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30.0.60 (2/3/2023)
1. NEW: Added new video metadata fields, as well as filling those fields during import.
2. Fixed: Making a disc backup of a DVD using MakeMKV would cause a crash.
3. NEW: Added a the ability to pass a year, month, day, hour, minute, and second to the ConvertDate expression function.
4. Changed: IPlugFrame is implemented for VST3 and a resize is issued when called for.
5. Changed: Slightly improved Theater View TV guide display speed.
6. Changed: Made playback loop back to the beginning when it stops at the end of a playlist.
7. Changed: Locate on disk is available on Library Server Clients again when local file access is available.
8. Changed: Update Library (from tags) & Update Tags (from library) are available with Library Server Clients again, with added checks to prevent issues when local file access is not possible.
9. Fixed: Picking Import All in the Tag window customize dialog then cancelling would corrupt the display.
10. Changed: Update Library (from tags) & Update Tags (from library) are no longer available on Library Server and DLNA Clients, as direct file access is required.
11. Changed: Locate on disk is no longer available on Library Server and DLNA Clients, as direct file access is required.
12. Changed: Disable some functions which won't work with DLNA connected libraries. Fix one that should.
13. Changed: Made Google date lookup work a little better.
14. Changed: Add logging to VST3 plugin function call failures.
15. Changed: VST3 force a layout on resize, fall back to current size if resize isn't supported.
16. Changed: VST3 let the plugin know we support resize.
17. Fixed: VST3, deal with retina scaling when displaying the plugin.

30.0.55 (1/26/2023)
1. Fixed: Picking Import All in the Tag window customize dialog then cancelling would corrupt the display.
2. Changed: Update Library (from tags) & Update Tags (from library) are no longer available on Library Server and DLNA Clients, as direct file access is required.
3. Changed: Locate on disk is no longer available on Library Server and DLNA Clients, as direct file access is required.
4. Changed: Disable some functions which won't work with DLNA connected libraries. Fix one that should.
5. Changed: Reworked the year calculation (y) in CompareDates to be based on the years and days apart.
6. Changed: The reverse sync when building library server sync uses the copied library as well to avoid lags.
7. Changed: Cancel of the library server sync thread was not working nicely.
8. Changed: When building deltas for library server sync, the library is copied to avoid lags.
9. NEW: Added "yd" to the CompareDates expression function to output the number of years and days between dates.
10. Fixed: The string "Unrated" could not be translated.
11. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Boháč).
12. Fixed: The title of the OSD commands could not be translated.
13. NEW: Added a CompareDates expression function to compare by year, days, or calendar years.
14. Changed: Date lookup from Google was no longer working.
15. NEW: Windows are created with the background color to eliminate white flashes.
16. Fixed: When an Optical disc volume name contained a ":" the disc wouldn't be seen in MC.

30.0.50 (1/13/2023)
1. NEW: In Theater View television Guide, the TV channel on the left side of the guide grid will be marked as selected when a corresponding program is selected.
2. Changed: Updated Chinese (simplified) translation file (thanks YanJun Sun).
3. Changed: Updated all translations to the latest strings from the code.
4. Fixed: Memory caching of trackinfos flushed between changes on Ventura.
5. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
6. Fixed: The extra channels selection would not be used when filling the channels for the Parametric Equalizer.
7. Fixed: Installing a license running a portable install was not working.

30.0.49 (1/10/2023)
1. Fixed: Trackinfo templates on MacOS Ventura.
2. Fixed: Links from an internal browser page that SHOULD have been opened in an external browser were being loaded internally (affected trackinfos).
3. Fixed: Another crash when opening a trackinfo upon program start.

30.0.48 (1/9/2023)
1. Fixed: The start time column was not correct for sunrise or sunset scheduled tasks.
2. Fixed: The "Link To Playlist" menu would draw & characters in playlist names as underlines.
3. Fixed: "Get Movies & TV Info" failed to save cover art image if the file has a long path.
4. Changed: If XMLTV file specifies that a TV program is a "series", but does not provide a series name in addition to an episode name, the episode name will be copied into "Series" field, instead of leaving it empty.
5. Changed: When running "Get Movie & TV Info" tool, a TV Show that has no Series name but its Keywords field contains the word "Series", the show name will be copied into "Series" field so that "Get Movie & TV Info" can proceed.
6. Fixed: Crash when starting playback from an initial startup of MC when a trackinfo would be used and no previous web access was done.
7. Fixed: PostData was being discarded when cross platform databases were being used. This resulted in being unable to play SACD tracks > track 1 when a client and server MC instance were not of the same OS when one of the OS is Windows.

30.0.47 (1/5/2023)
1. Changed: Gridlines were showing in places they were not meant to so reverted the global change. Please report any place not showing gridlines that should.
2. Changed: Updated the image preview zoom and unzoom images (thanks Harley).
3. NEW: MJP files support an INSTALLTRACKINFO action so there is no need to copy files manually.
4. Changed: Zooming into an image will stop the animated zooming at start since that could fight with the zoom command.
5. Changed: The 3D image viewer no longer changes images on big scrolls off the screen.
6. Changed: The list group box header image is no longer drawn in the image editor toolbox for the bottom controls.
7. Fixed: The image editor better updates on skin changes.
8. NEW: Sunrise and sunset times can be used in the scheduler for events.
9. NEW: Added an Adjust Dates/Times dialog that modifies the Date tag of multiple files at once.
10. NEW: MJP files can have a list of packages to install and Package Installer will install all of them.
11. Fixed: Opening the image editor in a locked view would switch to a new tab, then show the start page when closed.
12. Fixed: The magnifying glass on image thumbnails would not size with scale nicely.
13. Changed: When loading EPG from an existing XMLTV or Perc Data file in a setup wizard or EPG loading wizard, the loading is done in a background worker thread and the progress is shown in the wizard window.
14. Fixed: Editing a cover art image and doing a cancel could save the changes anyway.
15. Fixed: The first and last image commands were not working during image playback.
16. Changed: Left and right scroll an image instead of change images (use Page Up / Page Down to change).
17. Fixed: The scroll commands in the image playback right click were not working.
18. Fixed: When a CD is being ripped we prevent the device from being closed and reopened for each track.

30.0.45 (12/22/2022)
1. Fixed: PNG files using a color palette with transparency did not display properly.
2. Changed: In Theater View "Tuner Status" is now only accessible in Guide view, and no longer available in other video views.
3. NEW: During television setup, there is a checkbox to optionally download channel logo files (if available online) in a background thread after setup is complete.
4. Fixed: An issue with web navigation postscript with MacOS Ventura 13.x.

30.0.44 (12/20/2022)
1. NEW: Added an MCC (MCC_LIST_TOGGLE_FILES / 26033) to show and hide files in a library view.
2. NEW: Added a toolbar button to allow showing and hiding files the same way.
3. Fixed: Tabs would not use the active tab text color after the change a few builds back.
4. Changed: Changed how TV program logos get loaded and displayed in Standard Television View. This possibly fixes the issue of hanging while trying to load a TV program logo.
5. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
6. NEW: Initial Cloudplay page shows shortcut links to New and Popular playlists.
7. NEW: Added a status message on the XMLTV ID to channel map window that is updated during the auto match process.
8. Changed: Playlist icons with different colors are used for Cloudplay recent playlists when cover art cannot be found.
9. Fixed: Tile style lists didn't honor the selection color from the skin like other lists.
10. Changed: The view header above library views uses the same color as the "Close" link on the right.
11. NEW: Skins can specify a ListOverText color for the ACTIONWINDOW to specify the color on mouse over.
12. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code (also added sorting of the commands and source files).
13. Optimized: When setting up IPTV channels and XMLTV guide, the downloading of TV channel logos is deferred to speed up the setup.
14. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).
15. Fixed: When loading XMLTV guide auto-matching could create fake matches when the XMLTV file contain channels with empty XMLTV IDs.
16. Changed: Improved IPTV xmltv ID to MC TV Channel auto matching.
17. Fixed: Spotlight would not properly handle &'s in titles.
18. Changed: Missing thumbnail image in Spotlight Artist page no longer has a border.
19. Fixed: Stop After X Tracks could stop early (merged three stop after pieces, so please report any issues).
20. Fixed: Double-clicking an image in a mixed media playlist view would not show the Image Preview when the new option was enabled.
21. Changed: Tag on import rules now replace list type fields instead of appending to them.
22. Changed: The Channel-To-XMLTVID Auto matching in the TV guide program loading is done in a worker thread so the GUI will remain responsive, and a "Cancel Auto Match" button is added to allow canceling.

30.0.41 (12/12/2022)
1. Optimized: IPTV channel setup is much faster.
2. Fixed: TV logos for IPTV channels might have been downloaded hundreds of times during TV setup.
3. Fixed: Adaptive Volume would not reload nicely with DSP Presets.
4. NEW: Skins can tell options to not draw borders (<Entry Name="OptionsList" ><Data DrawBorders="0" />).
5. Fixed: The CD insertion and removal detection for ripping should be working properly now.

30.0.40 (12/9/2022)
1. NEW: Add option to open Image Preview when double-clicking an image.
2. Fixed: Image Preview would show GetFile as title for every image when using a library server client.
3. Fixed: Current selection would sometimes not be visible when showing or closing Image Preview.
4. Fixed: Crashes on ripping CDs. Disc change detection is still an issue.
5. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.
6. Fixed: Remote Control page and other borders could be back unintentionally for a few builds.
7. Improved: More reduction of the amount of time for TV guide loading and displaying.
8. Changed: Switched the VST flush of silence from five second to three seconds to make stopping a little faster with slow filters.
9. Changed: The text "Press escape to exit Display View" could show incorrectly in Playing Now Overview.
10. Changed: The Internet browser code for Ventura will handle most things now (cloudplay, spotlight, YouTube). It still has issues with trackinfos.

30.0.38 (12/1/2022)
1. Changed: Turned the test tone generated by Room Correction down a little because it could clip.
2. NEW: Add Spotlight search for Artists to main search box.
3. Improved: Reduced the amount of time for MC to load TV guide programs.
4. Changed: Spotlight uses skin image for missing audio thumbnails.
5. Fixed: Some Artist images for Spotlight were broken.
6. Changed: Updated to WavPack 5.6.
7. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 8.98.
8. Changed: Options that are disabled no longer respond to mouse-over.
9. Fixed: The Playing Now overview view would not size the duration column correctly when running with scale.
10. Changed: Zone presets will be sorted by name.
11. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
12. Fixed: The new smooth progress bar could cause problems during DLNA playback.
13. Changed: Windows that are not popups will no longer have window borders (applies to the remote options page for example).
14. NEW: Add Spotlight search for Actors/Directors to main search box.
15. Fixed: Artwork could be sized incorrectly in some cases.
16. NEW: Add Spotlight search for Movies and TV Shows to main search box (see entries at the end of the dropdown).
17. NEW: Added the ability to export and import all Theater View templates.
18. Fixed: The transport stream time-shifting did not clean up buffering files properly when viewing of a TV channel was stopped (.jrts and *.jrts.cnk files were left in folders).
19. NEW: Implemented a newer WebAPI to fix issues with YouTube playback, it's automatically used on MacOS 13.0 Ventura and newer. Please report issues on Ventura.

30.0.35 (11/21/2022)
1. Fixed: When playing a TV channel using Transport Stream time-shifting (the new time-shifting), the OSD program info text stayed forever unless another OSD came along to replace it..
2. Changed: The position slider is smooth at the end of a track instead of jumping to a slightly different position and moving less smooth.
3. Changed: "Legacy method" (as referring to program stream time-shifting method) is renamed "original method".
4. Changed: The skin name hash is stored along with the view header images so changing skins will not require a restart for custom artwork to populate.
5. NEW: View header images can be customized by the skin (Image > ViewHeaderDrivesDevices, ViewHeaderServicesPlugins, ViewHeaderDownload, ViewHeaderPlaylist, ViewHeaderPodcast, ViewHeaderDLNA, ViewHeaderExplorer, ViewHeaderScheduler, ViewHeaderWebMedia, ViewHeaderHandheld, ViewHeaderCD, ViewHeaderLibrary, ViewHeaderLibraryInactive, ViewHeaderReporter, ViewHeaderTelevision).
6. NEW: The transport stream time-shifting method is now also optionally available for OpenCABLE and Sat>IP TV devices.
7. Fixed: The extra channels selection could unintentionally grow when picking other settings.
8. Fixed: Playing audio with more then 8 channels could result in extra channels being silenced if the output would not exactly match (now channel are copied as there is space, and then cut off).
9. Fixed: A lot of reworking of the Mac CD ripping system to make it more reliable. Needs feedback.
10. Changed: Disabled the window level changing code for now. Going to try a different approach.
11. Fixed: Put a time limit on the event wait for exiting full screen mode.
12. Fixed: Perhaps fixed an issue with the menu bar not showing after exiting full screen mode on Ventura.

30.0.32 (11/17/2022)
1. Fixed: The links toolbar could crop some buttons since the addition of Spotlight even when there was space for more.
2. Fixed: The option at the top of smartlists to expand links was not working properly. Now it changes the visible files.
3. Changed: Links are expanded when adding files to a playlist (instead of when viewing since the view should map exactly to the actual files).
4. Fixed: Windowing issues with DSP studio and standard and display view.

30.0.31 (11/14/2022)
1. Changed: Removed TV option "Save on stop" since it has not been implemented.
2. Changed: Removed TV option "Start analog devices in time-shifting mode" since analog tuners are not supported on Mac.
3. Changed: Removed TV option "Start digital devices (including CableCARD devices) in time-shifting mode" since TV always starts in time-shifting mode on Mac.
4. Fixed: Another change to window stacking that fixes issues with Theater View and Display View.
5. Fixed: The restart option (launcher path) for the restart icon.
6. Fixed: More changes to popups, window layering and display and theater view window initial display.
7. Fixed: The links toolbar could crop some buttons since the addition of Spotlight even when there was space for more.
8. Fixed: The option at the top of smartlists to expand links was not working properly. Now it changes the visible files.
9. Changed: Links are expanded when adding files to a playlist (instead of when viewing since the view should map exactly to the actual files).
10. Changed: Pulled in the Modern Cards Dark updated frame borders from Marko (thanks!).
11. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
12. Changed: Play Doctor does not play a local file first when Include Files From Cloudplay option is set to 100%.
13. Fixed: Play Doctor would fail to get any Cloudplay files in some circumstances.

30.0.30 (11/8/2022)
1. Fixed: A different fix for changing the sorting for library views not applying properly.
2. Fixed: Thumbnails were unconditionally erased when the image filename was changed whether they should have been or not. Affected the one time library update in Mac versions >30.0.25. If you were affected by this you can restore from a backup (with thumbnails) or rebuild your thumbnails.

30.0.29 (11/7/2022)
1. Fixed: Incorrect background color was being set for Chromium browser.
2. Changed: Spotlight and loading web pages use "LIST" skin background colors.
3. Fixed: Switching from Standard View to full-screen Display View would not reliably switch to the configured full-screen monitor.
4. Changed: The MakeMKV backup decryption option will default to what it was previously set at with Blu-ray discs.
5. Fixed: MCWS calls to SetInfo would not return that the data had not changed when setting some data types.
6. Fixed: Incorrect color was being used to draw chevron for Links bar overflow.
7. Fixed: Changing the sorting for library location type views would not always propagate properly.
8. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
9. Fixed: Skins with BorderResizeForText set could get a strange titlebar text.
10. Fixed: Mixing 7.1 to 5.1 with two extra channels would result in the rear channels missing.
11. Fixed: Fullscreen mode in MacOS 13.0 (Ventura).
12. Changed: Popup windows forced above the UI so they cannot be hidden when the UI is clicked on.

30.0.27 (10/31/2022)
1. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Boháč).
2. Changed: Updated borders in the Modern Cards Dark skin some more (thanks HPBEME).
3. Fixed: The rating field could require more space to draw on the right than needed.
4. Changed: Clicking a link on the streaming page will go to the page even if you have that page off so it doesn't show in the tree.
5. Changed: Spotlight hides blue focus rectangle on page load.
6. Changed: Spotlight for TV shows uses the TMDB ID for lookup if tag is set.
7. Changed: Spotlight for TV shows also tries leading 0 to search for matching seasons and episodes in the library (e.g. "01").
8. Changed: Added a timer to the SSDP utility to indicate how much time is remaining in the scan.
9. Changed: Hide Spotlight button in Files list header.
10. NEW: Linux and Mac clients can play live TV with digital TV tuners (bda) on a Windows server.
11. NEW: IMPORTANT: The database is automatically switched to using pre-composed UTF8 on first run of this build! This solves longstanding issues with diacritical characters. Don't use the database which this version updates on a previous build unless you turn off auto-import or you'll get duplicates in your database.
12. Changed: Ventura breaks the fullscreen API MC uses so MC will not go to fullscreen on Ventura and above on this build (solves white screen issues). We hope to fix this in Ventura in a future build.
13. NEW: The library tool "Clean File Properties..." adds a function to convert decomposed utf-8 in tags to precomposed utf-8. This should only need to be use to clean up NAME tags when a file was originally imported without tags (which means the original NAME tag was built from the decomposed filename).

30.0.25 (10/25/2022)
1. Changed: Added the MakeMKV backup option to the new media dialog.
2. Changed: Moved the MakeMKV backup button from the disc header to the rip action window.
3. Fixed: Searches could include fields not marked as default search fields.
4. Changed: Included updated borders in the Modern Cards Dark skin (thanks HPBEME and Marko).
5. Fixed: Using the new deinterlacing mode in JRVR would disrupt seeking in the video.
6. Changed: Updated Hungarian translation (thanks Gyula).
7. Changed: Minor visual tweaks to the main Streaming page.
8. Changed: Updated the new features link in the help menu for v30.
9. Fixed: Album sets with more than 32 albums would not be marked as complete (now the cap is 256).
10. Changed: Clouplay checks multiple tracks for recent playlists cover art.
11. Fixed: URL for Icecast Streaming was updated.
12. Changed: Increased accuracy of font size calculation in custom tooltip templates.
13. Fixed: Spotlight related artist link wasn't working.

30.0.23 (10/20/2022)
1. Fixed: Album sets with more than 32 albums would not be marked as complete (now the cap is 256).
2. Changed: Clouplay checks multiple tracks for recent playlists cover art.
3. Fixed: URL for Icecast Streaming was updated.
4. Changed: Increased accuracy of font size calculation in custom tooltip templates.
5. Changed: Vertically compress Artist Spotlight so it is more likely to fit on one page.
6. NEW: GPU compute accelerated shader deinterlacing in JRVR (based on the YADIF algorithm).
7. Fixed: ListCombine mode 2 was not trimming spaces when it built the list.
8. NEW: Added a mode 3 to ListCombine that's A - B.
9. Fixed: Another issue with decomposed filenames and name tag generation on import.

30.0.22 (10/19/2022)
1. Fixed: WavPack files played from a library server could incorrectly assume there was a correction file.
2. Fixed: When WavPack found a correction file, it would incorrectly clear the flags about how to open the file.
3. Fixed: Missing wavpack content and mimetypes prevented pushing a wavpack to DLNA renderer.
4. Changed: Updated to WavPack 5.5.
5. Fixed: Related Artists in Spotlight were not being retrieved.
6. Changed: When a file is imported without a name in the tags, a name will be generated from a precomposed version of the filename as opposed to the previous behavior generated from decomposed string.

30.0.21 (10/14/2022)
1. Fixed: Pasting strings from the clipboard containing diacritical characters (like ü) into MC wouldn't work properly if the strings were decomposed utf-8.
2. Changed: Updated video rendering engine for JRVR.

30.0.20 (10/13/2022)
1. Fixed: Wiki web link was opening an image instead of the main article.
2. Changed: The time-shifting file for playback of a DMS channel will have the extension of .jrts instead of .dat.
3. Fixed: Clearing the search box could cause the active tab to shift in some cases as the search box took focus.
4. NEW: Added another mode to ListCombine(...) expression function to allow outputting only values not common to both lists.
5. Changed: Updated Norwegian translation (thanks Øistein Rian).
6. Changed: The SSDP utility will clear the current list of devices and get a fresh list on a rescan.
7. Changed: The device list in the SSDP utility is now sorted alphabetically.
8. Fixed: The SSDP utility could crash while scanning in some rare cases.
9. Changed: The filter box for toolbars accepts a leading "-" so "-playlist" will hide all the playlists.
10. Fixed: Copying and installing of saved Thumbnails when restoring a library backup.
11. Changed: Added a note after the VST buffer size setting that a restart is required.
12. Changed: Made the MakeMKV title selection dialog a bit wider to better handle longer title names.
13. Fixed: The title output filename edit box in the MakeMKV title selection dialog would lose focus while editing in some cases.
14. Fixed: MakeMKV could fail while ripping and the error would not get reported to the user.
15. Fixed: The JRVR shader cache could be corrupted when using MediaCenter for video playback.
16. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
17. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
18. Changed: Five seconds of silence is pushed through VST plugins on flush.
19. Changed: Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation file (thanks YanJun Sun).
20. Changed: Cloudplay home page, some minor tweaks to recent playlists display.

30.0.18 (10/7/2022)
1. Changed: Renamed DVBC frequency table file from "Denmark.Yousee.Odense.Glentevejens" to "Denmark.Yousee.Odense.Glenten", and a frequency entry in the file was updated. Thanks ABA!
2. Changed: When getting Theater View backdrop images (for movies and TV series) from TheMovieDB, we will attempt to use only the images that are tagged with the language code that matches the default local language. If that fails we will fall back to any language.
3. Changed: The MCWS function Files/Search only returns a failure if no matching files are found with the "play" action, otherwise an empty list.
4. Changed: When searching for cover art, if art is found named [Filename] - [Poster] it will be used (so Titanic - Poster.jpg will work for the movie Titanic.mkv).
5. NEW: Added the ability to clean accents (replace Á with A, etc.) to the Clean(...) expression (thanks to blgentry for the help).
6. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
7. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).
8. Fixed: Potential fix for a rare crash in Theater View on audio track changes.
9. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 8.90.
10. Fixed: HEIF images from library servers could not be opened.
11. Fixed: Video thumbnails were not always being rotated properly for portrait-style videos.
12. Fixed: When starting a DMS TV channel, the volume was not set smoothly (often set in two stage, first the full volume, then the correct volume).
13. Changed: Cloudplay pages in MC now support "back" navigation.
14. Fixed: Menu buttons on Cloudplay pages wrap without getting cut off (always shown, no longer collapse).
15. Fixed: Fonts could get cached after DPI/size changes, resulting in the wrong size.
16. NEW: Added an experimental option to enable per-monitor DPI scaling.
17. Changed: More tuning of the smooth progress bar.
18. Fixed: Ctrl+R (JRVR reset) did not work in all types of live TV playback.
19. NEW: JRVR performance profiles can now be selected in the JRVR General settings.
20. Changed: Adjusted the progress bar at track endings a little more.
21. NEW: Added a "Hide unchanged files" option to "Rename, Move, & Copy files...".
22. Fixed: The position slider could stop moving near the end of the file.
23. Fixed: Clicking "Close" on a tag could reopen the editing if the click was right above the field.
24. Fixed: Edit fields in the tag window could fail to close when clicking away in the last build.
25. Fixed: Turning off artist images would switch to the previous artist image instead of the cover in build 9.
26. NEW: Artist name in the Cloudplay track list is a link to Spotlight.
27. Changed: Cloudplay submission email includes year in upload dates.
28. Fixed: Gridlines could overflow when a column was frozen.
29. Fixed: Disabling zone switch didn't work in all cases.
30. Changed: Display View displays "Press escape to exit Display View" when stopped.
31. NEW: Added a clear search MCC (MCC_CLEAR_SEARCH_CONTROL / 22042).
32. NEW: URLs are displayed as links in the SSDP utility.
33. NEW: All valid URLs in the SSDP utility can be opened in an external browser.
34. Fixed: Turning artist images on and off could result in the wrong cover being displayed.
35. NEW: *.idx subtitle index files can be selected in the Subtitle Browse dialog.
36. Fixed: Tree indent would not be correct when the scale was not 100% in 30.0.7.
37. Fixed: Pane header text would not align properly when the scale was not 100%.
38. NEW: Added a FilterForUser to the MCWS/Files/Search call to allow filtering based on the current user.
39. Fixed: Audio Path did not work with TV playback of types DMS, IPTV.
40. Changed: Reverted the mouse cursor changing when over the expand / collapse arrows in the tree.
41. Fixed: When syncing to a portable from a client, filenames were not being set correctly.
42. Changed: The tree expand / collapse markers will respond to clicks for the entire height of the item instead of a slice of the height.
43. NEW: Added a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl;Shift;E) to reset the pane selection (MCC 26023,-1).
44. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
45. Changed: Re-designed the JRVR Scaling settings dialog.
46. NEW: Chroma scaling in JRVR can now be configured independently of image upscaling (advanced mode only).
47. Fixed: When closing a tab, the tab layout would not resave so restarting the program would bring the tab back.
48. Fixed: Font settings could get overwritten when using a custom Theater View font, or other secondary custom fonts.
49. NEW: (Experimental) Enabled "Triax SatIP Converter (DMS)" as a DMS TV device. Untested, may or may not work.
50. Changed: The MCWS function Files/Search returns a failure if no matching files are found.
51. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
52. NEW: Added a library backup option (Options > Library & Folder > Thumbnails in library backups) to ask for thumbnails inclusion or just turn them on or off.
53. NEW: The mouse cursor changes to a hand when it's over the expand / collapse arrows in the tree.
54. Fixed: Some Thai characters were not being rendered properly.
55. NEW: Added an SSDP utility in the Media Network section under Services & Plug-ins to scan for and display a list of all network devices and their information.
56. Fixed: The space before a delimiter wasn't being added to artist values in the player window.
57. Changed: Font sizes will scale with screen DPI more consistently. (Please report any issues from this change)
58. Changed: List type fields are displayed with a space after the delimiter in the statusbar and playerbar.
59. Changed: Included an updated PixOS skin (thanks EnglishTiger).
60. Changed: When acquiring images from an Android, it could pull files from the trash, thumbnails, recycle bin, etc. Now it skips folder names that begin with a dot.
61. Changed: Changed the way SETUP request is made (this is a work-around of a possible bug in a third-party library) during Sat>IP TV playback.
62. Changed: Switched to a discrete clear playing now toolbar image (thanks HPBEME).
63. NEW: Added the /Restart command to the launcher to restart a running Media Center.
64. NEW: Added a toolbar button to allow restarting the program.
65. Changed: During install of a new version, the library is no longer discarded if it points to a library server (but still switches to the default after copying the library if it's a local library).
66. NEW: Preliminary support for ATSC 3 TV channels.
67. Fixed: The tab text for some views could be inconsistent between when the tab was active and inactive.
68. Fixed: The converter view (opened from the Action Window) didn't have title text.
69. Changed: The recent searches will put the most recent at the top instead of bottom of the menu.
70. NEW: Added recent searches to the search box suggestions.
71. Changed: When a ZoneSwitch rule runs from Theater View, it would not switch the selected Playing Now in Standard View so switching back could switch the zone unexpectedly.
72. NEW: Added DVD/BluRay ripping through MakeMKV (Needs to be installed on your Mac).

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