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31.0.17 (5/29/2023)
1. Fixed: Selecting an aspect ratio/cropping preset from the playback OSD did not work since 31.0.15.
2. Changed: Auto-import will now run black bar analysis on all unprocessed files, similar to audio analysis.
3. NEW: Added "DCI-P3-D65 in BT.2020" as a screen gamut configuration to JRVR.
4. NEW: JRVR can optionally process the gamut after applying a 3DLUT.
5. NEW: When performing HDR to HDR tone mapping, the gamut can be reduced to DCI-P3 in BT.2020.
6. Fixed: When closing multiple tabs, it was not working nicely when selecting a non-selected tab.

31.0.16 (5/26/2023)
1. Fixed: Remote control playback buttons were not working in Amazon Music.

31.0.15 (5/26/2023)
1. Changed: When selecting a default audio stream for DVB TV channels, we will try to avoid special audio streams (such as "audio description for the visually impaired"), if such type info is found during channel scanning.
2. NEW: When playing ATSC, DVB, OpenCABLE, or SatIP live TV, the "Audio Programs" context menu will include audio program type description (for example "Audio description for the vidually impaired") if such info is found.
3. NEW: Metadata-driven automatic black bar cropping in JRVR, based on the "Video Crop" database field, which can be filled with the Video Analysis tool. Use this thread for questions.
4. NEW: Consolidated all aspect ratio settings in the JRVR Output -> General settings, allowing per-device and profile-based configuration.
5. Changed: The option "Crop Sides of Video to Fill Screen" in the Crop Black Bars context menu has been removed, use "Crop" aspect ratio mode instead.
6. NEW: Amazon Music in Theater View with remote / keyboard control and navigation. Available to add in Items to Show for Theater View.

31.0.14 (5/23/2023)
1. Changed: Split the JRVR Output settings into individual pages for HDR and Calibration for easier navigation.
2. Changed: The JRVR HDR configuration page will show the reported max HDR brightness of the detected displays.
3. Fixed: Submitting cover art was not working since the server changes.
4. Fixed: Track info submit and get was not working since the server changes.

31.0.13 (5/22/2023)
1. Changed: Picking Player > Playing Now > Show Playing Now will activate an inactive Playing Now tab instead of switching the current view.
2. Changed: Made showing tree roots (Alt+1,2,etc.) switch to an inactive tab instead of opening a new view if it finds that tab.
3. Changed: WTV files' "WM/MediaOriginalChannel" and "WM/MediaOriginalChannelSubNumber" tags are mapped to user fields "Original Channel" and "Original Subchannel" respetively.
4. Changed: Some additional tags are saved when saving tags to WTV files.
5. Changed: Clicking the playing file image it will try to find a Playing Now tab open to switch to instead of opening a new view.
6. Changed: Tooltips that complete large fields in the Tag window always show regardless of the tooltip option.
7. Changed: Made car radio button tooltips show the default delay instead of much quicker.
8. NEW: MC will write channel numbers (major and minor channels for ATSC and logical channel number of DVB) to corresponding tags in WTC recordings if custom fields "Original Channel" and "Original Subchannel" have been created by users.
9. Fixed: If TV recording format was set to "wtv" for bda tuners, a file with extension "jr-sbr" was created in the TV recording folder after watching a channel live in time-shifting mode.
10. Changed: Added *.xmltv as a possible file extension (in addition to .xml) when selecting an xmltv file for TV setup.

31.0.12 (5/18/2023)
1. Fixed: Saving [Date Recorded] tag to WTV files and reloading the tag from the files could cause the datetime to shift to a slightly earlier time.
2. Fixed: When saving [Date] field which had no time component (or a 00:00:00 time) to WTV files the Hour value was set to 12.
3. Changed: Some additional tags are saved when saving tags to WTV files.
4. Changed: Picking Playing > Playing Now > Show Playing Now will not switch away from a locked Playing Now tab but instead just scroll to show the playing file.
5. Changed: Using the "Show tree root" shortcuts will refresh the view instead of recreate when that view is already showing.
6. Changed: Truncation tooltips no longer honor the setting for tooltips, but instead always show.
7. NEW: Made the tooltips toolbar button a menu with choices (and the active one checked) instead of simply a toggle.

31.0.11 (5/16/2023)
1. Changed: Do not show player bar tooltip when not in Standard View.
2. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukáč).
3. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).

31.0.10 (5/11/2023)
1. Fixed: Removing files from a client did not delete or recycle server disk files as specified.
2. Changed: Updated Chinese (simplified) language file (thanks YanJun Sun!).
3. NEW: Support for Bitstreaming of compressed audio formats from audio files using the video engine for playback (eg. MKA).
4. Fixed: Prime Video navigation in Theater View was broken due to recent Amazon website changes.

31.0.9 (5/9/2023)
1. Changed: When in Display or Cover View, hide player bar menu items that use Standard View and disable Spotlight launch from press-and-hold.
2. Changed: Added additional fields to WTV file tag writing.
3. Changed: MC will no longer create a separate time-shiting/recording folder on per-session basis, for WTV time-shifting and recording.

31.0.8 (5/5/2023)
1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
2. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
3. Fixed: Selecting all on right-click would incorrectly fire in thumbnail lists.
4. Fixed: Restoring the program from Media Server mode could crash (testing appreciated).
5. Changed: When restoring out of Media Server mode, the same views are used instead of creating the startup views.

31.0.7 (5/4/2023)
1. NEW: (still work-in-progress) WTV files will be taggable, with some tag values written to the files without the need to use a sidecar file (on Windows only). In particular TV recordings in WTV format will have some tags written to files.
2. Fixed: Moving the mouse over list control items with text links would not always update the mouse over states nicely.
3. Changed: Tuned expansion on image column right-click to use the grouping of the list instead of simply album grouping.
4. Changed: Made list grouping on right-click of the album thumbnail only engage when a single file is selected.
5. Fixed: Thumbnails were not being included in auto library backups.

31.0.6 (5/2/2023)
1. Changed: Right-clicking in the album thumbnail column will select all the album files before showing the menu.

31.0.5 (4/28/2023)
1. Fixed: The Spotlight button could show in views without files.
2. NEW: Added MCC_CLEAR_REMAINING_ZONE_SPECIFIC (10071) to clear the remaining tracks from a playlist.

31.0.4 (4/27/2023)
1. NEW: When removing tags from an MP3, APEv2 tags are removed if they are found.
2. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 10.10. Handles systems with AVX512 support, but disabled by the OS.
4. Changed: Simplified the filenames of TV recordings if the shows' don't have separate episode names that are different from the series names.
5. NEW: WTV (Microsoft Stream Buffer Engine format) television recording format for bda tuners on Windows (i.e. ATSC and DVB tuners).

31.0.3 (4/25/2023)
1. Fixed: Playing a SDR video in JRVR with the screen in HDR mode could result in unexpected output if HDR to HDR tone mapping was enabled.
2. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.

31.0.2 (4/19/2023)
1. Fixed: Selecting the beta channel for updates was not working.
2. Fixed: Media Center could crash when media files were deleted while Black Bar detection was running on them.
3. Changed: Uninstall lists "Installing a new version" instead of "Had it before. Installing again." as one of the choices for the uninstall reason.
4. Changed: Merged the last backup paths used for library backups (manual and the setting) into one shared setting.
5. NEW: Support for HDR to HDR tone mapping in JRVR.
6. NEW: Advanced geometry correction settings for projectors in JRVR.
7. NEW: HDR10+ dynamic tone mapping in JRVR.
8. NEW: Image sharpening post-processing for JRVR.

31.0.1 (4/17/2023)
1. Changed: Made middle-click on the unused tabs area roll list styles.
2. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Changed: When thumbnails are set to be included in library backups, they will also be included in automatic backups.
4. Fixed: When picking extra channels so the output channel count was over eight JRSS channel mixing would not engage properly.
5. NEW: Re-designed the JRVR HDR tone mapping when converting HDR to SDR, for higher quality and better detail retention.
6. NEW: JRVR uses a new dynamic tone mapping algorithm using a re-designed histogram peak detection, enabled by default in the "Quality" preset.
7. Fixed: Improved shader caching in JRVR to reduce stuttering when playing Dolby Vision content.

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