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31.0.13 (5/23/2023)
1. Changed: Split the JRVR Output settings into individual pages for HDR and Calibration for easier navigation.
2. Changed: The JRVR HDR configuration page will show the reported max HDR brightness of the detected displays.
3. Fixed: Submitting cover art was not working since the server changes.
4. Fixed: Track info submit and get was not working since the server changes.
5. Changed: Picking Player > Playing Now > Show Playing Now will activate an inactive Playing Now tab instead of switching the current view.
6. Changed: Tooltips that complete large fields in the Tag window always show regardless of the tooltip option.
7. Changed: Made car radio button tooltips show the default delay instead of much quicker.
8. Changed: Added *.xmltv as a possible file extension (in addition to .xml) when selecting an xmltv file for TV setup.

31.0.12 (5/19/2023)
1. Changed: Picking Playing > Playing Now > Show Playing Now will activate an inactive Playing Now tab instead of switching the current view.
2. Changed: Made showing tree roots (Alt+1,2,etc.) switch to an inactive tab instead of opening a new view if it finds that tab.'
3. Changed: Clicking the playing file image it will try to find a Playing Now tab open to switch to instead of opening a new view.
4. Changed: Picking Playing > Playing Now > Show Playing Now will not switch away from a locked Playing Now tab but instead just scroll to show the playing file.
5. Changed: Using the "Show tree root" shortcuts will refresh the view instead of recreate when that view is already showing.
6. Changed: Truncation tooltips no longer honor the setting for tooltips, but instead always show.
7. NEW: Made the tooltips toolbar button a menu with choices (and the active one checked) instead of simply a toggle.
8. Changed: Do not show player bar tooltip when not in Standard View.
9. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukáč).
10. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
11. Fixed: Removing files from a client did not delete or recycle server disk files as specified.
12. Changed: Updated Chinese (simplified) language file (thanks YanJun Sun!).
13. Fixed: MacOS 10.10 will use the old browser code to prevent crashing.
14. Fixed: WebViews that were started from something that wasn't part of a container view (like a trackinfo) will no longer cause a crash.

31.0.9 (5/11/2023)
1. Changed: When in Display or Cover View, hide player bar menu items that use Standard View and disable Spotlight launch from press-and-hold.
2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
3. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
4. Fixed: Selecting all on right-click would incorrectly fire in thumbnail lists.
5. Changed: When restoring out of Media Server mode, the same views are used instead of creating the startup views.
6. Fixed: Moving the mouse over list control items with text links would not always update the mouse over states nicely.
7. Changed: Tuned expansion on image column right-click to use the grouping of the list instead of simply album grouping.
8. Changed: Made list grouping on right-click of the album thumbnail only engage when a single file is selected.
9. Fixed: Thumbnails were not being included in auto library backups.
11. Changed: Right-clicking in the album thumbnail column will select all the album files before showing the menu.
12. Fixed: The Spotlight button could show in views without files.
13. NEW: Added MCC_CLEAR_REMAINING_ZONE_SPECIFIC (10071) to clear the remaining tracks from a playlist.
14. NEW: When removing tags from an MP3, APEv2 tags are removed if they are found.
15. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
16. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 10.10. Handles systems with AVX512 support, but disabled by the OS.
17. Changed: Simplified the filenames of TV recordings if the shows' don't have separate episode names that are different from the series names.
18. Fixed: Playing a SDR video in JRVR with the screen in HDR mode could result in unexpected output if HDR to HDR tone mapping was enabled.
19. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.
20. Fixed: Media Center could crash when media files were deleted while Black Bar detection was running on them.
21. Changed: Merged the last backup paths used for library backups (manual and the setting) into one shared setting.
22. NEW: Support for HDR to HDR tone mapping in JRVR.
23. NEW: Advanced geometry correction settings for projectors in JRVR.
24. NEW: HDR10+ dynamic tone mapping in JRVR.
25. NEW: Image sharpening post-processing for JRVR.
26. Changed: Made middle-click on the unused tabs area roll list styles.
27. Changed: When thumbnails are set to be included in library backups, they will also be included in automatic backups.
28. Fixed: When picking extra channels so the output channel count was over eight JRSS channel mixing would not engage properly.
29. NEW: Re-designed the JRVR HDR tone mapping when converting HDR to SDR, for higher quality and better detail retention.
30. NEW: JRVR uses a new dynamic tone mapping algorithm using a re-designed histogram peak detection, enabled by default in the "Quality" preset.
31. Fixed: Improved shader caching in JRVR to reduce stuttering when playing Dolby Vision content.
32. Fixed: Aspect Ratio overrides would not apply properly when starting a video.

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