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24.0.78 (3/15/2019)

1. Fixed: The license upgrade could still show in the Action Window if a version 25 license was installed alongside other licenses.

24.0.77 (3/14/2019)

1. Fixed: Theater View did not work on some systems which lacked certain D3D11 components.
2. Changed: DLNA: Add dsd, dff and dsf to the SOURCEPROTOCOLINFO and SINKPROTOCOLINFO.
3. Fixed: Determine bitdepth for L24 from the extended mimetype if not included in the @res.
4. Fixed: DLNA: When a BrowseDirectChildren or Search request is received for our DLNA server, limit the response to groups of 1000 at a time. Previous builds had no limit resulting in a crash if the number of entries exceeded about 30,000. This was unusual for a Browse, more likely for a Search.
5. Changed: Updated the Chromium web engine for recent security fixes.
6. Fixed: Deleting a file from certain library views would not take effect right away.
7. Changed: Reverted change from 17114 (2012) which had added caching of the viewinfotree. It was causing issues when the library changed and didn't seem to help cpu/memory usage.
8. Changed: The upgrade to MC25 prompt when the program checks for updates will no longer show if you have a v25 license installed.

24.0.75 (1/24/2019)

1. Fixed: DLNA: Our renderer when queried for the file URL and Metadata of a file playing in zone was providing data based on the first DLNA server conversion settings, not what was actually playing.
2. Fixed: Theater View right-click menus didn't look correct when tooltip transparency was turned off.
3. Fixed: Some malformed raw AAC audio files could not be played.
4. Fixed: The embedded web browser could show an error trying to open about:blank instead of showing a (temporary) blank page, when needed.

24.0.74 (1/17/2019)

1. NEW: Panel - Added support for saving playlists. When selecting 'Save Playlist' from the additional options menu, it will grab the list in Playing Now for the current zone and save it with the name the user provides.
2. NEW: Panel - Added an option to the settings page to set how the sub-folder count is indicated. Currently defaults to hidden.
3. Changed: Panel - Moved the shuffle and repeat buttons to the additional options menu on the Playing Now page.
4. Fixed: Fixed more cases of crashes with slightly malformed MP4 files.

24.0.73 (1/11/2019)

1. Changed: Add more info to the database for Radio Paradise. BITDEPTH, COMPRESSION, etc.
2. Changed: Don't try to make thumbnails for streaming media files (cover art still works).
3. Fixed: Don't try to run auto-import locally if we are connecting to a library server.
4. Don't try to read length on streaming files in the current zone when sending DLNA event updates.
5. Fixed: Made the /AudioCD command work.
6. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playlist/Build to take a set of file keys and a playlist path and builds the playlist.

24.0.72 (12/23/2018)

1. Fixed: Another case of MC crashing on analyzing/tagging certain mp4/m4a/mov files.

24.0.71 (12/21/2018)

1. Fixed: (Possibly fixed) MC could crash analyzing/tagging certain mp4 files.

24.0.70 (12/19/2018)

1. Changed: Added the playlist ID to the playlist view header (because you need it for some MCWS calls, etc.).
2. NEW: The playlist upload feature (including songs) is now available to any registered Media Center user. It's called "Upload to Cloud" on the right-click menu for playlists.

24.0.69 (12/17/2018)

1. Fixed: Some PLS streams would not play properly.
2. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
3. Fixed: MC could crash if one navigates in Explorer view ("Drives & Devices" > Explorer) to a folder that contains multiple un-imported mp4/m4a files (in recent builds);
4. Changed: The MCWS function File/Delete takes an optional 'Mode' parameter to delete the file from disk or recycle the file.
5. Changed: Building missing thumbnails runs multipe threads at once instead of only running a single thread at a time (the number of threads depends on the setting for thumbnailing).
6. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
7. Changed: Made Radio Paradise start faster.
8. Fixed: The "List Style" text at the front of toolbar button text could get duplicated.
9. Changed: When a view is locked, it will load the last view location at startup instead of loading the start location.

24.0.68 (12/10/2018)

1. Changed: The ANGLE Theater View backend will use Direct3D9 on older hardware (before D3D 10.1 hardware support) to improve compatibility.
2. Changed: DLNA: explicitly supply the library server (Panel) port with the presentation page URL for our DLNA renderers and servers.
3. Fixed: DLNA when authentication was enabled, the DeviceDescription.xml for Library Server couldn't be loaded on a remote MC. This means that if the server wasn't manually setup on the remote for authentication it might not show up in the server list.
4. Changed: Added support for reading/writing tag data in floating point format to Apple's Quicktime extensible format tag locations.
5. Fixed: "Rating" tag was not written to Apple's Quicktime Extensible tagging location.
6. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.42.
7. Fixed: Playback of some m4a/mp4 files was broken in recent builds.
8. Fixed: Media Center could erroneously restore itself from being minimized on ZoneSwitch or playback stop (ie. when using Theater View to launch an external application with the WDM audio driver).
9. Fixed: DLNA: Not all SSDP broadcasts were being sent from the SSDP server.
10. Fixed: Tags were not properly saved to Apple's extensible metadata tagging format.
11. Changed: The http server returns 404 instead of 501 when a resource can't be found.
12. NEW: The "Edit Disc Information" dialog shown for CDs now has the Disc # field.
13. Fixed: Non-imported files were not moved with selected media files even if "Move all files..." checkbox was checked on "Rename, Move, & Copy" dialog window, when the action was initiated in Explorer view.
14. Changed: Moving files with "Move all files in folder (including non-imported files)" checkbox checked will only skip moving files that are at "main database location".
15. Changed: "Move all files in folder (including non-imported files)" checkbox on "Rename, Move, & Copy" dialog window is renamed "Move all non-imported files in folder with selected media files".
16. Fixed: The list of fields in a smartlist would get built only one time so if you added a new field it would not appear until after a restart.

24.0.67 (12/4/2018)

1. Changed: Streamlined the code that finds network interfaces so that they are only used once upon start of the program instead of every time a socket is created.
2. Fixed: Some mp4 or m4a audio with AAC encoding could not be played with JRiver mp4 plug-in.
3. NEW: Tag-writing for MP4/m4a audio files will use Apple's extensible tagging format if the files already contain such tags.
4. Fixed: Locking and unlocking split views didn't properly save the lock between restarts of the program.

24.0.66 (11/30/2018)

1. NEW: Added the option to suppress the duplicate track warning in a playlist (Options > General > Advanced > Show duplicate file warnings for playlists).
2. Fixed: The seed parameter of the play doctor MCWS command would not load properly.
3. Changed: Made wait messages a little wider so they hold more text.
4. Fixed: Properly read the ALBUMARTIST tag from APEv2 tags in MPC files.
5. Changed: Made the MCWS call Library/List return the default library index.
6. Fixed: Playing certain WMA Lossless files could result in excessively slow buffering.

24.0.65 (11/27/2018)

1. Fixed: Editing Custom Website Entries in the Streaming section did not work.
2. NEW: Media Center can now read video tags written in Apple Quicktime's extensible tagging format.
3. Changed: Adjusted the quality score of MetaCritic movie information lookup to reflect its cover art and information quality.
4. Changed: Made the MCC_PLAY_PLAYLIST command reset the search cache so running it on a random smartlist will get new information each instance.
5. NEW: Added a toolbar button to add selected files to Playing Now.
6. Fixed: Radio Paradise could play duplicates in some cases.
7. Changed: Made the Playing Now Overview lists no longer ignore the selection. Instead the selection will be used to populate the Tag Action Window and the like.
8. Changed: Updated FFmpeg to 4.1, used for file analysis and transcoding.

24.0.64 (11/19/2018)

1. NEW: You can add a Play Radio Paradise toolbar button.
2. NEW: Support for FLAC-in-Ogg files and streams.
3. Changed: Room Correction DSP allows setting a distance of up to 100 ft instead of 50 ft (or meters if you're metric).
4. Fixed: Made Rotten Tomatoes movie lookup work for a few more titles.
5. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.40.
6. Fixed: Removing a column from the sorting in a list with no sorting (or external sorting) would crash.
7. NEW: Extra Radio Paradise channel toolbuttons added.
8. Fixed: A occasional mismatch with Radio Paradise metadata for the current playing track.

24.0.63 (11/15/2018)

1. Fixed: DVB Subtitling was displayed only sporadically.
2. NEW: Added the MCC MCC_LIST_SEND_TO_PLAYING_NOW (26031) to add selected files to Playing Now using any of the modes available (play shuffled, add albums to end, etc.).
3. Fixed: The option to advance to the next track didn't work nicely when also picking stop after each item when it played the second to last track in the playlist.
4. Fixed: Internet Radio streams which use the DirectShow audio engine (Opus, for example) didn't work properly.
5. Fixed: Playing Ogg Vorbis Internet Radio streams did not work.
6. NEW: Added the website MetaCritic to the online movie information lookup (
7. Changed: Brought Rotten Tomatoes back to the online movie lookup.

24.0.62 (11/13/2018)

1. Fixed: DVB Subtitle stream was not connected if one switches from non-time-shifting mode to time-shifting mode (or recording mode),
2. Fixed: DVB Subtitle switch was not working with OSD menu.
3. Fixed: DVB TV in time-shifting mode did not get DVB Subtitle metadata as soon as they became available, causing the subtitle menu not to be populated for upto a minute.
4. Fixed: Theater View Background color did not work properly since 24.0.59.
5. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.39.
6. Changed: The memory playback model "Load decoded file into memory" no longer engages when playing a URL.
7. Fixed: The option to "Advance to the next track when stopping after the current track" could loop to the second file in the playlist instead of the first after the last track.
8. NEW: There's a "Web Media" playlist that shows under the "Streaming" tree item and files from the Open URL dialog get added to it when added to the library.
9. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
10. Fixed: Open Weather Map configuration for Theater View was not working.
11. NEW: Added an option to allow Live IPC playback (WDM/ASIO driver) to fully engage ZoneSwitch and switch the current active zone, so that remote control/volume media keys work with it, among other things.
12. NEW: Pressing Ctrl+Q+Enter in a search box adds the files to Playing Now (Ctrl+Enter plays).

24.0.61 (11/2/2018)

1. NEW: MC will import data from Sony modd sidecar files for videos uploaded from cameras/camcorders/phones using Sony's PlayMemories Home software.
2. Fixed: DVB Subtitles were not showing.
3. Fixed: Hardware accelerated video decoding did not work properly on some Blu-ray discs with BD-J menus.
4. Changed: Sony .moff and .modd sidecar files are moved/renamed with video and image files they are associated with when using "Rename, Move, & Copy" tool. Similarly the sidecar files are deleted when the media files are deleted.
5. Changed: Added a little logging to help diagnosing a TV recording problem on CableCARD tuners.
6. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.38.
7. Fixed: Folder import wouldn't remember typed folders in all cases.
8. Fixed: With repeat off, removing the last played file from the playlist wouldn't work with the setting to remove played tracks.
9. Changed: When renaming/moving audio files cover art files that are saved next to the audio files will be COPIED to the destination folder so the audio files will not lose cover art.
10. Fixed: When scanning Program Map Table in TV, some program numbers would end up being negative.
11. Fixed: Playing long audio files or very high sample rate/multi-channel audio files with memory playback could result in a crash.
12. Fixed: Reduced the startup delay on the WDM driver in cases when the audio pipe was still busy.
13. Fixed: DLNA: When we are trying to detect if another controller has taken over from us to stop our playback of a playlist, we weren't handling the case where a user seeks on a track during that playback.
14. Changed: DLNA: Don't post a WM_UPDATE_DLNA_PLAYBACK_STATE when receiving a transport event unless the state is actually changing. This can fix an issue where renderers that are very slow to respond to play state changes (>5 seconds) confuse logic to determine if we are the DLNA controller in charge (BubbleUPnP wrapping chromecast).
15. Fixed: ATSC Closed Captioning could not be activated using OSD command for playback of recorded ATSC shows.
16. NEW: Live TV Closed Captioning or Subtitles can now be switched using OSD command.
17. Fixed: When in /mediaserver mode, a popup message box could occur when a playlist failed to start.

24.0.60 (10/26/2018)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.37.
2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
3. Changed: Radio Paradise will download more files when it reaches the end of the playlist.
4. NEW: Added the database expression DBLocation() to return the location of a file in the database.
5. Changed: Radio Paradise playback will message after playing 50 tracks about continuing (so you can't start playback and walk away permanently).
6. Fixed: The date first rated would get set when ripping a CD.
7. Fixed: Picking zones from the zone menu wouldn't work properly if there was a hidden zone.
8. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).

24.0.59 (10/24/2018)

1. Changed: When viewing a playlist group, the files will be ordered according to the child playlists (instead of all lumped together). Just set the view to have no sorting and it will show the playlist order.
2. Changed: Made the default sorting for a playlist group no sorting so it just shows the child playlists in order.
3. Changed: Theater View uses ANGLE for rendering, with the Direct3D 11 or Direct3D 9 backends as available, to resolve various issues with OpenGL rendering.
4. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Fixed: Curly braces were being removed from HTML code inside style tags.
6. Changed: Panel - Clicking on the current rating level will reset the rating to zero.
7. Fixed: Acquiring from a scanner could fail if the option "Skip file if already in library" was checked. Now scanner files have a filename with the date and time in them so they won't duplicate.
8. Changed: Tweaked the manual thumbnail creation process to try to recover performance after processing a lot of files. Testing on huge libraries appreciated!
9. Fixed: Removing played tracks from Playing Now didn't work nicely on the last track of the playlist.

24.0.58 (10/18/2018)

1. Changed: Fields can be marked as hidden in the Manage Library Fields dialog.
2. Fixed: Image playback would just keep playing the last file in the playlist instead of stopping.
3. Fixed: DVB Subtitle pin connection did not work in build 56.
4. Fixed: Saving a DSP preset after picking an equalizer preset would not save the preset.
5. Fixed: Importing MKVs with ordered chapters will use the default title's duration for the Media Center database.
6. Fixed: Bookmarks are cleared on playback stop if the position is close to the end, when the precise duration is known, in addition to checking on playback startup against the database duration.
7. Fixed: Pressing DELETE in Parametric Equalizer would delete the Playing Now behind the equalizer instead of effects from the list.
8. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
9. Fixed: WMA files could not be played on Library Server clients without direct file access.
10. Fixed: MC could deadlock when loading a large DLNA server library.
11. NEW: Non-standard file associations for various DSD mimetypes added so that we can see those files from DLNA server libraries that are using those mimetypes.
12. Changed: Some DLNA servers (like on the QNAP) don't properly provide the total number of files matched in a search, which limited us to seeing the first 1000 files in a library.
13. Fixed: madVR could still be taking over the Ctrl+S "Stop Playback" key binding in some cases, now it always sends to Media Center instead. If you want a keybinding to open the madVR settings, open its configuration and assign it to an unused combination.
14. NEW: Added the option "Advance to the next track when stopping after the current track" which defaults to true but allows you to turn it off.
15. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.36.
16. Fixed: Video Playback could stop after 10 minutes of playback in some cases if the "Stop after long pause" option was turned on.

24.0.57 (10/11/2018)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.35.
2. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar and andrewberg).
3. Changed: Updated the skin ModernCards White (thanks Awesome Donkey).
4. NEW: Added a "Move Up" and "Move Down" button to the playlist view header that allows moving a selection up or down in the list.
5. Changed: Range for detecting an external DLNA controller while a playlist is playing is changed from 0 - End-5 seconds to 0 - End-6 seconds
6. Changed: When making a library backup, the time is appended after the date.
7. Changed: "Analyze audio for video" will skip TV recording files that have not finished yet.
8. Fixed: ATSC OTA EPG scanning did not work properly in the last few builds.
9. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.73.1, AV1 video decoding support and Closed Caption support.
10. NEW: Closed Captioning support in ATSC live and recorded TV shows.
11. Fixed: The tooltip in the player window could not be translated.
12. Fixed: When popup tooltip transparency was off, the background would always be white even if the text was white. Now it will be black if the text is brighter than half.
13. Fixed: Fonts in the player window could be too short on high DPI.

24.0.56 (10/5/2018)

1. Changed: The check for duplicates is back for playlists, but it should only fire when actively adding files to a playlist.
2. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
3. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
4. NEW: You can right-click a column and pick "Remove Column From Sorting" to keep the rest of the sort order but remove that single column.
5. NEW: Media Center will verify the SSL certificate of the Media Server, and ask the user for confirmation if it is untrusted (trust is also established through the Access Key lookup).
6. Changed: The disc mode "Ask every time" would not ask when a new disc was inserted in Theater View. Now it will.
7. NEW: Added the playlist format "M3U (extended)" to the types for a handheld to write the #EXTINF portion.
8. Changed: TV recording on CableCARD channels in transport stream format is done in a different component from before. This change should not have any user noticeable effect. Should you see difference in behavior please report to us.
9. NEW: Added a "Remove All" button to the sort configuration window (in the menu).
10. Fixed: The truncation tooltip did not honor the transparency mode set in Options.
11. Fixed: Wikipedia movie results were not loading due to changes at Wikipedia.
12. Changed: Reporter was too slow with larger libraries.
13. NEW: Panel - Added alternate text to images in the player.
14. Changed: Panel - Changed the default Panel theme to Light.
15. Fixed: Panel - Button background colors sometimes would not load in the correct order.
16. Fixed: Panel - Enabling Ignore Articles in Media Center was breaking the page selection slider.
17. NEW: Added the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+B to backup the current library.
18. NEW: Added a "Combine..." feature for playlists to show a dialog to combine with another playlist and offer choices for the combine method.
19. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
20. Fixed: WMV files which do not play with the Microsoft ASF/WMV reader will be opened with LAV Splitter instead, fixing playback.
21. Fixed: DVB TV recordings in transport stream format did not include subtitle packets.
22. NEW: DVB Subtitle support for live TV. Untested, please test and report how it works.
23. Fixed: The check for duplicates popup could show up when it should not have.

24.0.55 (9/28/2018)

1. NEW: Added the expression function FilePlaylists() to return a list of playlist names a file is in.
2. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
3. Changed: Updated the "High Performance" madVR profile with a few more performance enhancements tailored for integrated Intel GPUs.
4. NEW: Introduced a "High Quality" madVR profile. The profile is decent quality designed for mid-range GPUs, not high-end/enthusiast-class GPUs.
5. Changed: TV recordings' post-recording processing is done slightly later to avoid conflicts. This is an attempt to fix post-recording file moving failures of JTV recordings.
6. Changed: Error Free Mode is only persistent if specifically set with MCWS Configuration/ErrorFreeMode, not if its automatically engaged for headless playback.
7. Fixed: Interactive playback queries, like "Bookmarking: Ask", did not function in recent versions of Media Center.
8. Fixed: ATSC TV recordings in TS format did not filter out packets of other channels on the same transport in recent builds.
9. Changed: Temporarily disabled the duplicate check in playlists until all bugs are ironed out.

24.0.54 (9/25/2018)

1. Changed: The file date created is preserved when a FLAC file needs to be rewritten for tagging.
2. Changed: There is a work-around in place to try to directly send hotkeys to madVR if the raw Remote plugin is enabled, which otherwise prevents madVR hotkeys from working.
3. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
4. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
6. Fixed: Media Center could report duplicate tracks when adding to Radio Paradise in the last build.
7. NEW: The image rotation feature also works on BMP files and PNG files (as well as JPEG).
8. Fixed: Resizing splitters wouldn't work properly on high DPI.

24.0.53 (9/21/2018)

1. NEW: Added an option to choose perfomance-optimized hardware decoding for RO HQ (to help with 4K HDR playback).
2. NEW: Added a DSD Bitstreaming option to select the maximum DSD sample rate to bitstream, and otherwise fallback to decoding.
3. NEW: Enabled the "Glass" translucency/blur effect on Windows 8.1 and 10.
4. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
5. Changed: Media Center will select Forced Subtitles streams during video playback even in cases where the languages do not match.
6. NEW: When adding duplicate tracks to a playlist, the program will ask if you want to remove them.
7. Fixed: Drawing of link icons in the list could draw too small on high DPI.
8. Changed: Red October HQ updated to madVR 0.92.16 (improved HDR performance, and a lot of general fixes).
9. NEW: Media Center offers multiple preconfigured madVR quality presets to import (High Performance and Balanced for now, High Quality profiles will be added in the future).
10. Changed: Reverted this change: When a pane has an expression to display, the sorting will use that expression instead of the underlying data expression.
11. NEW: Panes allow picking the sorting "Display Expression" to bring the sorting back to by the display expression.
12. Fixed: Live OpenCable TV could hang at start up if started in non-time-shifting mode.

24.0.52 (9/14/2018)

1. Fixed: Editing the display name of a field in the Manage Library Fields dialog would break the connection with the field.
2. NEW: Closed Captioning support in ATSC live and recorded TV shows.
3. Fixed: Tab navigation was not working in some areas like the Pix01 upload page.
4. Fixed: If you edit a field's display name, it will auto-change if you type the same name as another field.
5. Changed: Pix01 uses more secure building and uploading of galleries. You MUST have this build or newer to upload galleries to Pix01 now.
6. NEW: Pix01 has a password change function which it triggered by the "forgot password" button in the pix01 login information box. ALL passwords for pix01 have been reset and will need to be updated by the user.
7. Changed: Pix01 has higher resolution gallery uploads and the webpage displays larger thumbnail images.

24.0.51 (9/10/2018)

1. Fixed: The change made in build 50 regarding Delete button erroneously allowed client service TV files to be deleted.
2. Changed: "Allow file deletion" Theater View option is honored for TV recordings.
3. NEW: Added the processing performance to the audio path for convolution.
4. Fixed: Over-the-air EPG loading did not work for DVB-C tuners.
5. NEW: DVB-C frequency table for Denmark.Yousee.Odense.Glentevejens. Thanks ABA!
6. NEW: Added "Exempt from auto cleanup" button in Theater View for TV recordings.
7. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
8. Changed: When a pane has an expression to display, the sorting will use that expression instead of the underlying data expression.
9. NEW: DLNA: If we are playing to (controlling) a renderer and the track playback stops before the end (granularity of 5 seconds) we assume another controller has been used to stop the playback and as such we will not continue a playlist and assume we are no longer the active controller.
10. Fixed: Deleting a TV recording that was still being recorded from a client did not work.
11. NEW: If an image is on the clipboard when the Get Cover Art dialog is shown, it will be added as the last entry in the list of choices.

24.0.50 (9/4/2018)

1. Fixed: Double-click on a password edit box would select only the number of characters of the same type (number or letter) instead of all the characters.
2. NEW: Links to individual playlists can be added to the toolbar.
3. Changed: Delete button is available again in Theater View on TV recordings that are still being recorded. This is a reversal of a change made in build 34.

24.0.49 (8/29/2018)

1. Fixed: The program could crash when selecting subtitle streams from a video.
2. Changed: Radio JRiver will skip any files in a "Radio JRiver Skips" playlist.
3. NEW: Panel - Added an option to toggle ratings.
4. Changed: Panel - Added tabs to the settings page and groupings for similar options.
5. Changed: Panel - Thumbnail art is no longer cropped into squares.
6. Changed: Panel - Different icon for the streaming page button.
7. Fixed: Panel - Possible error on the Playing Now page if a file had no track information.
8. Fixed: Panel - A couple of issues with the alphabetic slider interface not working properly.
9. Fixed: Panel - Pressing the Playing Now page button was not scrolling the currently playing track to the top of the list on mobile devices.
10. Fixed: Panel - The file list was not loading correctly because it wasn't rendering properly.

24.0.48 (8/24/2018)

1. NEW: Added the expression function StackCount() to return the number of files in a stack.
2. Fixed: Radio Paradise could just play the opening listener supported clip over and over in some cases (at least until more tracks loaded).

24.0.47 (8/21/2018)

1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
2. Fixed: The OpenGL variant of Theater View didn't support clicking the rating bar in Playing Now.
3. Changed: ATSC OTA EPG scanning is more efficient.
4. Fixed: Radio Paradise could report a problem starting playback (and not play).
5. Fixed: Blu-rays discs with a missing playlist are more gracefully handled.
6. NEW: Added the option General > Behavior > Remove files from Playing Now after they are played.

24.0.46 (8/7/2018)

1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
2. Fixed: Improved the reliability of the WDM audio driver, especially in WASAPI exclusive mode.
3. NEW: Added the ability to add a Clear Playing Now button to the toolbar.
4. Fixed: Tagging CD files (and possibly other areas) could sometimes show no dropdown choices instead of all the choices from the library.

24.0.45 (7/26/2018)

1. NEW: MCWS calls to GetInfo can specify "Calculated" for the fields to have the calculated fields included.
2. Changed: When failing to download internet EPG data during automatic updates, MC will not immediately re-try downloading. Instead it will re-try 30 to 60 minutes later.
3. Changed: PercData EPG data is cached for 12 hours instead of 6 hours.
4. NEW: A button to exit the program can be added to the toolbar.
5. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).
6. Fixed: The ratings on the OSD would not always stay in step when playing images.
7. Fixed: Installing 32-bit Media Center would not properly use the Program Files (x86) folder since 24.0.41.
8. NEW: The maximum memory playback size allocated is expanded to 4 GB from 1 GB on 64-bit builds.

24.0.44 (7/16/2018)

1. Changed: Volume protection won't engage for 30 minutes since the end of a file as well (instead of just 30 minutes from the start of a file).
2. Fixed: APL files would report the wrong length for the last file on an album.
3. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
4. NEW: Added Audio Path to the Theater View roller of Playing Now to display a prompt with all of the audio path information.
5. Fixed: Stopping image playback could crash.
6. Fixed: Subwoofer Low-pass from the Output Format DSP was not being applied properly in Pseudo Surround streams.
7. Changed: Added a 'Reset and Restore License' button to the registration info dialog on the Help menu.
8. Fixed: Adding an ellipsis to the end of a note name was not working properly.
9. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).

24.0.43 (7/11/2018)

1. Changed: Spacebar no longer fires Car Radio buttons, instead it will just toggle pause.
2. Changed: The maximum buffering for Direct Sound was increased from one second to three seconds.
3. Changed: Added buffering values for ASIO up to 3 seconds (previously stopped at 500ms).
4. Changed: Tweaks to Radio Paradise playback of the listener supported clips (previously the playback range could be invalid).

24.0.42 (7/10/2018)

1. Fixed: The duration of APL files would show the duration of the entire file instead of the APL segment.
2. Fixed: Playing Shoutcast streams could make the program lock up.
3. Fixed: Build 41 could cause TV recordings to stop and restart frequently if a client periodically merges data with the server.
4. Changed: When SACD ISO audio tracks are included in the files to be deleted, "Delete from disk" and "Recycle" options are not offered.
5. Changed: When SACD ISO audio tracks are to be removed from the library, only selected tracks will be removed, unselected tracks will remain in the library. This is a reversal from a change made in build 21.
6. Fixed: Replacing dots with an ellipsis in Library Tools > Clean File Properties was not working.
7. Fixed: Running Library Tools > Clean File Properties with only the convert dots option selected would not work.
8. Changed: Media Center ensures the metadata block in a DSF file is valid before trying to overwrite it.

24.0.41 (7/2/2018)

1. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.72, for improvements in HD Audio Bitstreaming.
2. Changed: Improved APL importing so that it will look at the image file for some of the metadata and the APL file for some of the other metadata.
3. NEW: The WDM driver is now certified by Microsoft for full Windows 10 compatibility.
4. Changed: TV Recording Manager will update recording actions cache in a worker thread so it will not cause GUI to be sluggish.
5. Fixed: The 'c:\program files\' directory was getting included in the default automatic import so lots of image files like icons and small bitmaps were getting imported.

24.0.40 (6/29/2018)

1. NEW: Panel - Added sleep and hibernate commands to the power settings page in system settings.
2. Changed: Panel - Moved the Radio Paradise button to the Web Streams section on the Streaming page.
3. Changed: Panel - Adjusted the file list column alignment for the ratings column.
4. Changed: WDM driver, needed to re-sign the driver files.

24.0.39 (6/29/2018)

1. Changed: Added three MC commands to remote control setup 'Commands' list - subtitle, audio stream, and video stream selection. Use the Add button to add to the existing customized list, or click 'Restore Default List' and they'll appear in the list.
2. Changed: Added more requirements for playlist upload to Cloud - files must have sample rates of 44100 or 48000 and must have embedded cover art.
3. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
4. Changed: Work on Radio JRiver playback.

24.0.38 (6/26/2018)

1. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
2. NEW: Panel - Added JRiver streaming stations to the Streaming page.
3. NEW: Panel - Added the audio quality option "uncompressed WAV."
4. NEW: Panel - More file information for music can be shown by clicking on the cover art image. This does not work on screens that are too small because of size limitations.
5. Changed: Panel - The Streaming page button is always visible regardless of the selected zone. Web stream buttons are only visible when the 'Player' zone is selected. The Radio Paradise button is visible except when the browser is selected as the zone.

24.0.37 (6/22/2018)

1. Fixed: Saving/Restoring the Bookmark on DVD playback was not working.
2. Fixed: Playback of Cloud based playlists not working in Panel.
3. Fixed: In some cases, converting an audio file would leave the file type set to the old file's type.
4. Fixed: Cloud upload emails contained bad links to uploaded playlists (server side fix).

24.0.36 (6/20/2018)

1. Fixed: OpenGL Theater View could use more CPU then expected since 24.0.34.
2. Fixed: Prevent duplicate uploaded playlist names per user.
3. Changed: Prevent uploading flac files with lossy compression.
4. Fixed: When using the Chromium web engine, JRWeb sub-processes could get stuck and use 100% CPU.
5. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
6. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
7. Fixed: SRT subtitles with non-breaking spaces did not render properly.
8. Changed: "Watch" button is disabled on server for TV files currently being served to clients, in both standard TV view and Theater view.
9. NEW: "TV Logs" on Media Server will show events of client requesting live TV channels and client stopping such service.
10. Changed: DLNA, change SetNext controller option disabling so that device errors don't disable SetNext only disable it if the renderer reports that it's not implemented.
11. Changed: DLNA. Want to make sure that if a resubscribe fails we clear and do a subscribe. Have seen http error codes of 412 on resubscribe.
12. Changed: DLNA, Add a code that will do a manual transport state update if we look frozen at the end of a track (missed an event..)
13. Fixed: The 2nd drive location for TV recordings could not be cleared once chosen.
14. Changed: Radio JRiver playlists will end after playing for two hours without any Media Center user interaction.
15. Fixed: Several bugs in the cloud playlist upload processing.
16. Changed: Prevent uploading flac files containing multiple tracks with CUE.

24.0.35 (6/15/2018)

1. Changed: "Watch" button is disabled on server for TV files currently being served to clients, in both standard TV view and Theater view. It does not appear to be built into this build. Maybe next build.
2. Changed: We no longer set the name field when playing an internet stream with names in it.
3. NEW: 3d blu-rays show a custom icon in Theater View instead of just showing the blu-ray icon.
4. Changed: Improved reliability of Blu-ray Menu playback by increasing the amount of data being buffered and dynamically scaling it with the movies frame rate.
5. Changed: Updated the Chromium Web Engine to the latest version.
6. Fixed: Memory leak when recording TV shows.
7. NEW: Added a DateInRange expression function that takes a date, a start date, and an end date and says whether the date is in the range.
8. Changed: Cloud upload now runs audio analysis on files that haven't been analyzed prior to uploading.
9. Changed: More complete error messaging and status during cloud upload process. Limits enforced on number of files in playlist and total per user.

24.0.34 (6/7/2018)

1. Fixed: Panel - The disable forced conversion option was breaking video playback.
2. Changed: TV does a better job purging clients that have stopped interacting with the server.
3. Fixed: Wrong info could be reported in "TV Logs" when there was a critical error on the TV engine.
4. Changed: TV does a better job of cleaning up when a critical error is encountered.
5. Fixed: Sorting on complicated expressions could crash.
6. Changed: Added some logging when stopping transport stream TV recording.
7. Fixed: Cover Art images were missing in OpenGL Theater View Line Up views.
8. Changed: Delete button is no longer available in Theater view when selected TV shows were currently recording or being served to clients.
9. Changed: The size status of a recorded TV show that is being served to clients is changed from "Currently recording" to "Currently serving clients".
10. Changed: In the list of "Recordings" in Standard TV view, "Configure Recording" and "Cancel Recording" buttons are no longer available for TV shows that are being served to clients as those actions do not make sense.
11. Changed: Remove uncompressed file types (wav, aif) from 'Upload to Cloud' qualifying list.
12. Fixed: Dr. Who playlist downloading wasn't working.
13. Fixed: Uploaded playlists created on Mac weren't playable on Windows.

24.0.33 (6/7/2018)

1. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
2. Changed: Adjusted audio buffering during Blu-ray Menu playback to allow for higher audio processing latency (ie. with Convolution).
3. Fixed: When the name filed switched back to blank after playing a radio stream (or similar) it would update the name field in the database to blank.
4. NEW: Panel - When going to the Playing Now page, the list will jump to the currently playing track.
5. NEW: Panel - Added an alphabetic seek to the folder view page change controller.
6. Changed: Panel - Added color to the stream buttons on the Streaming page and adjusted the color of the Streaming page button.
7. Fixed: Panel - The Panel theme was missing from an element.
8. Changed: Minor additions and corrections in Chinese translation.
9. NEW: One can specify a folder on an alternative hard disk for TV recording and time-shifting (must be on a different hard drive). Useful for people who record a large number of shows simultaneously.
10. Changed: Added a translation item "Channels^^TV^^" to distinguish TV channels from audio channels.
11. Changed: The MCWS call Playlist/Files returns a copy of the files with links included.
12. Fixed: Sidecar files were created erroneously for some audio files supporting internal tagging, even if the sidecar mode was "Save in sidecar if internal tagging is not supported". This happened when audio option "write tool name and version" was off.
13. Changed: Adjusted expired time tracking in OpenGL Theater View to try to prevent failure after long time of idle.
14. Fixed: Media Center could crash when reading slightly malformed WAV files with "Load full file (not decoded)" memory playback mode enabled.
15. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
16. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
17. Fixed: "Remove Tags" did not remove sidecar files for non-JPEG images.
18. Fixed: "Remove Tags" removed video sidecar files even if sidecar was turned off for videos.
19. Fixed: The Chromium web engine did not properly save cookies in all situations.
20. Fixed: Stopping Radio Paradise right after it was started would stall waiting for the upcoming tracks to load.
21. Changed: Double the amount of pre-buffer when playing a Radio Paradise track to hopefully avoid cut-outs between tracks.
22. Changed: Updated SoundTouch library (used in the Tempo & Pitch DSP and VideoClock) to 2.0.
23. NEW: Support for playing Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus in audio-only MP4 files.
24. Fixed: Playing Blu-ray Menus with tightly packed TrueHD frames could result in playback failure.
25. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Kazuo Tsuchiya).
26. NEW: Panel - When a new item starts playing, the Playing Now list will attempt to scroll to bring it into view.
27. Changed: Panel - Clicking on the Playing Now page button while on the Playing Now page will bring the currently playing item (if there is one) into view.
28. Changed: Panel - The background of the currently playing item in the Playing Now list has a different shade to make it more visible.
29. NEW: TV Engine would try to stop run-away recordings in case the main thread is blocked for some reason.
30. Changed: LipSync default adjustment amount is changed from 50 ms to 10 ms.
31. Fixed: DLNA: Do a direct query of the volume of a DLNA renderer zone when we it's not the current zone (or JRemote/Gizmo will show 0 volume)
32. Changed: Pressing escape will leave the fullscreen browser view.
33. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
34. NEW: Panel - Added an option to the settings page to disable MP3 conversion when playing to the browser. If disabled, Panel will attempt to play the file without conversion parameters. If it fails to play, it will fallback to the transcoded version.
35. Fixed: Panel - The disable conversion option was not getting loaded from the cookie.
36. Fixed: Locking or unlocking a playlist when there were multiple playlists visible in a split view would lock or unlock all of them instead of only the correct view.

24.0.30 (5/21/2018)

1. NEW: APE files can load their information from online files now.

24.0.29 (5/17/2018)

1. Changed: Tweaked EPG loading code a bit in an effort to eliminate a rare anomaly.
2. Fixed: Loading tracks to memory disables when playing Radio Paradise or any other URL.
3. Fixed: Solved a few Radio Paradise startup issues.
4. Changed: Added m4b back to the import list.

24.0.28 (5/15/2018)

1. NEW: Added CPU Cores to the reporter view.
2. Fixed: The Maximum setting for thumbnail creation threading was not working properly, it was devoting less core to the task than desired.
3. Changed: The thread priority setting for thumbnail creation has been tuned to not overload the processor especially in the normal threading model.
4. Changed: Adjust threading on image drawing to adjust to the number of available cores.
5. NEW: Added an option to choose the playlist format when syncing to Handhelds.
6. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
7. Changed: Items on Tools > Options > General page are no longer alphabetically sorted if the language used is Chinese.
8. Changed: Updated Chinese translation.
9. Changed: Added FPL (foobar) to the playlist import tool.
10. Changed: Renamed language choice "Chinese" to "Chinese (simplified)"
11. Changed: Removed M4P and M4B files from the import selection.
12. Changed: Opening a new Media Center tab now shows a blank page with instructions to select a desired item to view in the tab, rather than opening a web browser to the 'Start' page.
13. Fixed: The desktop could flicker when switching tracks or playing the last track.
14. Changed: "Update tags (from library)" will be allowed even if "Update tags when file info changes" option is off.

24.0.27 (5/11/2018)

1. NEW: Made Radio Paradise honor the next track button and jump to the next track.
2. Changed: Multiple TV recordings can be selected and deleted at once in Theater View.
3. Fixed: Viewing JPEG images with no date information in the tags would update the last modified time on the file.
4. NEW: Added instruction and tooltips regarding in-place editing on "Manage Channels".
5. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
6. Fixed: Pushing next track on the last track in a playlist when continuous was off would cause the playback position to become invalid.
7. NEW: MC will open and parse Foobar sidecar files for SACD ISO files if JRiver sidecar files are not present.
8. Fixed: Panel - The Play context menu would get closed immediately after being opened in some cases on mobile devices.

24.0.26 (5/8/2018)

1. Fixed: A crash could occur when DLNA searches were done if there is more than one DLNA server configured and they are searched simultaneously (thanks jmone).
2. NEW: Added NFO to the list of text files.
3. Changed: Another update of the Modern Cards skins with work by Glynor (thanks!).
4. Fixed: MC popped up an error message each time a tag of an SACD ISO file is edited if sidecar support was not turned on.
5. Updated Chinese translation (thanks YanJun Sun).
6. Fixed: Radio Paradise files would import if the setting to import played files was set.
7. NEW: Added the MCWS command Playback/Play to issue a play command (and do nothing if it's already playing).
8. Fixed: Crash after OTA DVB EPG scan since build 16.
9. NEW: Panel - Added a streaming page that will show up when playing to the 'Player' zone.

24.0.25 (5/3/2018)

1. Changed: Radio Paradise starts with the first track and then loads subsequent tracks in a background thread instead of the main thread.
2. Changed: Upgraded to Monkey's Audio 4.34.
3. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohác!).

24.0.24 (5/2/2018)

1. Fixed: Radio Paradise files would get imported.

24.0.23 (5/2/2018)

1. Changed: Radio Paradise playback only shows the current track and then adds more tracks as playback advances. It also obscures the filenames.
2. Fixed: Radio Paradise still wouldn't upload to Dr Who because of simultaneous change to encrypted url's.

24.0.22 (5/2/2018)

1. Fixed: Rename, Move, & Copy tool did not work properly with SACD ISO files.
2. Fixed: Non-video sidecar files were not moved when the associated media files were moved.
3. Fixed: Deleting a custom streaming station link didn't always make the link go away after a restart of the program.
4. Fixed: Audio sidecar was not turned on for the mode "Save in sidecar if internal tagging is not supported" for audio types with plugins that did not support internal tagging (for example DFF).
5. Fixed: Playlists with Radio Paradise or other streaming url's were not uploading to Dr. Who correctly. Also lowered the Dr. Who track minimum to one (used to be five).
6. Fixed: Encoding FLAC files in 64-bit Media Center would produce barely compressed files, instead of the expected compression.

24.0.21 (4/30/2018)

1. Fixed: Sidecars for non-video files were not deleted along with the media files.
2. Changed: When deleting individual tracks in an SACD iso file, all other tracks are deleted as well, instead of leaving them in the library with missing file error.
3. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
4. Changed: Updated the Modern Cards skins with work by Glynor (thanks!).
5. Changed: Radio Paradise playback starts faster (and then loads subsequent tracks once playback starts).

24.0.20 (4/27/2018)

1. Fixed: Some video capture devices or analog tuner devices had audio routing failures.
2. NEW: Added Radio Fip to the Streaming section.
3. Changed: The MCWS call Configuration/ErrorFreeMode will only set the error free mode if an ErrorFree parameter is set (that way you can query by not specifying this parameter).
4. Changed: The root 'Streaming' item in the tree no longer auto-expands to show the sites underneath (since they're already on the page).
5. NEW: Panel - Added an option to the play context menu to play with Play Doctor.
6. Fixed: Importing SACD ISO files that had been moved to a new location did not get data from the existing sidecar files.
7. Fixed: Every play would turn error free mode off.

24.0.19 (4/25/2018)

1. Changed: Exporting all playlists no longer empties the destination directory (so also removed the confirmation).
2. NEW: Added Radio Swiss Classic to the Streaming section.
3. Fixed: Internal audio latency calculation could go wrong during video playback.
4. Changed: Files that provide a name in the tags that gets displayed in the player area will now also save that name to the Name field of the file.
5. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
6. NEW: Added BBC World Service to the Streaming section.
7. Fixed: Sidecar did not work for SACD ISO files.
8. NEW: Panel - File ratings can be changed from Panel by clicking on the stars. This requires full authentication. For now, there is a delay in updating the rating on the web browser while it waits for Media Center to report back the change.
9. Changed: Panel - Ratings will now show up on some smaller screen sizes.
10. NEW: Panel - The file play options menu was changed to a modal because dropdown menus were taking a long time to render.
11. Changed: Panel - The system settings pages no longer revert authentication to read-only when leaving them. Required for ratings.

24.0.18 (4/23/2018)

1. NEW: Added a confirmation box to "Export All Playlists..." since it will erase the selected folder and replace it with only playlists.
2. Fixed: The Streaming selection in the tree didn't go away when unchecking Features > Streaming.
3. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
4. Changed: Error Free mode is saved and loaded to options so the value persists between runs.
5. Fixed: Our DLNA renderer wasn't working when controlled from BubbleUPnP (and probably other DLNA controllers).
6. Fixed: The PlayPower dialog could cut off some information on the right-hand side with large font sizes. Now it's wider and resizable.
7. NEW: Panel - Added a context menu with different options for adding files to Playing Now when clicking on a file.

24.0.17 (4/20/2018)

1. Fixed: Sidecar was not written for non-JPEG images if the sidecar mode was "Save in sidecar if internal tagging is not supported."
2. NEW: Quick Play will shuffle the files that are being played if Ctrl is held down.
3. Changed: Made images use the date the file was modified as the date if there's no other date (previously importing from the clipboard would have no album, but this fixes that).
4. Fixed: Disabling the Media Center Shell Extension from 64-bit Media Center did not always work.
5. Fixed: Editing an image and resizing, then cancelling the edit would still have the resize there when you opened the editor again.
6. Fixed: Crash when TV recording on an OpenCable channel finished.
7. Fixed: During Blu-ray Menu Playback, a Chapter indicator could pop-up mid-playback on some discs.
8. NEW: Experimental support for Menus on UltraHD Blu-ray Discs (for testing only, expect problems).
9. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
10. Changed: Updated FFmpeg to version 4.0, used for file analysis and transcoding.

24.0.16 (4/18/2018)

1. Changed: Internal changes to the Regex implementation (smaller binaries all around).
2. Changed: Added safeguard when clients delete TV recordings on the library server.
3. Fixed: Opening Audio Streams would stall since 24.0.13.
4. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
5. Fixed: Theater View could show a black screen on certain older AMD graphics cards.
6. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
7. NEW: Added a television option "If a recording rule does not include tagging or post-process command, apply respective defaults."
8. Changed: Updated the link under Help > New / Improved This Version to go to v24.
9. Fixed: If the sidecar mode was set to "Sidecar only", video tagging did not save most tag info into the sidecar file.
10. NEW: Panel - Added a shuffle button to the Playing Now page.
11. NEW: Panel - Added a repeat button to the Playing Now page for the local player.
12. Changed: Panel - The Playing Now bar will no longer display the cover art and track information when on the Playing Now page.
13. Changed: Panel - Made some slight adjustments to the layout of the Playing Now bar.
14. Fixed: Panel - When playing to other zones, Panel would think there were three files in the playlist if it was empty.
15. Fixed: Panel - Missing Panel theme change for the Playing Now bar on the Playing Now page in portrait orientation.

24.0.15 (4/13/2018)

1. Changed: Replaced the Java for Blu-ray Menu playback with a different version for better compatibility with certain discs.
2. Fixed: Media Center could hang when encountering read errors on Blu-ray discs.
3. Fixed: Playback of BD-J Blu-rays could erroneously not report any available chapters.
4. Fixed: Updated the ModernCards skins to properly support Split Views (thanks marko & Awesome Donkey).

24.0.14 (4/12/2018)

1. NEW: Added support for Foobar playlist files (FPL).
2. Fixed: Opening a drop down pane when there was a search with no results could crash. Now search resets the drop down pane selection.
3. Fixed: A bug in sidecar support introduced in build 13 caused audio or image tagging to report error erroneously.

24.0.13 (4/11/2018)

1. Changed: Tooltips will show for 90 seconds instead of 30 seconds.
2. NEW: Added the option to use YouTube TV for the YouTube view to Options > Services > YouTube.
3. Fixed: The sizing of the Manage Library Fields... dialog could be wrong with certain skins.
4. Changed: Switched the calls for the web service of Streaming to route directly into the player instead of having to have Media Network enabled.
5. NEW: Sidecar file support for audio, data, image, as well as video files.

24.0.12 (4/10/2018)

1. NEW: Added the expression function NoArticles(...) to remove the articles from a string.
2. Fixed: Possible fix for problems when transcoding to MP3 to network clients.
3. Changed: Ripping a Blu-ray disc includes the disc certificate, which is used to determine the Disc Id by some tools.
4. NEW: Added an option to configure the Region Code for Blu-ray playback.
5. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. Fixed: Audio streaming/analysis/conversion could stall under specific circumstances since 24.0.6.
7. NEW: Switched the default skin to Modern Cards: Grey Edition (Thanks, Awesome Donkey). The old default was Noire, set under View > Skins.
8. Changed: Switched the default to gapless playback instead of cross-fading.
9. Changed: Removed the option to Play Radio Paradise from the file menu.

24.0.11 (4/7/2018)

1. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
2. Changed: Made "Date Last Opened" clear-able in the editor.
3. Fixed: JTV recordings' index files (.JTI) could be corrupt in some cases, causing seeking during playback to be very inefficient.
4. NEW: Streaming is now at the root level of the tree, with Podcasts under it.
5. Changed: Television engine internal reorganization.

24.0.10 (4/2/2018)

1. Fixed: Handheld Syncing could fail to find any files on some devices.
2. Fixed: Blu-ray Menu playback could fail to load Java in 24.0.8.
3. Fixed: Playing Blu-ray particles that pointed to a MPLS file but had the BDMV file type could fail.
4. Changed: Added the option to switch to Blu-ray Title playback to the OSD menu.
5. Fixed: F11 wouldn't jump to fullscreen in all webpage views.
6. Changed: Ctrl+F isn't translated in web views as a Media Center command so it instead shows the web browser find.
7. Changed: When upgrading to MC24 from an earlier version the entire "<JRiver AppData>\Media Center xx\Settings\" folder is copied over, instead of only some individual settings files. This change will allow mc2xml settings to be migrated smoothly so there will not be mc2xml popups when MC runs EPG loading in the background for the first time.
8. NEW: Added an MCWS function to start Radio Paradise playback: Playback/PlayRadioParadise.

24.0.9 (3/30/2018)

1. Fixed: Panel - The player would not advance to the next track after an audio file finished playing in some cases.
2. Changed: Increased performance of the Fast Fourier transform for Spectrum Analysis.
3. NEW: F11 in a web browser view now jumps to full screen, instead of showing Theater View.
4. NEW: Added a new landing page to Streaming views in the tree.

24.0.8 (3/29/2018)

1. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).
2. Fixed: Copying Cover Art folder from MC23 to MC24 during upgrade installation did not work.
3. Fixed: Panel video time seeking.
4. Changed: Marked several more strings for translation based on the feedback from Interact.
5. Changed: Renamed "Connected Media" to "Streaming".
6. Changed: Playing Radio Paradise will jump to Playing Now.
7. Changed: Updated all translation files with the latest strings from the source code.
8. Changed: Added the dates of the files to playback from Radio Paradise.
9. Fixed: 2D Visualizations did not render properly in Media Center 64-bit.
10. Fixed: When a TV recording was played while it was still being recorded, the bookmark was not saved properly if recording stopped before playback stopped.
11. Fixed: Panel - The play/pause button on iOS devices would sometimes display incorrectly if Panel assumed the player was playing when it actually wasn't.
12. NEW: Java for Blu-ray Menu playback is downloaded and installed automatically like other playback dependencies.
13. Fixed: When using EVR with Blu-ray Menu playback, interactive graphics could get stuck on top of the video instead of being cleared properly.
14. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
15. Changed: If you hold the Windows key down when entering numbers on the number pad in Theater View it will enter the number instead of typing like a phone.
16. Changed: Theater View now uses OpenGL by default.
17. Fixed: When setting a TV Channel logo using "Add From File..." and choosing to "copy this image to the cover art location you have specified in options", the PNG file was converted to JPG, losing transparency.
18. Fixed: When setting a TV Channel logo using "Add From File..." and choosing to "copy this image to the cover art location you have specified in options", the image file was saved in "Files" subfolder instead of "TV Logos" subfolder.
19. Changed: When setting a TV Channel logo the [Image File] field is set only if the file is located outside of the Cover Art folder.
20. Changed: Increased the chance of matching when searching for a TV channel logo automatically from the "TV Logos" folder.
21. Changed: If one watches a TV show while it is being recorded, the bookmark will be saved every ten seconds instead of only when recording or watching stops.
22. Fixed: If one watched the second of two consecutive TV recordings while both were being recorded, the first show would be erroneously bookmarked at its end.
23. Changed: Capitalization will capitalize Mc... tokens with two capital letters instead of only the M.
24. NEW: Added a "Date Tagged" field that will get set to the current time anytime a field other than ones associated with normal playback are set.
25. Changed: Blu-ray Menu Playback is disabled when playing a Particle (either Title or Playback Range based Particle).
26. Changed: Added a wait message to the start of Radio Paradise playback.
27. NEW: Added a "Date Last Opened" that gets set as soon as playback is started.
28. Changed: Time-shifting reader filter behaves better when encountering a corrupted index file.
29. Changed: Added code to prevent a possible race condition in TV time-shifting writer.

24.0.7 (3/16/2018)

1. Fixed: Radio Paradise cover art could be wrong later in the playlist.
2. NEW: Sat>IP TV channels can be scanned from transport stream (we no longer need to rely on Sat>IP server to provide channel list m3u file). It works for "dvbs/s2" modulation system only at this stage.
3. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks p.v.).

24.0.6 (3/16/2018)

1. Fixed: Get Movie and TV Info... could be cropped on a high resolution display.
2. Changed: Made the tagging errors message box also copy the error log to clipboard.
3. Changed: Made the link timing dialog allow up to 5 seconds of correction instead of only 2 seconds.
4. NEW: Added cover art to the Play Radio Paradise selection.
5. NEW: Re-designed Handheld backend using Windows Portable Devices (WPD).
6. NEW: Radio Paradise shows individual track names, artists, albums, and artwork (instead of having several files together).
7. Changed: The QuickTime Playback Engine has been removed.
8. Fixed: The sorting menu didn't scale nicely on high DPI.
9. Fixed: Zone link syncing wasn't working if all linked zones were local.

24.0.5 (3/13/2018)

1. Changed: Italian translation updated (thanks Matteo).
2. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
3. NEW: Playback from library server will issue a wake request before starting playback to wake a sleeping server.
4. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Fixed: OpenGL Theater View could sometimes get stuck and freeze.
6. NEW: DLNA: Set serial number of renderer and servers to the list of interface mac addresses. Use Serial number mac addresses if they exist to send WOL packets to DLNA renderers.
7. NEW: Better multi-zone syncing. Work in progress.
8. Changed: When upgrading from MC23 to MC24, the images in the cover art folder will be copied over from MC23.

24.0.4 (3/9/2018)

1. Fixed: The Tree would not re-render properly when it expanded to make room for a wider Action Window.
2. NEW: An option "User provided channel list file" in Sat>IP TV channel scan.
3. Fixed: In TV Setup for Sat>IP tuners, if "dvbs" (or "dvbc" or "dvbt") was selected for "Modulation system", the tuners that were marked as "dvbs2" (or "dvbc2" or "dvbt2") were erroneously skipped.
4. Changed: Eliminated some unnecessary logging in TV Setup.
5. NEW: Added RadioTunes to Connected Media.
6. Fixed: Link timing adjustments didn't save if you quickly made the change then exited the dialog.
7. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Boháč!).
8. Fixed: Chapters on Blu-ray BD-J discs did not always work as intended.
9. NEW: Added Play Radio Paradise to the file menu.

24.0.3 (3/5/2018)

1. NEW: Added a MCC command to open the Blu-ray Popup Menu (MCC_BLURAY_POPUP_MENU 10065)
2. Changed: Updated German translation (thanks to ByteStar).
3. Fixed: Mid-side encoding was not working properly.
4. Changed: Turned off the Pono feature by default so FLAC import is much faster.
5. NEW: Chapter information is available when playing a Blu-ray with Menus.
6. Changed: Re-designed the rendering logic for Theater View OpenGL for a smoother experience.
7. Changed: Added missing reflection effects in Theater View OpenGL.
8. Changed: When calculating "Watched" status in Standard television "Recordings" view, the pre-padding ("Start recording early") value is removed from calculation so that recordings with large pre-padding relative to duration will not erroneously be marked as "x%" watched.
9. Changed: Removed from the Connected Media sites since it's no longer live.
10. Fixed: When consecutive TV shows on a channel were recorded, and the total time span exceeded the time-shifting window, the show that that crossed time-shifting window time boundary and any subsequent shows would be bookmarked incorrectly.
11. Changed: Removed the grey boxes behind movie posters in OpenGL Theater View "Flow" and "Wall" View Modes.
12. Fixed: Corrected draw order of items in OpenGL Theater View "Flow" Views so that movie posters with transparency get drawn properly.
13. Fixed: Clicking on the tag label in the Tag window didn't always stop editing properly.
14. Changed: Volume Protection will start at the startup volume level, if it is set, instead of 20%.
15. Changed: Panel - System Settings button is always visible. Clicking on the System Settings button will require the user to login if they do not have full authentication.
16. Changed: Panel - Leaving the system settings will revert full authentication back to read-only.
17. Changed: Panel - Adjusted the card sizes on the system settings pages for different screen sizes.
18. Changed: Panel - Moved the power functions to their own page.
19. Fixed: Panel - The player display was not updating properly when changing zones.

24.0.2 (2/23/2018)

1. Changed: When the player was set to stop after each file, the playback position would stay on the last track instead of advancing to the next track when it stopped.
2. NEW: Double-clicking a library in the tree will load that library.
3. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
4. NEW: TV Recording rules may include running a Post-processing command (ComSkip for example) at the end of recording.
5. NEW: When exporting all playlists, MC asks for a path (and lets you create a folder).
6. Changed: The "Find Artist" choice in Theater View only shows up when the artist is not empty.
7. NEW: Added the link to download skins to the View > Skin menu.
8. NEW: If a TV program's time-slot is shifted in a small amount, and that program is scheduled to be recorded, MC will try to record the program by finding it in the vicinity of the original time-slot (within one hour).
9. Changed: Made the default encoder FLAC.
10. NEW: Support for madVR Test Pattern playback.
11. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.71.
12. NEW: Playback of Blu-ray Menus
13. NEW: Made it possible to add the Zone ID variable to the player display text.
14. Changed: When a TV recording is moved or deleted, the additional side-car files created by ComSkip will also be moved/deleted.