local default web pages were missing.
3. Changed: Added more debug logging to try to determine cause of intermittent SSDP failures.

18.0.190 (5/23/2013)
1. Changed: Enhanced WebView to support intercepting link clicks for webradio playback.
2. Fixed: WebView would not get keyboard focus so you couldn't type into web forms.
3. Changed: Added the ability to select the output bitdepth when using Kernel Streaming (Options > Audio > Output mode settings...).
4. Changed: Updated Polish translation (thanks Janusz Grzybek).
5. Changed: Radio buttons will use multiple lines for their text when necessary instead of truncating the text (helps with large font sizes).
6. Changed: Updated the French language translation (thanks rlebrette).
7. Fixed: If a connection to a Library Server was sporadic, it could lead to cases where a link to external cover art could be lost.
8. Fixed: Mono ALAC files were not being parsed or played correctly.
9. Fixed: In some cases, 5.1 input was not working with the FLAC encoder.
10. Fixed: When using 'Gapped' playback mode, the gap would not be honored when switching hardware output formats (normally sample rate).
11. Fixed: The playback position could be incorrect when using a gapped playback mode.
12. Changed: When converting a file with a bitdepth greater than 24, the engine will convert to 24-bit (with dither) to feed the encoder (since few encoders support more than 24-bit files).
13. NEW: DSP Studio can be enabled during audio conversion (Library Tools > Convert Format), allowing resampling, channel mixing, convolution, etc.
14. Fixed: A rare crash when parsing certain MP4 audio files.

18.0.187 (5/17/2013)
1. Fixed: Importing or playing APE format files in OSX 10.6 would crash.
2. NEW:  Internal web browser support.  We still need to implement catching links so we can (for example) make web radio playback easier.
3. Changed: Audio Path will better show when a padded bitdepth (like 24-bit inside a 32-bit container) is in use.
4. Fixed: The phrase "JRSS Subwoofer (x Hz lowpass)" in Output Format configuration could not be translated.
5. Fixed: In some cases, 5.1 input was not working with the FLAC encoder.
6. Fixed: When using 'Gapped' playback mode, the gap would not be honored when switching hardware output formats (normally sample rate).
7. Fixed: The playback position could be incorrect when using a gapped playback mode.

18.0.182 (5/14/2013)
1. Fixed: Tagging in the action window could crash.

18.0.181 (5/10/2013)
1. Fixed: Some m4a and alac files would not import or play because of a mismatched sample count in the mp4 STTS header.  We now ignore this error since it shouldn't impact playback performance.
2. Fixed: Radio streams would 'click' every few seconds because metadata was not getting parsed out of the stream.

18.0.180 (5/8/2013)
1. Fixed: Tooltips were not showing properly in the last few builds.
2. Fixed: Clicking away from an in-place list edit control would not reliably stop the editing.
3. Fixed: DoP bitstreaming of DSD was not working with some devices.
4. Fixed: Hardware with complex buffer arrangement could crash when playing to only some of the channels.
5. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
6. Changed: Updated Polish translation (thanks Janusz Grzybek).
7. Changed: Czech language translation updated (thanks Johnny B).

18.0.179 (5/7/2013)
1. Changed: Main windows are no longer marked as 'not opaque' (as this could cause performance issues on some machines).
2. Fixed: The 'Tempo & Pitch' DSP plugin was causing crashes during playback.
3. Fixed: Metadata in languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc. was not displaying correctly - just drawing square boxes.
4. NEW: Added support for play / pause, previous, next, and volume media keys[.
5. Changed: 3GA files are treated like AAC / MP4 audio files, so they can import, play, and tag.
6. Fixed: Using the popup expression editor from an in-place expression editor in options could lead to a crash.
7. Fixed: The mouse controls could become unavailable with certain types of displays in Display View with build 178.

18.0.178 (5/3/2013)
1. Changed: Rounded frame edges (used by many skins) are supported.
2. Fixed: OSX 10.6 would show an extra window border around the main frame.
3. Fixed: The Apple internet reader couldn't seek so wave, aiff and probably other content couldn't be played over media network.
4. Fixed: OSX 10.6 could hide the main window when a child window went away.
5. Fixed: Some parts of the user interface would not respond to the mouse in build 177.

18.0.177 (5/2/2013)
1. Changed: When a modal dialog is shown, the parent behind the popup will be disabled so it can't be clicked and used while the dialog is showing.
2. Changed: Modal dialogs no longer always float above regular windows or windows from other programs.
3. Changed: Options > Audio > Core Audio > Output mode settings... allows some configuration of hardware buffer sizes (please experiment and report results if you're having playback problems).
4. Fixed: When the user interface used system windows, they could incorrectly appear outside the bounds their parent window (like during scrolling the Playing Now > Overview view).
5. Fixed: Tag changes weren't getting saved to files that reside on network drives.
6. Changed: Revised the system window show / hide method to hopefully work better and avoid a few cases where a hidden window could appear.

18.0.176 (5/1/2013)
1. Changed: The 'minimize' button now works.
2. Fixed: Library Server delta (change) merges were not working.
3. Changed: Non-working 3D album view removed from tree.
4. Changed: 'Wait' messages not shown in this build to try to eliminate some random crashes.

18.0.174 (4/25/2013)
1. Fixed: Crash in DSP studio dialog when selecting a sample rate.
2. Fixed: Encoding to ALAC could crash in some cases.
3. Fixed: On the Import wizard, clicking cancel when it recommended not using an empty auto-import folder list would leave the wizard in a strange state.
4. Changed: The program better detects read-only mounts and messages right away when tagging files on these drives (instead of piling up the files in the tagging queue and messaging when closing the program).

18.0.173 (4/25/2013)
1. Fixed: Crashes resulting from named locking not being implemented on Mac, especially when settings changes were made (including in background processing).
2. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
3. Changed: Updated German language file (thanks Bytestar).
4. SDK: Added ZoneID, ZoneName, and LinkedZones to MCWS/v1/Playback/Info response.
5. NEW: A saved Play Doctor Playchart allows setting the number of output files to 100, 250, 500, or 1000 (previously it was locked at 100).
6. Fixed: When a CUE file pointed to a missing WAV file, it would lead to problems.
7. Fixed: If a DLNA device requested metadata for a file that's no longer in the library (or never was in the library), it could crash.
8. Fixed: CUE files that contained URLs in comments could lead to a crash.
9. Fixed: Horizontal scrolling in the Playing Now > Overview view was not working nicely.
10. Fixed: Long M4A files (over 10 hours) could show as 'Live' or with the wrong or empty duration in the library.

18.0.169 (4/15/2013)
1. NEW: When enabling Media Network, a wizard is shown that steps through starting the server, getting an Access Key, and selecting the best server for your renderer.
2. Changed: Consolidated the list of DLNA server presets and added a preset for Audiophile DACs.
3. Fixed: SSDP discovery (used by DLNA) was not working in some cases in builds 167 and 168.
4. Changed: DLNA options to be more descriptive of what's actually going on.

18.0.168 (4/12/2013)
1. Fixed: Dates in file lists were not taking daylight savings time into account.
2. Fixed: File modified date not getting set properly during tagging, causing auto-update to do more work than necessary.
3. Fixed: SSDP servers were not working properly in 18.0.167 so DLNA devices would not show up.

18.0.167 (4/11/2013)
1. Changed: Unused input and output streams on audio hardware are disabled, helping performance with multi-channel devices.
2. Fixed: Writing of ID3v2 tags that contained extended characters could write an incorrect tag value.

18.0.166 (4/10/2013)
1. Fixed: M4A / ALAC tagging reading and writing could be problematic if the 'Play files from memory' option was enabled.
2. Fixed: When bitstreaming DSD as DoP, the bitstream could fall out of DoP mode on pause or if there was a data shortfall.
3. Changed: Revised buffer filling strategy to always provide a full buffer to devices (more deterministic, and seems to work better with some devices).
4. Fixed: Some hardware could have a clicking sound during playback.
5. Fixed: 'Open URL..' was not working (i.e. radio streams).
6. Fixed: Durations were wrong when playing from Library Servers.

18.0.165 (4/8/2013)
1. Changed: Moved the timeout out a month.
2. Fixed: The core timer object could incorrectly return negative numbers, causing lots of weird problems like an unclickable tree, etc.
3. Changed: Added support for connecting to Library Servers that require authentication.

18.0.164 (4/5/2013)
1. Fixed: The dialog for customizing DLNA views was not working nicely.
2. NEW: The Add Library dialog now supports loading remote Library Server libraries.
3. Fixed: This build should fix a lot of seemingly random crashes caused by a bug in our event handling code.

18.0.163 (4/4/2013)
1. NEW: Auto-import watched folders are now working.

18.0.162 (4/3/2013)
1. Fixed: The program could crash after showing the summary at the end of an auto-import.
2. Changed: Revised buffer management for multi-channel devices that use an array of mono buffers (may solve click issues on these devices).
3. Fixed: Library tree browsing was not working properly with file location categories.

18.0.161 (4/2/2013)
1. Fixed: Tab, shift-Tab, F2, and up/down arrows work for navigating the list while doing tag editing.
2. Fixed: When a tooltip was covering a list item, the item could not be played or modified using the mouse.
3. Fixed: Library views that browse by file path were not working.

18.0.156 (3/25/2013)
1. Fixed: Memory leak with regards to auto-released system objects.
2. Fixed: Memory leak with cleanup of background threads.
3. Fixed: DSP Studio > Room Correction > Channel buttons were not working to switch channels.
4. Fixed: Sub-menu flyouts not hiding after moving to other menu items.
5. Fixed: Newly created smartlists could have a '/' in the name rather than going to the right playlist folder.
6. Faster: Improved user interface drawing efficiency and performance.

18.0.155 (3/22/2013)
1. Changed: Improved messaging when attempting to tag read-only files.
2. Fixed: The File > Open File... dialog was not allowing selection of files.
3. Faster: Improved the core threading engine so that background threads are much less resource intensive.
4. Fixed: Memory playback could work harder than necessary in some cases.

18.0.154 (3/21/2013)
1. Changed: The program now requires a license (after a 30 day free trial).
2. Fixed: Tagging of some formats was not working when the files were on a different volume than the system.

18.0.151 (3/15/2013)
1. Fixed: Lots of crashing from version 18.0.150
2. NEW: DLNA working as a server, controller and renderer. Note, you'll likely have to reset your settings if you didn't already in build 18.0.150, there are bad uuids in there. The easiest way to do this is to rename or remove the "~/Library/Application Support/J River/Media Center 18/Settings" either from a terminal window or the finder after unhiding the ~/Library directory.
3. NEW: WebRemote applications working (Gizmo, JRemote, MyRiver, etc)

18.0.150 (3/14/2013)
[ build recalled due to crashes ]
1. NEW: Added Convolution DSP (same 64-bit SSE3 accelerated engine used on Windows).
2. NEW: Media Network (DLNA, Library Server, JRemote, etc.) available in options (still a work in progress).
3. NEW: MP3 encoding added.
4. NEW: Added configurable 'Channel offset' to Options > Audio > Output mode settings to allow targeting channels starting at something other than 1 (useful with pro / studio devices).
5. NEW: Drag-n-drop mostly working (within program, out of program, but not yet into program).
6. NEW: Added support for DSD bitstreaming using DoP.
7. Changed: Switched the timeout to April 16.
8. NEW: Wake On Lan implemented on Mac.

18.0.146 (3/8/2013)
1. Changed: Added support for more audio hardware (Lynx Hilo, RME Fireface UC, etc.).
2. Changed: Double-click, escape, etc. work on the playback display to exit Display View.
3. Fixed: Using some tools like Analyze Audio and Get Cover Art could prevent the program from closing even if they were no longer running.

18.0.143 (3/5/2013)
1. Fixed: Removed printing options from menu as they are not available yet on Mac and could cause a crash.
2. Changed: Changed text and link on "Help -> Registration Info" pop-up to reflect timeout and no license needed.
3. Fixed: Using cmd-Q to exit the program would result in a crash.
4. Fixed: Program text was garbled in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean translations.

18.0.142 (2/28/2013)
1. Fixed: SACD ISO files were not importing.
2. Fixed: Several cover art issues.
3. NEW: Internet POST requests work (makes, etc.).
4. Fixed: If a background thread showed a message box, it would lead to a hang.
5. NEW: File move, rename, copy dialog functional. Not recommended for large scale or critical file operations until more testing is done.
6. Fixed: Problems with support of 32 bit only OSX systems, e.g. playback of MP3 files.

18.0.141 (2/26/2013)
1. Fixed: Sound devices that requested planar instead of interleaved data were not working.
2. Fixed: Cover art next to audio files was not loading properly.

18.0.140 (2/25/2013)
1. Fixed: The program would not run on systems without SSE 4.1 support.
2. Changed: Retooled SSE assembly everywhere in the program so that SSSE 3 is the low-water mark for SSE acceleration (previously SSE 4.1 was required in most places to get acceleration).
3. Fixed: Thread priorities were not implemented fully on Mac.

18.0.139 (2/22/2013)
1. Fixed: Wrong options file was being used in the 138 build resulting in frequent crashes.

18.0.138 (2/22/2013)
1. NEW: Added support for Core Audio exclusive output in Options > Audio > Output mode settings (enabled by default).
2. Fixed: Memory playback was not working properly.
3. Fixed: Plugins were not working because working path was not being set, this caused playback to fail.

18.0.137 (2/21/2013)
1. Fixed: Audio format converter working.
2. Changed: Register dynamic libs on first run after install rather than every startup.
3. Changed: Auto-update partially works. It will show whether version is up to date and download new version. Need to manually install.
4. Fixed: Show/Set update download directory not working.
5. Fixed: Search in options dialog not working.
6. Fixed: Encoder properties dialog in options not working.
7. Fixed: Clicking away from in-place editing box doesn't cancel edit mode.
8. Fixed: Mouse wheel support.
9. Changed: Close,Minimize,Maximize buttons moved to left side of frame.
10. Fixed: Lots of UI windowing issues (z-order, white windows, black windows, floating windows, etc.) should be fixed.
11. Fixed: Files with really long path names weren't importing.

18.0.136 (2/20/2013)
1. Fixed: Library backup / restore works, although restoring a library from the Windows version is not fully working yet.
2. Fixed: Internal volume working.
3. Fixed: Player window displaying wrong playback time.
4. Fixed: Some of the window z-order issues.
5. Changed: Somewhat friendlier message about lack of web browser support.
6. Changed: New and improved installer graphic.

18.0.133 (2/15/2013)
1. NEW: First release of Media Center on Mac.

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