Release Notes MC11

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11.1.201 (10/17/2006)
1. Fixed: MC over-aggressively ejecting iPods if setting is eject after sync or on close.
2. Fixed: Some bad image files could cause the player to hang.
3. Fixed: Fixed a typo on the "player needs to be run as administrator" dialog.
4. Changed: Added recognition of some additional iPods.

11.1.200 (9/21/2006)
1. Fixed: Windows Server 2003 could report a Windows Media error during installation.
2. Fixed: Cover art not working on new 2nd generation Nanos.

11.1.199 (9/18/2006)
1. Fixed: Unrecognized iPod connected via Firewire causes MC to crash.
2. Changed: Added recognition of some additional iPods.
3. Fixed: Folder browsing could cause a crash on systems running Vista.

11.1.198 (9/14/2006)
1. Fixed: Available space not updating following a call to Initialize iPod.
2. Fixed: Playlist alarm not working on iPods.
3. Changed: Added recognition of some of the new iPods.
4. Fixed: Ratings not getting synced back properly from some iPods running newer firmware.

11.1.197 (9/12/2006)
1. Fixed: Some improperly formatted translations could cause the app to crash.
2. Fixed: Problems identifying some grayscale photo iPods.
3. Fixed: Handheld functionality failing on older versions of Windows.

11.1.196 (9/1/2006)
1. Fixed: Problems identifying iPods connected via firewire.
2. Changed: Clicking 'Rip CD' (or 'Rip Tracks') will open the ripping action window, if the ripping action window is already open the rip will start.

11.1.195 (8/30/2006)
1. Changed: Updated the French translation. (thanks laurentxp!)
2. Fixed: iPods weren't ejecting properly.
3. Changed: Added ASX playlist format to options for drive-based handhelds.
4. Fixed: Deleting drive-based device playlist from tree not working unless the playlist was at the root.

11.1.194 (8/16/2006)
1. Fixed: File ordering inside albums on an iPod could show up alphabetical instead of in disc # / track # order.
2. Fixed: Internet image lookup was not working properly.

11.1.192 (8/11/2006)
1. Fixed: Several iPod database corruption problems.
2. Changed: Removed Audible device activation/deactivation.
3. Changed: Improved capabilities for transfering Audible files to devices (device must be activated by Audible).

11.1.191 (8/3/2006)
1. Fixed: IE 7 beta 3 should now work with MC 11.1.

11.1.190 (7/27/2006)
1. Fixed: Problems with iPod's with the latest firmware installed (or updated via iPod Updater 2006-06-28).
2. Changed: Double-clicking an empty playing now no longer shows Access Control filtered files. (even though they wouldn't play)
3. Fixed: Removing an MJMD tag from an image that had other unknown appid blocks after the tag could cause an issue.

11.1.189 (7/20/2006)
1. Changed: Revised messaging on install when a previous version was detected.
2. Fixed: When a library would fail to load, the prompt for restoring a library backup was not working properly.
3. Fixed: The uninstall icon in Control Panel could be incorrect.
4. Changed: Increased the minimum size of the OSD. (again)
5. Changed: Updated the Czech translation. (thanks Johnny B)
6. Changed: Updated the Korean translation. (thanks Junghwan)
7. Fixed: Audible Podcasting extension set to mp3 and thus failed to play

11.1.188 (6/19/2006)
1. Fixed: Running the launcher (MC11.exe) when a different version of Media Center was already running on the system could cause a crash.
2. Changed: Increased the minimum size of the OSD.
3. Fixed: Made date parsing in Podcast feeds more forgiving. ( fixes )

11.1.187 (6/16/2006)
1. Fixed: MC would occasionally crash when playing certain .MOV files.
2. Fixed: Closing MC while some modeless dialogs were open (like Plugin Manager) could cause a crash.
3. Fixed: Added support for bmp, gif, jpe, jpeg, png, tif & tiff file types for iPods supporting photos.

11.1.186 (6/7/2006)
1. Changed: Pressing "Play" to play visible files when the tree was focused wouldn't honor a user search.
2. Fixed: iPod Nano model # MA353LL/A was not properly detected.
3. Changed: Library views of "Albums" no longer group all albums with the same name together.
4. NEW: Updated the Spanish translation. (thanks Alfredo!)
5. NEW: Updated the German translation. (thanks bytestar!)
6. Changed: "Album Thumbnails" are sorted internally by track number instead of the same sorting as the current view.
7. Fixed: Switching to a non-playing zone while certain visualizations were showing could cause a crash.
8. NEW: Czech language translation added. (thanks Johnny B!)

11.1.185 (5/24/2006)
1. Changed: Updated the German translation. (thanks Nick Schlüter!)
2. Fixed: aac/m4a tags that were written to the end of media files could not be read.
3. Fixed: Audible files transferring to MTP devices failing. Required WMP hotfix added to install.
4. Fixed: Streaming m4a and ra/ram/rm audio tracks from Library Server could not be played.
5. Fixed: When not playing mp4 type in DirectShow, MC could not correctly categorize mp4 as video or audio (and classified all mp4s as video).
6. Fixed: MP3 files with slightly corrupted frame data could cause an MC crash.
7. NEW: Added an Italian translation. (thanks to Marco!)

11.1.184 (5/15/2006)
1. Changed: Proprietary MusicMatch field handling could cause MC-specific fields to fail to load with some tag configurations.
2. Fixed: When simultaneous rip/encode option was disabled, the last track ripped from a CD did not get cover art associated with it.
3. Fixed: Burning transcoded CD's (mp3 or wma) was not converting to the correct format in certain cases.
4. Fixed: If mp3 encoder failed to download, transcoded CD burn could be continued anyway and result in a coaster.
5. Changed: Theater View could be slower than expected on some systems due to font auto-sizing.
6. Changed: Track Info (and other visualizations) detect meta-data changes as track changes in http:// streams.
7. Changed: Slightly increased the minimum size of the on-screen display.
8. Fixed: Files not transferring to some Windows Mobile devices successfully (WMDM Bug: MSDN article #893027).

11.1.183 (5/5/2006)
1. Fixed: With certain font anti-aliasing schemes enabled, font auto-sizing would not work as expected.

11.1.182 (5/5/2006)
1. Changed: Updated the French translation. (thanks Jean-Marc)
2. Changed: Revised the shrink mode used by the panes during auto-sizing when there isn't enough space.
3. Changed: While in windowed mode, the close and restore buttons aren't shown on the top bar. (since the window itself has them)
4. Changed: Disc numbers of 0 and 1 don't sort as equals in the panes. (but they still do in lists)
5. Fixed: The right-most column wouldn't update the horizontal scrollbar after a resize in a file list.
6. Changed: More tuning to automatic font size selection system.
7. Changed: Updated Portuguese translation. (thanks ChicoSelfs)
8. Changed: Updated all translation files to contain latest source code phrases. (now at version 2.3)
9. Changed: Added "Conductor" as a default library field. (Media Center has always saved / loaded this from MP3 tags once created, but now it'll be automatically created)
10. NEW: After manually creating the fields "Instruments", "Featured Performers", "Classical Genre", "Track Artist", doing an "Update Library (from tags)" will load proprietary MusicMatch data for these fields. (read and write support)

11.1.181 (5/3/2006)
1. Changed: Creation of start menu shortcuts would not work as expected during a non-express upgrade install.
2. Fixed: The jaggy 16x16 Media Center icon could still show in some places.

11.1.180 (5/3/2006)
1. Fixed: Portable drives wouldn't properly show playlist files for some playlist saving modes.
2. Fixed: Text could appear too small in some areas.
3. Removed: Unneeded warning messages and option from UPnP Server.
4. Changed: Added Nevo to the list of UPnP Devices.
5. Changed: Running "Recheck Sync" reanalyzes the transfer status for each file. (use after changing filenames, properties, etc.)
6. Fixed: Smartlist files wouldn't be sorted the same when used in tree send-to commands as when viewing the smartlist.
7. Fixed: After tagging mode changes, the panes would reset.
8. Fixed: In some places, the 16x16 version of the Media Center icon could look jaggy.
9. Changed: Updated the installer methodology so that start menu shortcuts, etc. can be created by picking "Custom" during an upgrade install.
10. Changed: On a fresh install, MC defaults to creating a Quick Launch shortcut. (the option is presented to the user during install)
11. Changed: Updated the German translation. (thanks bytestar!)

11.1.179 (5/1/2006)
1. Changed: Gapless handling of LAME MP3 files from CUE files is now perfect like non-CUE playback.
2. Fixed: Improved CUE file parser for CUE files that didn't have full header information.
3. Changed: Slight modification in how and when panes to the right of the last selection reset when not filtering in both directions.
4. Fixed: Holding down previous / next for rewind / fast forward could cause strange results in some cases.
5. Fixed: A couple of Help links from the Options pages were not working.
6. Fixed: Tagging mode wouldn't properly preserve a pane's scroll position after checking a box.
7. Fixed: Playing search results (menu or shift+enter) while viewing an Action Window playlist could play the wrong playlist.
8. Changed: Tuned player area font auto-sizing. (if you aren't pleased with how a particular font sizes, switch to the recommended font Tahoma)

11.1.178 (4/27/2006)
1. Fixed: YADB lookup was failing in cases where multiple CD's were being analyzed simultaneously.
2. Fixed: Podcast episodes were not being updated until the Feed was refreshed the second time.
3. Changed: Read offset compensation option removed from advanced CD ripping options page.
4. Fixed: During auto-rip, if a CD was canceled due to missing meta-data, it could not be restarted without an eject and re-insert.
5. Fixed: MC sometimes incorrectly listed files as not sync'd on drive based handhelds.
6. Fixed: 'Ignore Articles' causing items to disappear from groupings in some views and servers.

11.1.177 (4/25/2006)
1. Changed: Spanish translation file updated.
2. Fixed: The word "ROOT" used in the base path for a handheld STILL not working properly for all devices. (MuVo, etc.)
3. Fixed: Some context menu items were not getting translated.

11.1.176 (4/24/2006)
1. Changed: LAME MP3 tail bytes ignored when playing from CUE files.
2. Changed: Improved support for the Sony PSP.
3. Fixed: The word "ROOT" used in the base path for a handheld still not working properly for all devices. (MuVo, etc.)
4. Fixed: The "restart ripping" link in the rip action window sometimes would not restart ripping.
5. Fixed: A cloned library would share thumbnails with the source library.

11.1.175 (4/20/2006)
1. Fixed: MC crashing related to downloading Audible content.
2. Changed: German translation file updated.
3. NEW: OmniFi DMS1 now in UPnP Device List.
4. NEW: OmniFi DMS1 now supports autodetection.
5. Fixed: The word "ROOT" used in the base path for a handheld wouldn't work properly. (PSP, etc.)

11.1.174 (4/19/2006)
1. Fixed: MC crashing related to translation of the action windows.

11.1.173 (4/19/2006)
1. Fixed: Silent import commands issued when MC wasn't running could cause a crash.
2. Fixed: Action window titles weren't getting translated.
3. NEW: Added substring searching to expression IsEqual(...) function.
4. Fixed: Some help links were broken.
5. NEW: OmniFi DMS now supported.
6. Changed: Scroll position is better preserved when changing thumbnail sizes.
7. Fixed: Drilling into a tile in a library view would change the start location you'd see when leaving and coming back to the view.
8. Fixed: Keyboard shortcut for Options (Ctrl+O) wasn't working correctly.
9. Fixed: Cue file ripping wasn't working with multiple CD drives.
10. Fixed: Tagging error messages were shown when ripping to a Cue file.
11. Fixed: Old Cue files were not overwritten even if "overwrite" was enabled by user.
12. Fixed: Sometimes during a multiple CD auto-ripping operation, MC would not restart ripping when a new CD was inserted.
13. Fixed: Secure ripping log for multi-CD autorip session is now saved separately in the folder for each CD ripped.
14. Fixed: If secure multi-CD autorip session was canceled, the log file showed all tracks canceled.
15. Fixed: When file conversion is set to replace the original file it would append (1) to the filename.
16. Fixed: Better status and progress messaging for CD burning of transcoded music files.
17. Fixed: Temporary ISO image file for CD burning of transcoded music files was not getting deleted.

11.1.172 (4/14/2006)
1. Fixed: Wait messages could show invalid text in some cases.
2. Fixed: The "Top Hits" stock smartlist could show files that had never played if there hadn't been 100 plays of other files yet.
3. Fixed: "Redetect Devices..." could cause a crash if pressed immediately after detecting a device.
4. Fixed: With continuous playback off, and "CD Player Style" previous wouldn't work properly for the first track in a playlist.
5. Fixed: Media Editor was not properly decoding files.
6. Changed: Thumbnail size slider preserves spacing used in Customize Current View...
7. Changed: Tuned aspect ratio used by thumbnail size slider to be media type specific.
8. Fixed: During multiple CD rip process, CD's would not always eject upon rip completion.

11.1.171 (4/10/2006)
1. Fixed: During Audio Analysis or Format Conversion, keyboard shortcuts would not work properly.
2. NEW: Update the French translation. (thanks Jean-Marc)
3. Changed: The Action Window no longer has an empty row at the bottom of it.
4. Fixed: Quickly double-clicking in the panes could play items from the previous selection.
5. Fixed: MC would occasionally list all (or nearly all) files on a device in duplicate.
6. Fixed: MC could have trouble reconciling a file on a device if it didn't have an album name.
7. Fixed: Syncing to some devices failing due to bad metadata.
8. Fixed: When ripping from multiple CD drives, CD's ejected and re-inserted at odd times.

11.1.170 (4/8/2006)
1. Fixed: The installer could crash on some systems.

11.1.169 (4/7/2006)
1. NEW: Added more skin effects under Tools > Skins > Skin Effects...
2. Fixed: Shell extensions could cause a crash.
3. Fixed: With skin effects enabled, some button text could appear the wrong color.
4. Fixed: If focus was shifted away from the installer during an upgrade install, it would not always finish properly.

11.1.168 (4/7/2006)
1. Fixed: Launching Media Center while Media Server or Media Center was already running could cause a crash.
2. Fixed: Package Installer (Check for Updates, skin installation, etc.) would exit with an error.
3. Fixed: Tagging mode would reset list selections after making a change.
4. Fixed: Refresh (F5) wouldn't properly preserve the file list state in pane mode.
5. Fixed: With skin effects enabled, button text could appear the wrong color on the over and down states.

11.1.167 (4/6/2006)
1. New: Added new method of scanning DVB-T channels (experimental).
2. Fixed: Using the shell extensions could (still) leave JRTools.dll locked.
3. Fixed: Ogg file ripping was leaving temp files around and not updating tags.
4. Changed: Added ability to turn off many more features in Options > General > Advanced > Features.

11.1.166 (4/6/2006)
1. Fixed: Using the shell extensions could leave JRTools.dll locked, requiring a reboot to install.
2. Changed: With bidirectional pane filtering, picking "All" on a previously filtered pane wouldn't update the list as expected.
3. Changed: Library grouping views have bidirectional links making them work much like the new pane system. (navigation circles no longer possible)
4. Fixed: View scheme editing now shows (translated) field display names instead of internal names.
5. NEW: Filtering in both directions is now a per view scheme option. (only on for image views by default)
6. Changed: Database format upgraded to support bidirectional filtering. Old Media Centers will not be able to load databases from this version.
7. Changed: More DVB-T graph-building tweaks, to avoid crashes with some devices.
8. Fixed: Some "Options" buttons in view headers were still not translatable.
9. Fixed: If a file failed to play with the QuickTime engine, it could cause a crash.

11.1.165 (4/5/2006)
1. New: MC can import Disk #, BPM (tempo) and Comment tags from m4a files.
2. Changed: MC does a better job analyzing previously transfered files on a device.
3. Fixed: Playlist files unable to play on Windows Mobile devices if the filename contained illegal characters.
4. Fixed: MC cccasionally dead-locking when synchronizing after performing other tasks on the device like deleting files.
5. Fixed: Switching skins while viewing a panes view could cause the panes to temporarily disappear.
6. NEW: Updated the German translation. (thanks bytestar!)
7. Changed: Starting a group of images for playback in Theater View wouldn't start as a slideshow.
8. Fixed: Clicking the "Click Here To Reset Selection" button to clear the pane selection wouldn't update the files list.
9. Fixed: A few pieces in the import process were not fully translatable.
10. Changed: Installer no longer displays icon in top left of dialog. (didn't look good with some skins)
11. Fixed: Some view header bar text was not translatable.
12. Fixed: A library that had created / used over 4 billion database entries in its lifetime could behave strangely.
13. Changed: 'Recheck Sync' now re-analyzes the files on the device as well as changes within MC.

11.1.164 (4/5/2006)
1. Fixed: TV would hang when scanning for DVB-T channels.
2. Fixed: Thumbnail size slider wouldn't take effect immediately in some views.
3. Fixed: Tiles could disappear in some cases.
4. Changed: Entering into a tile with the Enter key wouldn't give the keyboard focus to the new list.
5. Fixed: Panes wouldn't handle the same name with different capitalization properly.
6. Fixed: MC would not read custom genre in m4a files.
7. Fixed: Underlines wouldn't show up properly on some link-style buttons.
8. NEW: Panes now filter in both directions. (experiment -- may not remain)
9. Fixed: LIbrary Server would not handle conversion on the fly.

11.1.163 (4/4/2006)
1. NEW: Added native support for Canon RAW files using the Canon SDK. (.CR2, .CRW)
2. Changed: Back and forward added to available remote control commands.
3. Changed: Reworked how playback / conversion components are loaded. (primarily an internal change -- please report any issues)
4. Changed: Image slideshow time doesn't progress until the next image has finished loading. (which could be a little while for images on a slow server)
5. Changed: Enter does the same thing as double-click for library tiles. (goes into)
6. Fixed: Visualization flush component would flip the red and blue in user entered colors.
7. Changed: View headers show images associated with files in the list when there's no selection instead of showing the stock image.
8. Changed: Improved stack building logic so no thumb images are never on the top of the stack.
9. Changed: If a stack has no items with art, a single no tile image is drawn instead of a stack.
10. Fixed: Playing a file while Media Server was running without Media Center running could produce strange results.
11. Fixed: In some cases, areas between and below tiles would not redraw properly.
12. Changed: PerbCast server version updated.
13. Changed: More graph building tweaks for DVB-T TV support.
14. NEW: Updated the German translation. (thanks bytestar!)

11.1.162 (4/3/2006)
1. Fixed: Virtual handheld devices that pointed to a network share would not work properly.
2. Changed: Doing a "Locate" followed by a "Back" command wouldn't properly clear the search box.
3. Fixed: User customization of library field categories wouldn't persist between runs.
4. NEW: Added Lyrics support for iPods. (requires MP3 files with lyrics embedded in the tags -- which MC does by default)
5. Changed: Certain WAV files (e.g. Dolby Digital WAV) that used to be routed to DirectX Player are now routed to native playback engine.
6. Fixed: Certain characters (#, ? and a few others) in filenames would break library server.
7. Fixed: Certain protected WMA files would not transfer to portable devices.

11.1.161 (4/3/2006)
1. Changed: Shrunk title area font slightly.
2. Fixed: In Panes views, the "Options" menu would not populate.

11.1.160 (3/31/2006)
1. Changed: Added country list on "TV Channels" property page so that people without an analog tuner device can still select a country for digital devices.
2. Changed: More debug logging for TV.
3. Fixed: The drop list below a My Computer view could lose its font when being resized.
4. Changed: The drop list below a My Computer view no longer flickers during resize.
5. Fixed: Edit controls with borders and dividers on dialogs wouldn't always redraw properly. (TV View, Plugin Manager, etc.)
6. Changed: Clicking an item in the panes doesn't clear the search box.
7. Changed: Auto-show menus in library view don't disappear immediately when the mouse leaves them, but instead after a short delay. (so briefly overshooting doesn't hide the menu)
8. Changed: Deleting a file from the details list below a grouping library list no longer resets the scroll position.
9. Changed: The installer uses the user's current skin as long as their current skin is included in the build. (the installer couldn't safely depend on skins it doesn't include)
10. Fixed: Since MC build 11.1.157 TV would fail to load audio device in some cases.
11. Fixed: Scrollbars wouldn't properly show or hide in lists under certain circumstances or Windows versions.
12. Changed: Player window text sizing auto-fits the text instead of trying to honor the font size in Options > Tree & View. (since there's a fixed height)
13. NEW: Added a view header bar to My Computer views.
14. Changed: All view headers show a thumbnail size slider when in thumbnail mode. (instead of just library views)
15. Fixed: SDK access of thumbnails on systems with more than 2GB of thumbnails would not work properly.
16. Fixed: Import Action Window was not properly supporting translation.

11.1.159 (3/30/2006)
1. Fixed: Empty lists could cause a crash in some cases.

11.1.158 (3/30/2006)
1. NEW: MC tries to resolve ambiguities when there are multiple instances of identical digital TV devices on the same computer.
2. Fixed: ATI HDTV Wonder digital TV device stopped working in 11.1.157.
3. Changed: Reworked how skinning is loaded. (primarily an internal change -- please report any strangeness)
4. NEW: The installer is now skinned.
5. NEW: The installer is now translatable. (strings to translate will appear in the translation files of a later build)
6. NEW: Updated the German translation. (thanks bytestar!)
7. NEW: Updated the Spanish translation. (thanks ferent!)

11.1.157 (3/29/2006)
1. Changed: The "All" item doesn't appear in the tree for items with only one child.
2. Fixed: Podcast web page did not update title bar and buttons properly in split-window mode.
3. Fixed: Podcast forward/back arrows did not display properly.
4. Fixed: Grouping thumbnail style lists could redraw items twice instead of once on scroll -- causing a slowdown.
5. Fixed: Slider handles could appear squished with some skins.
6. Optimized: Several grouping thumbnail list speed-ups.
7. Fixed: The bottom 1/3 of the alphabet in library views was not clickable.
8. Changed: Graph building is more efficent when switching from recording/time-shifting to regular viewing in digital TV.
9. Fixed: Some MP3 Layer 2.5 mono files would not play properly.
10. Fixed: PerbCast Server will not check for status message unless a list is actually being shared.
11. Fixed: The Directory checking on a PerbCast server will not fill up the status window with messages.
12. Fixed: Burning PDL protected WMA files was failing because of license acquisition errors in the burn engine.

11.1.156 (3/28/2006)
1. Optimized: Improved performance of image playback and reduced memory usage.
2. Changed: "Disc #" is mapped to the ID3v2 field "TPOS", or "Part of a set" frame.
3. Changed: Revised the no tile image used in library views.
4. Fixed: "Album Thumbnails" erroneously showed up under grouped library views.
5. Changed: Right-click display menu configuration items no longer apply English capitalization rules to be more translation friendly.
6. Fixed: Playback of images with transparency did not properly handle zooming in and out.
7. Changed: Media Center builds higher quality thumbnails. (use Options > Tree & View > Thumbnails > Erase all thumbnails... to force MC to rebuild)
8. Changed: Added an optional server name to the TiVo Server.
9. Fixed: Unable to play Audible file after previous playing to end of file.
10. Chagned: Text size is no longer part of the thumbnail size setting. (but is instead added to the height automatically depending on how many lines of text are showing)
11. Changed: The incomplete shutdown dialog is no longer shown when a debugger is bound to the Media Center process.
12. Chagned: Added a "Don't show again" checkbox to the incomplete shutdown dialog.
13. Changed: Added auto-re-sharing if the PerbCaster Directory restarts.
14. NEW: When in thumbnail modes, a thumbnail size slider appears in the view header.
15. Optimized: Changing thumbnail sizes is much faster.

11.1.155 (3/27/2006)
1. Changed: Improved how view headers look when skin effects are applied. (i.e. negative, old fashinoned, etc.)
2. Fixed: When showing a file list below tiles, it could appear not scrolled to the top.
3. Changed: When searching in a library view, all files for the view scheme are searched. (instead of combining panes / grouping filters with the search)
4. Changed: In Library views, the optional alphabet will only appear when there are 10 or more items in the list.
5. Changed: Auto-import on playback in options no longer applies to remote files. (http://, etc.)
6. Changed: Using the tree to navigate the library would reset that view scheme back to "Panes" on the next visit.
7. New: MC creates thumbnails for Quicktime video (e.g. .MOV) (Requires Quicktime installation).
8. Fixed: The UPnP Server is smarter about ports, working better with clients unable to cope with port changes.
9. Fixed: The UPnP Server would not handle byte ranges longer than the file.
10. Fixed: The UPnP Server was providing the wrong content length header for byte ranges.
11. Fixed: MC crashed in split view when you opened two Podcast browsers.
12. Fixed: Podcast browsers headers were sometimes inconsistent with the Favorites list.
13. Fixed: Podcast browser one-click subscriptions downloaded one episode by default. (Zero is correct)
14. Fixed: Podcast browser one-click subscriptions were sometimes lost after shutdown/restart.
15. Fixed: Perbcasts and Podcasts did not properly recognize the *.mov extension.

11.1.154 (3/24/2006)
1. Fixed: The "Options" drop menu in Panes view was empty.
2. Changed: Removed the "Save View" option in Customize Current View. (too ambiguous and not too useful with newer library view system)
3. Changed: When switching library views to Genres, Artists, etc., the list will get the keyboard focus so Ctrl+A, left, right, etc. work without a click.
4. Changed: The optional alphabet above library views is now translatable.
5. Changed: Removed option to show bi-directional links under library tiles. (creates confusing link circles)
6. Changed: View header windows grey-out when they aren't the current view in a split view configuration.
7. Fixed: The UPnP Server omitted the content type header in the device description.
8. Changed: Further revision to how showing files at the bottom of a library view works. (pick "Always Show Files" in bottom file list Options menu to keep the list visible)
9. Changed: Updated the German translation file. (thanks ByteStar)

11.1.153 (3/23/2006)
1. Fixed: Transitions in library tiles wouldn't look correct.
2. Fixed: Options > CD > Media Insert > Audio CD Action wasn't working properly.
3. Fixed: The library files header bar would be too tall if "Show Alphabet" was selected.
4. Changed: List right-click > Customize Current View replaced by "View" menu.
5. Changed: View headers for Playlists, Podcasts, Handhelds, etc. reworked to look and work more like library view header.
6. NEW: Added forward / back buttons to all headers.
7. Fixed: Problem logging out in Audible Service.
8. Fixed: Podcast one-click subscription sometimes was not working.
9. Fixed: Additional Mime-types were added to the Perbcast table.
10. Changed: Podcast one-click subscriptions now subscribe immediately w/o a Subscribe dialog.

11.1.152 (3/22/2006)
1. Fixed: Audio analysis of certain files could cause a hang at the end of the file.
2. Changed: Improved handling of long multi-line thumbnail captions in library grouping views.
3. Fixed: In rare cases, library grouping views could crash.
4. Fixed: In "Panes" view, the Options drop menu was empty.
5. Changed: Launching the program while Media Server is running wouldn't properly honor the startup view settings.
6. Fixed: Deleting a playlist while PerbCasting it could cause a crash.
7. Fixed: PerbCasts had an incomplete/inconsistent Mime-type/Extension/Media-type table.

11.1.151 (3/22/2006)
1. Fixed: Some shortcuts (Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+Right, etc.) no longer get translated globally while IE or a C# interface plugin has the focus.
2. Fixed: Numbers with labels (i.e. 4 minutes remaining) would not show properly in some places.
3. Changed: Made each page of a library view have its own settings for thumbnail size, sorting, etc.
4. Changed: Further revisions to how showing files below library groupings works.
5. Changed: Optional deletion of files not in a sync for a handheld will only delete "supported" file types.
6. Changed: Double-clicking on a grouping tile in a library view goes into the next level. (use the "Play" link or right-click to play)
7. Changed: For translation, phrases ending with a colon no longer require the colon to be translated. (so URL and URL: aren't two entries in the language file)

11.1.150 (3/19/2006)
1. NEW: Added read and write support for the disc number field on the iPod.
2. Fixed: An interface plugin that failed to load could cause an endless loop of error dialogs when trying to uninstall it.
3. New: Dvico FusionHDTV 5 USB and other bda digital TV devices can record TV show to disk. Windows XP SP1 required! This is still work in progress.
4. Changed: When switching from an analog TV channel to a digital TV channel, the analog device is freed before the digital device is initialized, and vice versa. This may solve some of the stability problems recently reported.
5. Fixed: Starting playback of ASF audio streams could lock up the MC GUI for several seconds.
6. Changed: The Podcast web browser now remembers its place (for 10 minutes) when you navigate to another window and then return.
7. NEW: Perbcast RSS feed files are now usable as one-click *.pcast subscriptions.
8. Changed: Mime type audio/ape and audio/x-ape now identify APE format files.
9. NEW: Added the ability to easily select thumbnail size and spacing from the "Top" and "Bottom" menus at the top of a library view.
10. Changed: Revised how the "files at bottom" system works for library views.
11. Fixed: Some shortcuts (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Z, etc.) no longer get translated globally while IE or a C# interface plugin has the focus.
12. Changed: Dragging a splitter locked to a side now unlocks it.
13. Changed: At the beginning of an import from an external Explorer using the shell extensions, Media Center will bring itself to the foreground.

11.1.149 (3/20/2006)
1. Fixed: Going back a level in a library view wouldn't properly restore the scroll and selection.
2. Changed: Dvd is now capitalized in the right-click display menu.
3. Changed: Showing library view groupings as stacks is now optional. (Options drop menu at the top right of the view)
4. Changed: "Saving tag changes" and "Done saving tag changes" status bar text can now be translated.
5. Fixed: Using DirectSound output, the last portion of the last song in a playlist could loop a little before stopping.
6. Changed: The selection color of a library tile wouldn't change when the list got or lost the focus.
7. Fixed: Thumbnail / tile lists wouldn't behave nicely when very large spacing values were used. (redraw issues, etc.)
8. Fixed: Thumbnail lists with only one column would not render properly.
9. Fixed: The player area could draw without a menu, search box, or media buttons in some cases. (hopefully fixed -- couldn't easily reproduce)
10. Changed: TV will no longer get stuck at "Select a country and TV tuner input type" dialog when the driver returns an empty list of supported video standards.
11. Changed: Library Manager will allow changing location for remote libraries.
12. Changed: Podcast Tag dialog is now more consistent in its use of the <DEFAULT> keyword.
13. Fixed: Perbcast server omitted the "xmlns" keyword. This made Perbcast XML "poorly formed".

11.1.148 (3/17/2006)
1. Fixed: MC plays ASX streams served up with an asp extension.
2. Optimized: Reworked drop-shadow engine to work much faster with images with no transparency. (like thumbnails)
3. Optimized: Several group-style thumbnail list optimizations. (should be 2x-3x faster than previous builds)
4. Changed: Added configuration menu items to the right-click menu for playback displays. (DVD, Video, TV, Images, etc.)
5. Fixed: Media Scheduler "Next scheduled task" time could be wrong when multiple periodic tasks exist.
6. New: Added a dialog (under Podcast Options) to configure Podcast Tag and File renaming for all feeds.
7. New: Added another dialog (under Feed Properties) to configure Podcast Tag and File renaming overrides for that feed.
8. Fixed: CD labeler wasn't always obeying the state of the "include artist in track list" option.
9. Changed: Merged thumbnail and grouping-style list modes so that text, spacing, sizing, etc. is fully customizable for grouping thumbnails.
10. Changed: Updated the German translation file. (thanks ByteStar)

11.1.147 (3/16/2006)
1. Changed: Folders with only a Folder.jpg in them are no longer considered empty.
2. Fixed: When the "Automatically Import Files into Media Center" flag was set, Podcast media URLs were imported into the library.
3. Fixed: When Podcast media URLs were inserted in the library, it was not possible to manually download them.
4. Fixed: In the Podcast Feed windows, the Podcast ICON was resized to fill the window when you selected any Podcast episode.
5. Fixed: EXIF tags with circular links in them could cause a crash.
6. Fixed: The FLAC input plugin not properly supported, causing files to be set to zero length. (introduced in build 146)
7. Optimized: Several speed and memory optimization to grouping-style thumbnail lists.
8. Optimized: Improved drawing speed of core rendering engine used everywhere.
9. Fixed: Multiple bugs in the CD labeling program including a problem where the first preview worked, but nothing appeared on the second.

11.1.146 (3/15/2006)
1. Changed: The spacing between text and a drop arrow has been reduced.
2. Changed: If a search for Media Servers fails the previous or default library will be loaded (no longer includes offer to restore from backup).
3. Fixed: Windows Mobile devices were not retaining synchronization information.
4. NEW: When removing empty folders, folders with only a Thumbs.db or Folder.jpg in them will be considered empty.
5. Changed: The root of playlists now honors Access Filter settings.
6. Changed: Updated the German translation file. (thanks ByteStar)
7. Fixed: Misspelling in the Download Manager.
8. Changed: WIA camera import gets video files off the device as well as images. (WIA doesn't have file extensions -- just WiaItemTypes)
9. Fixed: The fade-in / fade-out of text items in library tiles wouldn't look as clean as expected.
10. Fixed: Alpha on alpha drawing could produce strange effects in some cases.
11. Fixed: MC was not writing playlist information to some Windows Mobile devices.
12. Fixed: MC was not reading playlist information from some Windows Mobile devices.
13. Fixed: Digital TV in time-shifting mode could have access violations when switching channels.
14. Changed: Updated Spanish translation. (thanks ferent)
15. Fixed: JPEG tags would not be properly saved. (use Update Tags (from library) to force save of tags)
16. Changed: Image tagging errors are now reported like audio tagging errors. (instead of suppressing the errors)
17. Changed: Revised the "no thumb" image shown in library grouping views.

11.1.145 (3/14/2006)
1. Fixed: Top Hits and Recently Played playlists would display all zeros in the sequence column.
2. Changed: SDK lookups of library server filenames that have been hexified now work. (fixes issue with Cinemar + Library Server)

11.1.144 (3/13/2006)
1. Fixed: Command line usage wouldn't properly deal with quotes in some cases. (i.e. MC11.exe "/PlayReplace Zone=1|TreePath=Playlists\My Hits")
2. Changed: Updated the German translation file. (thanks and happy birthday to ByteStar!)
3. Changed: "Save smartlist" dialog has a never ask again check.
4. Fixed: Copying from the search / smartlist box wouldn't always work as expected when dealing with friendly-formatted rules.
5. Fixed: Enter was not being properly routed to DVD menus in some cases.
6. Changed: Double-clicking on the fullscreen bars no longer toggles fullscreen mode.
7. Fixed: Thumbnails set to a large size (i.e. 256x256 wouldn't be drawn using the full area)
8. Fixed: Playing a DVD while images were playing could result in unexpected playback of both at once.
9. Changed: Updated player area text defaults to use "//" for slash. (double-slashes are required since slash is the escape character in expressions)
10. Changed: Tiles no longer animate through images or status information on mouse-over when Media Center isn't the focused application.
11. Fixed: Files added to a "Recent Playing Now" list would get autmatically imported.
12. New: Preliminary support for DVB-T digital TV (not fully tested).
13. Changed: The file list below a grouping of tiles uses the same settings as a file list below the panes.
14. Fixed: After resetting all views, the sorting "A to Z" for grouping views didn't properly show a checkmark.
15. Fixed: Once internet connection was dropped (and error page shown), service plugins would continue to show the error page even after reconnection.
16. Changed: Playlists no longer show access filtered files. (editing a playlist while files are filtered could cause filtered files to be discarded from playlist)

11.1.143 (3/10/2006)
1. Changed: Update the French translation. (thanks Tof!)
2. Changed: Updated all the translations to include the latest phrases from code, dialogs, etc.
3. NEW: Thumbnails now have drop shadows when drawing in lists or tiles.
4. NEW: Tiles links fade-in on mouse-over instead of being shown all the time.
5. NEW: Holding the mouse over the name in a tile will scroll through summary information of the tile.
6. Fixed: Podcast download/display/purge was confused by permanent database entries with a filename URL.
7. Fixed: The behavior for General\Double-Click and TheaterView\Jump on Play were not working correctly in languages other than english.

11.1.142 (3/9/2006)
1. Fixed: DVR-MS files were imported as audio.
2. Changed: Tiles use the full size when the stack contains one or less images.
3. Changed: Each time the program runs, a different image will be used for top image on a stack of images.
4. Changed: Updated Spanish translation. (thanks ferent)
5. Changed: When building thumbnails for a stack, all the top images will get built before working on underneath images.
6. Changed: Updated the German translation. (thanks bytestar)
7. Changed: Boxes no longer drawn around thumbnails.
8. Fixed: Under very rare circumstances, the media servers would prevent Media Center from shutting down.
9. Fixed: Switching views from the right-click of the library header bar could cause a crash.

11.1.141 (3/8/2006)
1. Fixed: Third party plugins (G-Force, etc.) could fight with cover art loading for the playing file, causing no art to appear.
2. Fixed: Blank lines in customized thumbnail text were not properly supported.
3. Changed: MC TV ignores analog device initialization failures if a digital TV device is present, so the users can continue using the digital device.
4. Changed: When cycling through a stack of tile images, the rotation order would appear strange when the thumbs hadn't been built. (1; 1,2; 1,2,3; 1,2,3,4; etc.)
5. NEW: Library tiles and view header images show many images as a pile of images. (instead of one totally covering the others)
6. Fixed: In some cases, playback would not automatically skip missing files.
7. Fixed: When editing a view scheme, saving "To All Locations" and "To Similar Locations" not working correctly.

11.1.140 (3.7.2006)
1. Changed: Updated Spanish translation. (thanks ferent)
2. Changed: Updated Portuguese translation. (thanks ChicoSelfs)
3. NEW: LAME gapless information is reported in Action Window > File Properties > File Type Info.
4. Changed: Use shorter descriptions for fields in Action Window > File Properties > File Type Info > MP3.
5. Fixed: In some cases, when Windows hid the mouse cursor during data entry, it wouldn't appear back right away as soon as the mouse was moved.
6. Fixed: The "Play" button on the view header would not work properly with a list that was in album grouping mode.
7. Changed: Increased the default buffer size for DirectSound playback. (NOTE: if you get clicks during playback, please increase buffering or switch modes in Options > Playback)
8. Fixed: The player core could dead-lock if an error was raised in certain circumstances.
9. Fixed: The analyze audio option in CD ripping wasn't working.
10. Fixed: "Sync all" option for portable devices was not creating all playlists on the device.
11. Fixed: We were not computing Podcast directory free space properly on Windows 2000. This made it impossible to download anything.
12. Changed: We now bring Media Center to the front for one-click Podcast subscriptions.
13. Fixed: The escape key and apps/menu button wouldn't work with all display plugins from fullscreen.
14. Fixed: Gapless MP3 playback would not properly account for the decoder delay at the end of the file -- causing a possible pop.
15. Fixed: If Media Center ran out of disk space or encountered a memory error while saving a database field, the field could become corrupted.
16. Fixed: Adding a library entry now has a correct picklist.
17. Fixed: Get image from internet dialog now "picks" the default options.
18. Changed: Mime Types for content from Library Server now reflect the actual type insead of a Media Center application type.
19. Changed: "Feed URL" and "Episode URL" are no longer "user" fields.
20. Changed: Podcast Episode suffixes .mpg and .mpeg are now interpreted as media type video.

11.1.139 (3/3/06)
1. Fixed: MP3 length would not be calculated correctly for some MP3 files. (introduced in 138)

11.1.138 (3/3/06)
1. Changed: Unplugging or hard-killing MC while it is writing the iPod database will no longer corrupt the iPod database.
2. Fixed: Some commands wouldn't translate as expected. ("Clear Playing Now", etc.)
3. Fixed: Viewing tooltips on some deleted Podcast episodes could cause a crash.
4. Changed: Creating or editing a Podcast feed causes the feed to be displayed.

11.1.137 (3/3/06)
1. NEW: User can select audio decoder to use in HDTV.
2. Changed: MC saves using ID3v2.3 for greatest compatability. (2.4 still supported for reading)
3. NEW: MP3 playback supports LAME-tags for high-quality gapless support.
4. Changed: Media Center better handles files with multiple ID3v2 tags or RIFF chunks at the start of the file. (even though this doesn't meet spec)
5. Fixed: It was possible to create duplicate Podcast database entries.
6. Fixed: Library view scheme grouping of number-style fields was only displaying the first number in the range.
7. Fixed: Library view groupings wouldn't sort properly by "Number of Files" when some files had disc numbers.

11.1.136 (3/2/06)
1. Changed: Removed XML and RSS Podcast file associations. They were more of a nuisance than a help.
2. Fixed: Podcast subscriptions commands sometimes failed w/o a reasonable error message.
3. Changed: Podcast one-click subscription now recognises RSS News Feeds and tells you.
4. Fixed: Updated the "How To" links in the Help menu to match the new help file.
5. Changed: Tags will no longer be written when in Party Mode.
6. NEW: "Remove Empty Folders" prompt now has a "don't ask again" checkbox.
7. Fixed: The options page for handhelds wouldn't make newly connected devices available until the options dialog was closed and reopened.
8. Changed: "Tools > Options..." is no longer avaialable when in party mode.
9. NEW: Added ability to pick how playlists get saved for drive-style devices. (Options > Handheld > Files & Paths > Playlist Format)
10. Fixed: CD was not ejecting following ripping.
11. Fixed: In the 'Clean File Properties' dialog the 'Fix Capitalization' selections were missing.
12. Fixed: Some player startup modes (Windowed, Theater) weren't working correctly.
13. Fixed: Library Server was not updating playcounts/last played time.
14. Fixed: Selecting 'Playlist' as a search criteria from the search control only worked for the english language set.
15. NEW: Action Window > File Properties > File Type Info shows the ID3v2 version for MP3 files.
16. NEW: Media Center supports ID3v2.4 tags.
17. Fixed: Tooltips would be over-eager in following the mouse around in the player window.

11.1.135 (3/1/06)
1. Fixed: Podcasts were downloading the wrong number of recent episodes. (off-by-one)
2. Changed: Podcast "Episode Status" field & associated tooltips now show more than 20 different status indications.
3. Fixed: A Podcast Gigabyte is now the same as a Windows Explorer Gigabyte: 2^30 bytes.
4. Fixed: Podcast Options was not detecting a make-directory operation that failed.
5. NEW: Updated iPod support to understand latest 1GB Nano models.
6. Fixed: Podcast feeds and settins were not properly supporting Unicode characters.
7. Changed: Switched back to [Library] in the playerbar only showing the library name if a named (non "Default") library is loaded.
8. Changed: With on-the-fly encoding disabled, normalization would be applied even if it wasn't enabled. (only since build 133)
9. Fixed: Normalization during recording or ripping wouldn't properly support Unicode filenames.
10. Optimized: Greatly improved responsiveness of the program during ripping. (especially when using multiple drives and encoding processes)
11. NEW: Updated the Spanish translation. (thanks ferent!)
12. NEW: Updated the German translation. (thanks bytestar!)
13. NEW: Updated the help file.
14. Fixed: On machines where a language was never selected, MC could fail to run or uninstall.
15. New: User can select video decoder to use in HDTV.
16. Changed: Increased the head / tail silence threshold (but not inside track threshold) for "do not play silence" option. (allows cleaner gapless sound of MP3 files)

11.1.133 (2/28/06)
1. Changed: Decreased the time spent pre-buffering a file in some situations.
2. Fixed: MPC playback could crash with 32-bit output enabled.
3. Fixed: If a flash player file was played followed by an image, the image could still have the label "Flash Player" in the display bar.
4. Changed: The "Set Display" menu puts a "more choices available while playing" string at the bottom when viewed while the player is stopped.
5. Changed: The "Set Display" menu lists display plugins in alphabetical order. ("Cover Art" always at top)
6. Fixed: When dragging the volume or position slider, the tooltip and the display area would not stay perfectly in sync.
7. Changed: Reworked how the Action Window navigation pages are translated so a full list of needed strings gets exported to the Language.txt file.
8. Changed: Revised main tree control translation so things like artist and album names don't get translated.
9. Changed: Updated translation of tree controls in options so all needed strings get exported to the Language.txt file.
10. NEW: Included Portuguese translation. (thanks ChicoSelfs!)
11. Fixed: Ripping with on-the-fly encoding disabled was not working properly.
12. Changed: Dialog and window captions are now translatable.

11.1.131 (2/27/06)
1. Changed: Podcast episodes deleted during download stop downloading immediately.
2. Fixed: Temporary Podcast files created by a previous session were not all deleted on startup.
3. Fixed: In some cases, Media Center wouldn't shutdown properly.
4. Fixed: The last few bytes of audio would not always get output -- causing a pop in gapless playback. (introduced in 122)
5. Fixed: The translation system could eat trailing right-spaces in some cases. (so "Add to Playing Now" showed as "Add toPlaying Now")
6. Changed: Added improved support for WhiteCap visualization so it won't get asked for modes. (which can be slow even though WhiteCap has no modes)
7. Changed: Menu > Player > Display Options shows same options as right-clicking display. (allows configuring display and choosing a different display)
8. New: Media Center TV now (partially) supports Dvico's FusionHDTV 5 USB device. The code is generic enough so other bda HDTV cards may also work (ATSC only!). For now only live viewing and time-shifting work. No recording to disk.
9. Changed: The [Library] token in the player bar display area now shows the library name, even if the default library is loaded. (used to show nothing for the default library)
10. Fixed: Deleting a file from the burn queue wouldn't update the burn Action Window right away.
11. Fixed: In certain situations at the end of a CD burn process a "long write in progress" error was shown and the disc was not finished properly.
12. Fixed: Importing image files from a network location was very slow.
13. Fixed: Restoring a library could cause a long delay when finished.
14. Fixed: Broken link for 'Ripping a CD' on start page.
15. Changed: When there is no internet, the "Start" page shows a local page. (instead of the "internet connection needed" page)

11.1.130 (2/24/06)
1. Changed: Improved translation system for messages and errors. (so things like "100 files", "101 files", etc... are easier to translate)
2. Changed: Upgraded to the latest TiVo Beacon.
3. NEW: Updated the Spanish translation. (thanks ferent!)
4. NEW: Revised the Language.txt file format to include a list of strings that need to get translated. (all existing language files automatically upgraded)
5. Changed: Revised how translation breaks the original strings into phrases so that ": " and " - " both break to a new phrase. (so things like "Volume: 1", "Volume: 2", etc. are no longer needed)
6. Changed: There were some thread-safe issues in Podcasting.

11.1.129 (2/24/06)
1. Fixed: Library backups could fail to load in some cases.
2. Fixed: If a file was in a playlist multiple times and one instance was selected and deleted from disk, the other instances wouldn't be removed from the playlist.
3. Changed: When a library fails to load, it will prompt the user if they want to restore from a backup.

11.1.128 (2/23/06)
1. Fixed: In some cases a QuickTime playback failure could cause a crash.
2. Fixed: Third-party programs that directly got a file name from a file grouping would not work properly.
3. Optimized: Improved the speed of GetAlbumFiles(...) SDK function -- used by many third party plugins.
4. Changed: We can now play more ASX streams since we inform host websites that we are WMP 10 compatible.
5. Changed: Improved translation system for menus and toolbars so that user-text (like artists, albums, etc.) won't get translated.

11.1.127 (2/22/06)
1. NEW: Added an option to keep selected podcast episodes forever.
2. Fixed: The number of Podcast episodes and file sizes were not computed correctly in auto-download computations.
3. Fixed: Resolved some ambiguities in the podcast episode status field.
4. Changed: Added some additional podcast feed keep options.
5. Fixed: Internal cover art for OGG files could get extracted with extra data at the end of the file.
6. Fixed: Large internal cover art images (1.5 MB or larger) could cause crashes with OGG files.
7. NEW: Updated the OGG input plugin to use all the latest OGG code.
8. Changed: Plugins that error or crash during tag reading or writing are less likely to bring down the entire program.
9. Fixed: OGG tags could have an extraneous external image file field saved.
10. Fixed: possible(rare) buffer overrun in Library Server, UPnP Server and TiVo Server.
11. Fixed: With "Eject on close" enabled for an iPod, the iPod would also be ejected after a sync.
12. Changed: Saving or deleting a view preset and then pressing "Cancel" will still preserve the preset changes.
13. Fixed: Action Window > File Properties > File Playlists didn't nicely handle playlist creation / renaming from inside the Action Window.

11.1.126 (2/21/06)
1. Fixed: The syntax checking for "Rename From Properties..." wouldn't let advanced expressions function. (i.e. "[Album] - FormatDate([Date, 0], yyyy-mm-dd)")
2. Fixed: In rare cases, multi-threaded DB access could cause issues.

11.1.125 (2/21/06)
1. Changed: For digital TV only, if "Start digital TV in time-shifting mode" option is used, clicking Stop button will completely stop TV playback (instead of stopping only time-shifting and resuming regular playback).
2. Fixed: FF/Rew of TV in time-shifting mode did not work in build 11.1.124.
3. Fixed: Tooltips with blank lines did not display properly.
4. NEW: Podcast tooltips now show media file comments (usually episode description).
5. Changed: HTML (which is not used) is now removed from Podcast titles and descriptions, making them look nicer.
6. Changed: Improved handling of Podcast episode status and associated tooltips.
7. Changed: When WMDM fails to load, a message b ox is displayed to explain that the system must be updated and that handhelds can't work without this.
8. Changed: Removed the nesting of the "Sort" menu in the Options drop menu of tile-style library views.
9. Changed: When changing the selection of a library tile, the scroll position of the files list at the bottom (if enabled) will be reset to the top.
10. Fixed: Tree > Handheld > Right-click > Options... wouldn't always show the options for the selected handheld.
11. Fixed: Mini-me could draw with no text if a skin specified a font that the system couldn't properly load.
12. Fixed: Send To > Playing Now > Add (shuffle all) didn't shuffle properly when targetting an inactive zone.
13. Fixed: The MRU menu item for "Play" wouldn't always function the same as the actual menu item when in Playing Now.
14. Changed: Added error message box for when user without admin rights tries to access the CD drive for ripping/burning.
15. Changed: Quick Find of cover art will work for DVD videos on hard drive with an image file in the same folder.
16. Changed: Switched "Jump Back 30 Seconds" to "Jump Back 10 Seconds". (for Girder and command line users, any time value can be passed as MCC 10034 and 10035)

11.1.124 (2/20/06)
1. Fixed: Incorrect bitrate was reported for streaming WAV files (from Library Server).
2. NEW: Put in expermental Export Playlist to Podcast feature. (generates unusable URLs)
3. Fixed: Handheld plugin would not load properly on Windows 98.
4. Changed: Reduced the number of stops in the fast forward and rewind progression during DVD and TV playback.
5. NEW: Added "Jump Forward 30 Seconds" and "Jump Back 30 Seconds" as seek possibilities. (Player menu, remote command, Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right)

11.1.123 (02/16/06)
1. Changed: Podcast Episode status now has better tooltips.
2. Changed: All tooltips now word wrap across multiple lines.
3. Changed: We now ignore all empty XML tags in Podcast Feeds. (CNN now works)
4. Changed: There are a few more Podcast feed download and keep options.
5. Fixed: Using custom command-line parameters for the MP3 encoder without specifying lame.exe at the front wasn't working. (now defaults to lame if nothing is specified)
6. Fixed: With DSP enabled and clip-control off, audio would not properly flat-line on overflows. (introduced in 122)
7. Optimized: Several more assembly optimizations to the core playback / decoding / conversion engine. (lower CPU usage, faster conversions, etc.)
8. Fixed: A timing message box could appear at the end of a file conversion.
9. Fixed: WAV streamed from Library Server was not played in MC's native playback engine.
10. Fixed: In rare cases DirectShow playback could crash when switching tracks.
11. Fixed: The podcast "file download" right-click option did not always do what you would expect.
12. Changed: Ogg encoding couldn't be done "on-the-fly".
13. NEW: Updated Ogg Vorbis encoder to version 2.8 (libvorbis version 1.1.2)
14. Changed: Library server uses less aggressive filename escapement. (only escapes unicode and non-printing characters)
15. Changed: Library server escapement is applied just-in-time instead of on library load.
16. Fixed: Typing invalid custom command line parameters into the MP3 encoder could cause a hang when doing a conversion.
17. NEW: Updated the German translation file. (thanks ByteStar!)

11.1.122 (02/15/06)
1. Changed: Handheld options only shows connected devices. (since MC doesn't know everything it would need to about disconnected devices)
2. Changed: Removed a nesting level in Options > Playback.
3. Changed: Options tree controls have slightly more vertical spacing between items.
4. NEW: Help file updated for v11.1 (thanks Lise!)
5. Fixed: Right click ripping options weren't available when viewing multiple drives in list control.
6. NEW: Included Dutch translation. (thanks BennyD!)
7. Changed: Playlists of all images get image-style default columns instead of audio-style columns.
8. Changed: If no version number is set in the Podcast file, we reset the download Tag configuration to the default.
9. NEW: Deleted Podcasts episodes can now be hidden from view.
10. Changed: Added ability to turn off TV, Podcasts, Web Media, and My Computer to Options > General > Advanced > Features. (experiment -- may not remain)
11. Changed: If a DirectShow video file hung on opening (due to a bad filter / bad file), MC would not be able to stop or shutdown properly.
12. Fixed: Some interface plugins would not be disabled when checking "stop 3rd party plugins" on the incomplete shutdown dialog. (AudioScrobbler, etc.)
13. NEW: Added option to use super-fast Go-Go encoder to MP3 encoder. (2x-3x faster for doing on-the-fly conversion for handhelds, UPnP, etc.)
14. Changed: Reworked the MP3 encoder options dialog.
15. Changed: Podcast download button is now gone. It is replaced by a "Download" hyperlink.
16. Changed: All click-able entries in the Episode Status column are now shown as hyperlinks, and have custom tooltips.
17. Optimized: Several assembly optimizations to the core playback / decoding / conversion engine. (lower CPU usage, faster conversions, etc.)
18. Fixed: Clip-protection would not work as expected for the DSP applied to a CD burn. (attenuation would not rebound at the same rate as it would during regular playback)

11.1.121 (02/14/06)
1. Fixed: Duplicate Podcast episodes are now handled gracefully.
2. Fixed: Deleting files from a handheld (manually or on a sync) could cause a crash.
3. Fixed: Cover art was not working properly over library server.
4. Optimized: Handheld playlist upload is fully threaded. (eliminates pauses after uploading the last file in a sync)
5. Changed: MC shows a wait message when calculating a handheld sync.
6. Fixed: Uninstall could show an error message.
7. New: Added Dutch to languages (Thanks, bennyd)

11.1.120 (02/13/06)
1. Fixed: Seeking to the end of a file and pressing next at exactly the same time could cause a failure.
2. Fixed: TiVo Total Duration was off by a factor of 1000.
3. NEW: Includes new MPC decoder. (thread safe, decodes latest MPC files, supports 32-bit output, etc.)
4. Fixed: Podcasts were not properly handling international characters.
5. Changed: "Analyze Audio" tool will not try analyzing files that are not played in MC's native playback engine.
6. Fixed: With duplicate Podcast episodes in the database, it was possible to download the same episode repeatedly.
7. Fixed: In some cases, an iPod would not do an OS-level eject because the plugin thread's working directory prevented the eject.
8. Changed: Added "Remove Device" and "Rename Device" to the handheld options dialog.
9. NEW: Send To menu has zone specific playback commands when there are more one configured zone. (allows simple "Preview on headphones" style functionality)

11.1.119 (02/13/2006)
1. Changed: "Clean File Properties" can no longer operate on "File Type" and "Media Type". (changing these can cause other problems)
2. Fixed: iPod playlists would not always be loaded properly. (could show same file multiple times in playlist)
3. NEW: Included Romanian translation file. (thanks Catana Silviu!)
4. Optimized: The playlist upload portion of an iPod sync is much faster.
5. Fixed: Web Media links would not work.
6. Changed: Text in several areas of the program better sizes to hold translated text. (Library view tiles, Action Window, etc.)
7. Changed: MC behaves more logically when pressing next in the last few seconds of a file's playback.

11.1.118 (02/10/06)
1. Optimized: Improved the speed of the display menu when G-Force is installed.
2. Changed: When an iPod (or other device) fails to be loaded, unplugging it and plugging it back in will try to load it again.
3. Changed: Revised the wording when plugging in an iPod that could not be loaded. (no database, etc.)
4. Changed: Revised the message displayed when picking "Handheld Player" in the Action Window when no player is connected.
5. NEW: Podcasts on an iPod are flagged to be skipped during shuffle / and to always get bookmarked. (will only get flagged for podcasts newly uploaded to an iPod)
6. Fixed: One empty playlist could end up on the iPod after a sync.
7. Changed: "Digital TV" tab is no longer displayed in TV Options if no digital TV device is available (the tab caused crashes if selected).
8. Fixed: The "Display" menu could cause a crash.
9. Changed: Removed frame-rate selection from some visualizations.
10. Fixed: After a sync, playlists could fail to get built properly.
11. Fixed: Pausing audio playback, pressing Next, then pressing Next again would cause playback to corrupt when using DirectX output.
12. Fixed: Podcasts were incorrectly computing total disk used, and deleting episodes en masse as a result.

11.1.117 (02/09/06)
1. Changed: "MP4 Source" filter gets higher loading priority than "Haali Media Splitter" in DirectShow playback of m4a files.
2. New: Podcast downloads now use a progress bar to show status.
3. New: Deleted Podcast episodes are shown as deleted and are not automatically downloaded a second time.
4. New: Deleted Podcast episodes can be unmarked as deleted by clicking on their Episode Status.
5. New: Manually requested Podcast episode downloads can be cancelled by clicking on their Episode Status.
6. Fixed: Podcast episode status field was not always updated promptly after a status change.
7. Fixed: Orphaned Podcast episodes were not always purged correctly.
8. Changed: Removed the "Send To" menu from playlist groups in the tree. (since calculating the union of files for lots of child smartlists could be slow)
9. NEW: All thumbnail views adapth their thumbnail sizing to prevent dead-space on the right side. (just like library browser style views do)
10. NEW: Added "Playlists" as a possible startup location to options.
11. Fixed: After stopping and starting playback again, track info pages would not always rebuild to show updated information.
12. Fixed: DVD playback was broken.
13. Fixed: The Reset TiVo Beacon button would crash.
14. Fixed: After failing to load a library server library, MC could offer to restore from a backup instead of simply switching back to the current library.
15. Fixed: Playing images and audio at the same time over library server would not work as expected.
16. Fixed: When starting dual playback of audio and images by double-clicking an image, the desired image wouldn't always start.
17. Changed: Tuned how shuffle works for images during audio + image playback.
18. Changed: mp4 media type can be played in DirectShow. The user must enable it in Options. The default is to use Quicktime.
19. Fixed: Sound recorder crashed at end or recording if simultaneous encoding was not selected.
20. Changed: Improved error reporting and logging for WinTV PVR family TV tuners.
21. Changed: Removed v1 MPL playlist parsing support.
22. NEW: Podcasts get listed under the Podcasts item on the iPod.

11.1.116 (02/08/06)
1. Changed: Capped the maximum size a tooltip can ever be. (when a file has a very large comment, etc.)
2. Changed: Removed the "Start auto-pan on zoom" option from image playback. (use 'P' to start Ken Burn's style image transitions)
3. Changed: When double-clicking a single audio file in a playlist of images and audio, the images will play in slideshow mode. (but not if you double-click a single image)
4. NEW: Included Spanish translation file. (thanks to ferent)
5. NEW: Included updated German translation file. (thanks to ByteStar)
6. NEW: Included partial Chinese translation file. (thanks to Yaobing)
7. Fixed: In rare cases the first conversion when transferring to a handheld to fail.
8. Fixed: Re-importing DVD movies from hard disk which already existed in the MC database failed.
9. Fixed: DVD movies would import but not play from network drives.
10. Fixed: When DRM tracks without licenses were dragged to a portable device, clicking the Transfer button gave no indication of the problem.
11. Changed: When changing File Associations, we also handle Mime Type associations.
12. Changed: Media Center no longer recognizes memory stick, compact flash, and similar ports as devices when the port is empty.
13. Changed: Deleting a portable device will remove it and ignore it.
14. Changed: The 'Edit Selected Item' menu item was renamed to 'Rename'.
15. Fixed: Library browser type views could fail to draw properly when scrolling down on some machines.
16. Fixed: Library browser type views could have a single pixel border on their left that wouldn't redraw properly.
17. Fixed: Podcast files could get categorized incorrectly on an iPod.

11.1.115 (02/07/06)
1. Fixed: Resetting devices while viewing a handheld view could cause a crash.
2. Fixed: Handhelds would unexpectedly rerun smartlists when dropping individual files onto a device setup for sync. (causing confusing sync of random type lists)
3. Fixed: "Auto-sync on connect" handheld option was not functioning properly.
4. Fixed: Cover art would not always clear from the display once Media Center stopped playing.
5. Fixed: The player bar's spectrum analyzer could get "stuck" if you paused, quickly hid Media Center, and then showed it later.
6. NEW: Media Center uses relative paths whenever possible when building playlists on a handheld device.
7. NEW: Improved Media Center's handling of advanced relative paths in playlists.
8. New: Added a link to see the previous MC execution's log file.
9. Fixed: Cameras that specified a focal plane resolution but no focal plane units in their EXIF tag could cause a crash.
10. Changed: Tweaked the EXIF output for images. (Action Window > File Properties > File Type Info)
11. Fixed: In the library header navigation bar, the word "File" could get replaced by "Pane" in some cases.
12. Changed: Reworded the Options > CD & DVD Burning dialog to better encompass DVDs.
13. NEW: Added the ability to hot-swap language files to the Tools > Language menu.
14. Fixed: Media Center would not silently skip missing tracks during playback as expected.
15. Fixed: Importing DVD movies from hard disk not working correctly.
16. Fixed: CD and DVD Discs that were in the drive when MC started were getting named "Unnamed Disc" instead of the proper volume name.
17. Fixed: Library Server would not share certain content types (Direct Show).

11.1.114 (02/06/06)
1. Changed: People, places, events, and keywords are default search fields.
2. Fixed: Emailing multiple files at once from the "Send To" menu was not working properly.
3. Changed: Tweaked the Send To > Play menu layout.
4. Changed: Revised menu / toolbar customization tooltip text.
5. Fixed: Media Center could be slower to size than expected.
6. Fixed: Switching sample rates of audio files being played could cause audio corruption in some cases.
7. Fixed: QMB boxes now set focus to the edit field. (Highlight it, too.)
8. Fixed: Search box is speedy again.
9. Changed: Search box no longer resizes.
10. Changed: The play shortcut in some Theater View or Windowed mode pages would play the files from the view selected in Standard View instead of the current playing now. (if this option was selected)
11. Changed: Theater View uses the same display mode (visualization, track info, etc.) as standard and full screen view. (Mini View still gets independent settings)
12. Changed: Revised the about dialog to contain a J. River link in it.
13. Fixed: The recently imported playlist was not working properly.
14. Optimized: Much faster Theater View thumbnail operation.
15. Fixed: MC plays even more asx streams (Allmusic previews for example).
16. Fixed: Some iRiver iFP-type devices could cause Media Center to lock-up.
17. Changed: Replaced Podcast "Click to Download" with a "Download" button.
18. Fixed: Search control "Go" button would not appear as expected in non-file views.
19. Fixed: Long search control text could bleed on to the right border of the search control with some skins.

11.1.113 (02/03/06)
1. Changed: Added a tooltip to the top menu bar that explains that the bar is customizable. (shows after 2 seconds)
2. Changed: After editing an image, MC will save the previous tags into the updated file. (if you "Save As..." instead, tags will not be transferred)
3. Fixed: During FTP image upload, the progress display could show incorrect values.
4. NEW: Added .dvr-ms as a supported Windows Media Video file type.
5. NEW: Media Center does an OS-level eject on devices like an iPod when the system suports it. (so it's removed from the "Safely Remove Hardware" system, etc.)
6. NEW: Added the ability to eject drive-style handheld devices like a MuVo, Samsung, etc. (OS-level eject as well)
7. Fixed: After a "Save As ..." operation, the text on the title bar of Image Editor was messed up.
8. Changed: JPEG images are saved at higher quality in Image Editor.

11.1.112 (02/02/06)
1. Fixed: Video Podcasts get classified correctly on an iPod 5g.
2. Optimized: Improved the loading speed of the display menu that allows picking visualization, track info, etc.
3. Optimzied: Device enumeration now occurs in a low-priority background thread. (so a slow WMDM system won't stall the program)
4. Optimized: Janus-style devices synchronize their licenses in a background thread. (instead of blocking the program)
5. Optimzied: Improved initialization time of Janus-style handheld devices.
6. Fixed: The player area configuration menu could appear on mouse-up even if the mouse wasn't pressed down over the area.
7. Changed: Quick Play > Media Library > All Files now sorts the file list.
8. Fixed: When moving the mouse around in the player bar, the built-in spectrum analyzer could move faster than normal.
9. Changed: Covering the player window spectrum analyzer (or minimizing) completely stops all associated processing.
10. Changed: Spectrum analyzer is on by default in the player window. (click on it to turn it off)
11. Optimized: Built-in spectrum analyzer is fully threaded, so that it can never block the main program.
12. Improved: Library Server incorrect dialog message.
13. NEW: Podcast downloads are automatically suspended when an Internet connection is unavailable.

11.1.111 (02/01/06)
1. Changed: Removed Folder.jpg filtering on import.
2. Fixed: In-place editing the name field could start with the text scrolled to one side.
3. Optimized: Improved the speed of playlist transfers to a handheld. (still limited by handheld speed)
4. Changed: Video iPods now understand that they support m4v files.
5. Changed: Dropping files on MC that it can't parse / play no longer plays what was already in Playing Now.
6. Changed: Revised the columns shown in a CD view when doing an audio burn.
7. Changed: Reworked the data burning Action Window page.
8. Changed: Changing pane selections no longer presevers the selected file set in the file list.
9. Fixed: With Media Center maximized, switching from standard view to windowed view and back could leave an orphaned taskbar icon.
10. Changed: MC no longer attempts to play MP4 files with DirectShow, but instead always uses QuickTime. (too many buggy mp4 filters)
11. Changed: If attempting to test if a file can be played with DirectShow doesn't respond, MC will not try that file type again during the current run of the program. (to side-step buggy filters)
12. Fixed: Last Exit View works now.
13. Fixed: Default podcast filename is now [ymd] [title] instead of [ymd] [name].
14. Fixed: Podcast download now accepts the suffix of an Episode URL if it looks like a valid media type.

11.1.110 (01/31/06)
1. Changed: Podcast browser window now recognises pop-ups and allows them to open outside the program.
2. NEW: Added a feature to disable automatic Podcast episode downloads. Does not affect click-to-download operation.
3. Changed: Re-enabled list selection by drawing a marquee box on the list.
4. Fixed: ~Fill smartlist rule for filling a handheld was not working properly.
5. NEW: Added a "Recheck Sync" option to a handheld view header and action window options menu to allow a sync to be recalculated. (after manual playlist / file info changes or if you want different random files from a smartlist)
6. Fixed: iPods wouldn't understand that they natively supported m4p files.
7. Changed: In-place editing wouldn't select the full string when the drop list showed <too many to list>.
8. Changed: During an upload, the status of files queued to be deleted would be shown as "On Device" instead of "Delete On Sync".
9. Fixed: Playlist change or delete only syncs were not being properly allowed. (so you'd have to transfer one file to get the device in sync)
10. Changed: Files converted during handheld upload will always get an image saved in their tag if the format supports it.
11. Changed: Updated the Alt+1...9 shortcuts to mirror the current tree structure.
12. Fixed: Faulty DirectShow filters could cause MC to hang during import or playback.
13. Optimized: Faster iPod initialization times.
14. Changed: The Incomplete Shutdown Dialog will only show after two (or more) consecutive incomplete shutdowns.
15. Changed: Added a hard-coded Podcast Mime-to-file-extension table in Media Center, because some users appear to have incorrect Windows registry entries to do this.

11.1.109 (01/30/06)
1. Changed: Switched default output plugin from WaveOut to DirectSound.
2. Optimized: Many optimizations that improve performance with handhelds connected.
3. Changed: When viewing a playlist group, no files are shown unless the list is double-clicked.
4. Changed: The play button on a view header always plays the visible files. (instead of possibly requerying for new files)
5. Fixed: Switching libraries while MC was analyzing the transfer status of handheld files could cause a crash.
6. Optimized: Syncs are calculated when viewing a handheld instead of when MC starts.
7. Optimized: Syncs are only calculated once. (re-open handheld action window to recalculate the sync)
8. Optimized: Syncing playback information back from an iPod now faster in some cases.
9. Fixed: More ASX streams are now playable.
10. Changed: When ripping CD's to cue sheets, the formatting inside the cue sheet file is more compatible with other programs.
11. Fixed: Burning m4a and other DirectShow-played tracks did not work.
12. Fixed: Library Server would ask for a password too often.

11.1.108 (01/27/06)
1. Changed: Updated the version of the installer's self-executing file extractor. May fix false alarms from virus / spyware programs.
2. Optimized: In-place editing is now much faster to switch between items with large lists.
3. Fixed: Some asx streams weren't playing if they were served up by php scripting.
4. Changed: Some tweaks that could fix offset tree drag images. (not able to reproduce)
5. Fixed: Dragging onto a non-item area in a tree control would show as enabled where it should be disabled.
6. Changed: Moved the "Auto-eject" option from "Device Management" to the root of handheld options. (only available for an iPod)
7. NEW: When MC detects a handheld, it allows the user to name the device when saying whether MC should recognize it.
8. Fixed: Editing the search box in a smartlist wouldn't always update the file list right away.
9. Fixed: "Play All" from Windows Explorer now works (may affect anything that sends multiple commands to MC from externally).
10. Fixed: Tree nodes were not expanding correctly.
11. Fixed: It was possible to add a page to Podcast favorites, and be unable to remove it.
12. Fixed: Some Podcast font sizes, text and messages were made consistent with the rest of the program.

11.1.107 (01/26/05)
1. Fixed: Podcast favorites were not displayed properly at top-of-page, and were not set correctly.
2. Changed: Auto-complete edit controls cap at a lower number of items to help in-place editing performance.
3. Fixed: Having more than 2 GB of thumbnails could still cause issues in some cases.
4. Changed: In-place editing filters the all choices list to the media type of the selected files. (instead of the full library)
5. Fixed: 3D image slideshow visualizations were crashing.
6. Changed: When setting Media Center to play the last playlist on startup, image playback now starts in slideshow mode instead of paused.
7. Fixed: In some cases, thumbnails would fail to be created for files as expected after viewing 3D visualizations.
8. Fixed: Input plugins that output 32-bit sound or 5.1 sound could make occasional clicking noises.
9. Changed: New artwork for header of file downloading view.
10. Changed: Files with DTS extension are played using DirectShow instead of WAVE plugin.
11. Fixed: The podcast delete button sometimes deleted episodes, not podcasts.
12. Fixed: Audible files could not be burned to CD.
13. Changed: Podcasts have moved back to the root of the tree, just below the media types.
14. Fixed: Erasing CD/RW disks resulted in a crash.
15. Fixed: Dragging tree items could produce a drag image that was offset a little.
16. Changed: Dragging tree items provides a better looking alpha drag image. (no more red / pink borders around icons)
17. Optimized: Improved performance of logging system.
18. Fixed: Importing files could use more memory than expected. (introduced in 102)
19. Fixed: Removed the "Select" option from Theater View's Playing Now as it didn't work or make logical sense.

11.1.106 (01/25/06)
1. Fixed: APE encoder options would allow typing in the quality selection box.
2. Changed: Clarified the message shown when trying to transfer duplicate files to a handheld.
3. Changed: Library tree root items can be dragged. (allows simple drag-n-drop playback, playlist creation, etc. of all Audio, Images, etc.)
4. Changed: Renamed "Download Progress" Action Window to "Download".
5. Changed: Handheld upload progress Action Window shows "2.3 hours remaining" or similar for long times instead of "138 minutes remaining".
6. Optimized: Many optimizations resulting in faster and more responsive behavior when adding many files to a handheld sync and when starting the sync.
7. Fixed: When doing multiple MP3 conversions at once during a handheld upload when the encoder was not yet fully installed would cause one of the encode processes to fail.
8. Optimized: Clicking "Cancel" during an upload now operates more quickly.
9. Changed: "Redetect Devices..." no longer available when configuring a specific handheld. (could cause a crash)
10. Changed: Handheld views are forced to report style so that status / upload progress can be properly displayed.
11. Fixed: After formatting a device, the UI would not update until leaving the handheld view and returning.
12. Optimized: Increased performance in thumbnail and handheld lists when updating list items for thumbnail / status changes.
13. Fixed: Changes to columns, sorting, etc. for playlist views would not take effect right away after using "Customize Current View".
14. Changed: The file list below a library tile list uses independent settings from the file list in the panes view.
15. Changed: Switched "Show list" to "Details" in all Action Windows.
16. Changed: Updated "Downloaded Podcasts" icon in the tree.
17. Changed: Removed the border from the Podcasts web view.
18. Changed: Podcast Feed view headers snap to their ideal size each time they're shown, just like any other view with a header.
19. Changed: Added a "Reset Beacon" button to the TiVo Options dialog.
20. Fixed: Audio CD burning with replay gain set to "album based" rather than "track based" resulted in silent tracks.
21. Fixed: Audio files (Audible for example) that completed downloading failed to start playing.
22. New: MC will try to play AC3 and DTS audio files.

11.1.105 (01/24/06)
1. Fixed: After clearing a library and importing many tracks, sorting and album analysis would not always work as expected.
2. Fixed: Library grouping views were not honoring sorting changes.
3. Fixed: Album Artist (auto) would not always get filled in right away when starting MC.
4. Changed: When adding a new device that points to a disk location, you can specify a name right there. (can also be edited in the tree later)
5. Changed: When adding a new device that points to a disk location, the path box now allows typing.
6. Fixed: Custom handheld playlist paths would not save properly.
7. NEW: Webpages inside Media Center accept drag-n-drop of other webpages to navigate to a different location.
8. NEW: When files are downloading from a service plugin, clicking "show details" in the action window shows a special downloading view.
9. NEW: Within Media Center, you can now click on any RSS Podcast link to subscribe to the Podcast.

11.1.103 (01/20/06)
1. NEW: Added optional spectrum analyzer to player window. (click to enable) (takes no cycles when MC is not visible)
2. Changed: Default smartlist "100 Random Songs" wasn't limited to audio. (change takes effect if stock smartlists are recreated)
3. Fixed: Range searches for times (i.e. [Date Imported]=1d-7d) were not working as expected.
4. Fixed: Pressing F5 wouldn't preserve the view scroll, selection, etc. as expected.
5. Changed: Album name is now considered along with name and filesize when testing if an image file is a duplicate (or has changed) for the purposes of handheld syncs.
6. Changed: View scheme library header menu only appears when the tree is hidden. (right-click the bar to see full menu)
7. NEW: Added a right-click menu to the library header bar.
8. NEW: Added more logging for 3rd party plugin creation to aid developers in troubleshooting problems.
9. Changed: Resizing a plugin view for a plugin that failed to load no longer repeatedly shows an error.
10. Changed: Player window right-click and left click show the same action / configure menu.
11. Fixed: Visualization data is only output from the active zone, so visualizations (G-Force included) behave more logically in multi-zone configurations.
12. Fixed: Podcast file extensions and media types became confused with URLs containing complex parameters.
13. Fixed: Podcast downloads now ignore original file name found in URL. Could not reliably extract a sensible filename from complex URLs.
14. Fixed: We are now more tolerant of illegal URLs and Mime types in Podcast feeds.

11.1.102 (01/19/06)
1. Fixed: The handheld option "Get data from handheld on connect" was not saving properly.
2. New: Media Center TV now supports Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB2 device.
3. Changed: With Media Center running, plugging in a fully synced device set to "Auto-sync on connect" will message the user that the device is synced.
4. Fixed: Pressing "Alt" while MC was loading could cause a crash.
5. Changed: Sync mode "All" no longer sends playlist groups. (instead, just playlists and smartlists)
6. Changed: Switching handheld options in and out of sync mode adds / removes the relevant options to the bottom list.
7. Changed: Improved handling of playback zone switching while in fullscreen mode.
8. Changed: Increased auto-show menu delays in the library view header by 33%.
9. Changed: Library view header view scheme picker menu uses nesting for long view scheme lists.
10. Changed: Typed list navigation searches the last clicked column in a list instead of doing a quick search. (use Ctrl+Q for quick search)
11. Changed: Clicking on a fullscreen bar resets the mouse and bar hide countdown. (like moving the mouse does)
12. Fixed: Action Window playlist duration displays were not formatting correctly.
13. Fixed: Saving handheld options with no handhelds could cause a crash.
14. Changed: Ctrl+F / Locate switch to the root Audio / Image / Video / User view scheme if in a non-root view scheme.
15. Fixed: When changing the search, the panes now reset their selection instead of maintaining the same selection they had with the previous search.
16. Changed: Added option to import results dialog to show in-depth report. (dialog is sizable)
17. Fixed: CD burning would fail on some systems if the burn queue was displayed (and status updates were extremely slow).
18. Changed: Tweaked the list of stock smartlists in the tree (fewer) and choices in the "Create Smartlist" dialog (more).
19. Changed: Podcasts are now assigned a Track # when downloaded, so they appear on handhelds in date order.
20. Changed: Podcasts moved to "Services and Plug-ins" (may change)

11.1.101 (01/17/06)
1. Fixed: The handheld option "Get data from handheld on connect" was not saving properly.
2. Changed: The status column is always shown in a handheld view. (instead of just when there are queued files)
3. Fixed: After some actions (like erasing files) the handheld view panes would not update to match the list.
4. Fixed: The sync on connect / startup option was not working as expected.
5. Fixed: When connecting a handheld device, the handheld's Action Window will autmatically be shown.
6. Changed: When disconnecting a handheld, the associated action window will automatically close.
7. Fixed: Podcast web pages sometimes opened outside the MC window.
8. Fixed: iPods with podcasts uploaded from iTunes could cause a crash.
9. Changed: When Media Center fails to load a cached thumbnail, it resets itself so it rebuilds the thumbnail.
10. Fixed: Restoring a library wouldn't reset the thumbnails from the previous library, causing some thumbs to not appear.
11. Fixed: Changing a selection in the panes would not reset the scroll position of the bottom list when showing a new set of files.
12. Fixed: Playlists were not transferring to portable devices correctly.

11.1.100 (01/16/06)
1. NEW: Photos uploaded to an iPod now support NTSC output to a TV.
2. Fixed: Some older firmware iPod photos wouldn't properly display a photo slideshow.
3. Changed: Files on a device show "Delete On Sync" in the status column when they're flagged for removal.
4. Changed: Play counts and ratings are now synchronized back from a device in a worker thread when the device is connected. (instead of blocking the program)
5. Fixed: Delete playlist confirmation from the iPod plugin only showed an 'OK' button.
6. Changed: Some tweaking of handheld menus.
7. NEW: Added "Options" button next to "Sync Now" button for handheld views.

11.1.99 (01/13/06)
1. New: Improved Real Audio tag importing.
2. Fixed: Bit depth was not imported for AAC and other formats that use DirectShow filters for playback.
3. Fixed: MP4 files were not showing as supported for 5th generation iPods.
4. Fixed: Videos on the iPod would show up as an audio file on restart of the program.
5. NEW: Added Photo album support to the iPod. (requires photos be uploaded with MC to have a reasonable album name)
6. Fixed: Improved iPod photo support for images with unicode or long filenames.
7. Fixed: Search strings containing dashes were matching too many items (example "b-sides").
8. Changed: Photos on the iPod should appear centered.
9. Changed: Tweaked the background color for photos on an iPod depending on the viewing mode.
10. Fixed: Photos not showing up on iriver H10 20GC.
11. Fixed: Clicking on an artist or an album in handheld panes didn't show correct file listings.

11.1.98 (01/12/06)
1. NEW: Added iPod photo support.

11.1.97 (01/11/06)
1. Changed: Tuned the display bar hide timing to be less aggressive.
2. Changed: Added a "Restore" button to the full screen toolbar to be more consistent with a regular window header.
3. Changed: Trimmed the height of the library view header bar.
4. Fixed: The averaged album year listed for an album with multiple track years was displaying decimal values.
5. Fixed: List controls weren't redrawing correctly when another list control was scrolled.
6. Changed: Multiple ~d terms now honor all terms instead of ignoring later terms.
7. Fixed: Turning on Access Control would allow removable (and other) entries to appear when not expected.
8. Fixed: In search expressions, escaped parenthesis characters were not working.
9. Fixed: ~a would not work properly with access control.
10. Fixed: About dialog had incorrect version and copyright dates.
11. New: Real Audio files will play in MC's native playback engine if needed DirectShow filters are present.
12. Changed: Rearranged loading priority of some DirectShow filters for m4a playback.
13. Changed: When internet is not available and MC tries to load a web page, an informative default web page is shown.
14. Fixed: When multiple views are selected (under View->Split View), each view's menu will not affect the other view.
15. Fixed: Ranges (like 80-89) would put the 0 value under (Others), instead of 00-09.
16. Fixed: Single digit ranges (like 0-9) would match too many values when used in a view scheme.

11.1.96 (01/09/06)
1. Fixed: Inaccurate bitrate of m4a files was used during importing.
2. Fixed: Podcast feed retry count was not reset after changing the URL.
3. Fixed: Older iPods could cause a crash when being connected to Media Center.
4. Changed: When emailing images from a fullscreen slideshow, MC first exits fullscreen so it doesn't cover the email program.
5. Changed: When emailing from MC with some email clients (Outlook, etc.), MC would remain locked until the email was sent.
6. Fixed: Some calculated fields could be overly slow when dealing with CD database files.
7. Changed: Library views save the last viewed mode per scheme. (but won't save "Albums" when switching to "Artists" and then going into an artist's albums)
8. Fixed: Grouping of year and day fields in view schemes would not work properly.
9. Fixed: Album expansion from a smartlist would not work.
10. Fixed: Mini View was not formatting durations properly in the track list control.
11. Fixed: On a fresh install (or upgrade from MC 10), picking "Rip" without first selecting an encoder would cause an error to appear.
12. Fixed: After installing an input plugin, the file types list on the import dialog wouldn't update until MC was restarted.
13. Changed: MC wouldn't allow the same track to be placed in the burn list multiple times.
14. Fixed: The handheld action bin wouldn't update properly when erasing files from the handheld.
15. Changed: When updating handheld options for sync / manual mode, the action window will update for the current transfer if it's open.
16. Fixed: When pausing a slideshow and then switching images, MC wouldn't maintain the paused state.
17. Fixed: After formatting an iPod from inside of MC, the free space would not get updated.
18. Fixed: Importing of aac (and other DirectShow formats) files ignored sample rate and number of channels.
19. Fixed: Trying to hide a plugin that had not been activated would fail.
20. Fixed: Submitting a CD to YADB with missing genre would fail.

11.1.95 (01/06/06)
1. Fixed: The "Removable" DB field would not show a "1" for removable files.
2. Fixed: The drop menus for library view switching wouldn't appear in the correct location when MC was maximized.
3. Changed: Somewhat revised the library view header bar.
4. Fixed: When ripping a CD not found in YADB, MC asks if you want to rip with unkown info. If you selected 'No', CD was ejected giving no chance to fix tags manually.
5. Fixed: Bitrate of m4a files were not displayed during playback.
6. Fixed: Podcasts were not sorted by name in the tree control.
7. Fixed: The Podcast 'composer' renaming rule was not stored in Podcast.xml.

11.1.94 (01/05/06)
1. Changed: Primary Podcast header now contains an introduction to Podcasting in MC.
2. Changed: Buttons were added to all podcast headers, improving access to functions present in the tree control.
3. Fixed: Number-type fields could display integers without trailing 0's. (could also affect date displays)
4. Changed: All calculated fields operate as expressions. (mostly internal change, but will also help performance in some areas)
5. Optimized: Calculated / expression fields can now get cached by the sorting engine, helping speed when using these fields.
6. Fixed: Escaping a closing parenthesis in an expression would not always work as expected.
7. Fixed: "Customize Current View" for a list below grouping tiles would show "Tiles" as the list mode instead of the correct list mode.
8. Fixed: When ripping CD's, [Track #] field not handled correctly for file naming.
9. Fixed: If auto-rip was enabled and eject-cd was disabled for CD burning, rip would commence as soon as burn was complete.
10. Changed: Library view drop-menus auto pop and hide to reduce the number of clicks necessary to make a switch.
11. Changed: Media Center defaults to a maximized state on a fresh install.
12. Fixed: YADB Lookup cancel was not cancelling quickly.

11.1.93 (01/04/06)
1. NEW: Dropping files directly onto a Media Center shortcut will begin playback.
2. Changed: Command line playback commands support file lists in this form: "c:\1.mp3" "c:\2.mp3" (also supports alternative "c:\1.mp3"|"c:\2.mp3")
3. Changed: Revised anti-repeat logic for remote controls to ignore repeat count and only look at timing for most commands. (volume is different since it often gets held down)
4. Fixed: Dimensions column would show an "x" for audio files.
5. Changed: Revised expression language to return fields formatted for display by default, use [Replay Gain, 0] or Field(Replay Gain, 0) to not format for display.

Details here:

6. Changed: Updated the DevZone MC command list to the latest.
7. Changed: Replay gain, width, height, etc. no longer show a question mark when empty. (now simply blank)
8. Fixed: Ejecting a handheld from the right-click menu in the tree wouldn't remove it from the MC tree.
9. Fixed: Trying to close MC from a theater view button while media server was running wouldn't work as expected.
10. Fixed: When starting MC with media server running, it wouldn't honor the startup mode switch. (for Theater View, etc.)
11. Changed: When picking "Playlist sync" and then picking no playlists, the options dialog will show an error and not let you continue.
12. Changed: Reduced the tooltip delay duration in file lists and a few other spots.
13. Changed: Tile views now contain files (for play, drag-n-drop, etc.) in the order specified by the sorting of the rest of the view.
14. Fixed: Changes to calculated fields wouldn't take effect until MC was restarted.
15. Fixed: Rotating images or using other thumbnail changing tools could cause a crash. (still)
16. Changed: Added a cancel button to image rotation operations.
17. Fixed: YADB Submission was not working in Windows 98 (possibly ME too).
18. Fixed: Podcasts were not properly cleared and re-initialized when the database was cleared.
19. Changed: Full precision Date Field is now saved in Medial Library for Podcasts. (Previously truncated to year)
20. Changed: Podcasts again display and sort using the regular Date Field. (Previously used DateCreated)
21. Changed: Better subtitle on main Podcast frame.

11.1.92 (01/03/06)
1. Optimized: Improved the speed of calculated template-style fields.
2. Optimized: Improved the startup and tree building time. (especially with large libraries)
3. Changed: TV time-shifting window is increased from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.
4. Fixed: When pressing a navigation letter in a library view and then pressing play, the selected files wouldn't always play.
5. Changed: Somewhat revised library view mode switching. (feedback welcome)

11.1.91 (01/02/06)
1. Fixed: Media Center would not run on Win9x / ME systems.
2. Changed: Added higher anti-repeat possibilities (1 second, 1.5 seconds, 2 seconds, 5 seconds) to the remote control options page.
3. Changed: Fullscreen display bars auto-hide even when the mouse is over them. (so they don't "stick" when leaving the mouse in the wrong spot on the screen)
4. Changed: Reduced the number of allowable auto-complete combobox items. (since Windows comboboxes get too slow otherwise)
5. Fixed: Album thumbnails were using the name of the first track instead of the album name as the thumbnail text.
6. Fixed: When showing the TV view, switching between display and webpages, and then going to fullscreen and back, the display would not properly reappear.
7. Fixed: Tile-style views could be much slower than expected.
8. Changed: Grouping views better handle list-style fields where a file shows under several groupings.
9. Fixed: Files that failed to upload to a device could still show in the file list until MC was restarted.
10. Fixed: CD / DVD files were not properly transferring to iPods or other handhelds.
11. Fixed: In rare cases, rotating images or using other thumbnail changing tools could cause a crash.
12. Fixed: Very large libraries could fail to load. (200,000+ tracks)

11.1.90 (12/28/05)
1. Fixed: Tagging errors were displayed after downloading Podcast non-mp3 files.
2. Fixed: After database import, Podcast date-stamps truncated to year-only.
3. Changed: Podcast date stamps are now stored in DATECREATED.
4. Fixed: Podcast file sizes were not checked after download, and were sometimes incomplete.
5. Fixed: After a Podcast download error, the temp file was not always deleted.
6. Changed: Previous and Next work while the player is stopped.
7. Changed: After deleting files from a file list, the "automatic" mode logic will be reapplied.
8. Fixed: Grouping tiles would not show / sort properly by date imported.
9. NEW: Added support for "Details" list of grouped items for detailed artist, album, genre, etc. lists. (experiment -- may not remain)
10. Changed: Tuned tile bordering to provide a larger image.
11. Changed: Reduced the text size of the labels on tiles.
12. Fixed: DirectX video playback could crash if next / previous was pressed while the video was loading.

11.1.89 (12/22/05)
1. Fixed: Tooltips for media modes were not correct.
2. Fixed: Some calculated fields were not grouping properly for tile views.

11.1.88 (12/22/05)
1. Fixed: Some library property menus would not work as expected.
2. Changed: Failures to play m4a, etc. with Direct Show filters through the MC playback engine get logged, but don't show an error message.
3. Fixed: "Cover Art" display could clip the edges off of some images when drawing them.
4. Changed: Root view schemes (audio, images, video, documents) can be erased if they have no files. (they'll reappear if you ever do get files of that type)
5. Changed: Removed "All & Other" from the tree.
6. Changed: "Documents" root scheme appears if there are documents imported, otherwise it isn't visible.
7. Changed: Revised some of the icons in the tree.
8. Changed: Revised Options > Startup > Location to include "Audio", "Images" and "Video".
9. Changed: Disabling album art for a handheld no longer erases art already on the handheld. (use Format / Initialize to start over)
10. Fixed: iPod and other devices would not properly detect whether they should support artwork, so they wouldn't always send it as expected.
11. Changed: Media Center no longer imports Folder.jpg files.

11.1.87 (12/21/05)
1. Fixed: Some Action Window right-click menus wouldn't act on all the selected files.
2. Changed: Pressing fast forward while rewinding time-shifted TV will resume at a normal playback speed.
3. Fixed: During DVD playback, the "Next" chapter command (click 'Next' button or use Ctrl+N) wouldn't always work.
4. Changed: Added "Edit View Scheme..." to the main Edit menu.
5. Changed: Optional list below graphical tiles uses the same customization settings as the list below the panes in a library view.
6. Fixed: Scrolling in a tiles list with the keyboard wouldn't always paint the dead-area on the bottom row properly.
7. NEW: Added "Tile Size" to the view menu when looking at a tile-style library view.
8. Changed: Toggling the bottom file list in a tile view happens faster and doesn't reset the view position of the tiles list.
9. Changed: Updated library browser navigation so that it's possible to use the history at the top to go back to the top level with one click.
10. Changed: Clicking "Files" on a library browser tile won't show the panes with the files. (since selection has already been made)
11. Changed: Imported Playlist contains all files (even if the items in a playlist were not imported).
12. Changed: ID3 tags are generated differently by default, and "COMPOSER" is now set as [ymd][feed].
13. Fixed: Ripping CD's with asian characters in the album and/or artist fields (and using MP3 encoding) wasn't working.

11.1.86 (12/20/05)
1. Changed: Revised the library header bar.
2. Changed: Removed the "All" media shortcut below the search box.
3. Changed: View schemes no longer auto-expand when clicking on them in the tree.
4. Changed: Library views only preserve last view mode (Files, Genres, etc.) when using the back button -- otherwise they revert to "Files".
5. Optimized: Increased speed of many of the iPod plugins internal workings.
6. Fixed: iPod album artwork could get out-of-step after using the iPod enough.
7. Changed: When viewing at the root of a library scheme, Ctrl+F no longer jumps to a different scheme, instead it just focuses the search box.
8. Changed: Updated to the latest LAME for MP3 encoding. (do Help > Check For Updates... to get the latest)
9. Fixed: Media Center shutdown could be delayed by Podcast download operations.
10. Fixed: pcast: URLs were copied with extra slash characters during one-click subscription.
11. Fixed: Shell extensions would fail to work when MC wasn't running and very large numbers of files were operated on.
12. Fixed: Download Manager was not working properly.

11.1.84 (12/19/05)
1. NEW: Added function FormatFileSize(...) to the expression language to make a file size readable.
2. Fixed: The encoding options page allowed the user to type in the encoding type selection box.
3. Fixed: In some cases, the undo logging (undo / redo) could catch internal file changes and additions.
4. Fixed: With the "File Properties" Action Window minimized, previous changes could get saved to new selections in rare cases.
5. Changed: Reduced the minimum column width allowable.
6. Changed: Tuned the rating column default and auto-size width.
7. Fixed: Volume adjustment iPod option should no longer occasionally appear behind MC.
8. Changed: Media Center properly detects the media type of files on a WMDM device instead of assuming they're audio. (may require device reinitialize)
9. Changed: Portable Media Center style devices support images when appropriate.
10. NEW: Added the ability to play WM Professional content as a bitstream (for S/PDIF or ASIO output). (Plugin Manager > Input > WMA > Configure...)
11. Fixed: Renaming some tree items could cause the name to appear in the tree twice until a refresh. (F5)
12. Changed: Switched default skin tree expand image to arrows instead of plus boxes. (can be changed per skin by a skinner in the "Tree" section)
13. Changed: Media modes act as "home run" type links that collapse the tree and show the selected item, but they no longer filter the tree.
14. NEW: Previous log file is saved to "Previous Log.txt" on next MC run.
15. Changed: Reworked default view scheme layout. (use Edit > Reset All View Schemes... to revert to what a fresh install would have)

11.1.83 (12/16/05)
1. NEW: Added ability to select sorting for library grouping views using "View" dropdown. (saves per tab and per view scheme)
2. Changed: The root of the library view navigation history only shows as a link when filtering into a tile.
3. Fixed: "Customize Current View" settings for files at bottom lists in library tile views weren't sticking.
4. Changed: After an import, the actual "Recently Imported" or "Recently Ripped" playlist is shown instead of Media Library with a search filtering to that playlist.
5. Fixed: When switching tracks non-playlist / Playing Now views wouldn't update right away to show the new playing file.
6. Changed: Selections from the files at bottom list of library groupings views now fire to the rest of the program. (for Action Window viewing, statusbar, library tools, etc.)
7. Changed: TV files use the video icon instead of the document icon in file lists.
8. Fixed: The UPnP Server would crash during playback for D-Link DSM-320.
9. Fixed: The rip action window and rip file list wouldn't stay in sync when toggling check boxes for what tracks to rip.
10. NEW: Podcast one-click subscriptions. You can now subscribe to podcasts by clicking on links prefixed pcast: podcast: or suffixed .pcast .podcast .rss.
11. Changed: The check-boxes in the rip list work more logically when selecting multiple files and then hitting a check.
12. Changed: Tuned some of tree and list icons.
13. Fixed: Thumbnails were not working properly when connecting to Library Server.
14. Fixed: Audible downloads were not integrating into Media Center's UI.

11.1.82 (12/15/05)
1. Changed: Restored "Album Thumbnails" list style.
2. NEW: Added list style to the "View" menu at the top-right of a library file listing.
3. Changed: When playback stops in mini-view, the text updates to the stopped state. (instead of showing the last file that played)
4. Changed: Options to check or uncheck all tracks for ripping added to CD right-click menu.
5. Fixed: Files with invalid internal art (1x1 transparent GIF, etc.) could show as a pink thumbnail.
6. Fixed: Scrollbar arrows would fail to work if the mouse wheel hadn't been used first.
7. Fixed: In rare cases, building multiple thumbnails at once of the same file type could cause a crash.
8. Fixed: In library tiles, when resizing where the "Link" drop button would appear, it wouldn't be removed when making the window larger again.
9. Changed: Library view header looks better with large font selections.
10. NEW: Podcast one-click subscriptions are partially implemented for experimental use only. You cannot yet actually subscribe with this method.
11. Fixed: Cover art was not drawing properly in visualizations.
12. Fixed: UTF16 MP3 tagging would use the wrong byte order style in some cases. (introduced in 11.1.81)
13. Fixed: In some cases, confirmation boxes from handhelds could pop up behind Media Center, making the player look stuck.
14. Changed: Reworded options that removes files not in sync and added extra warning when enabling it.
15. Changed: Importing of aac and other types was redone.
16. New: MC will use Haali Media Splitter to load files (aac, m4a etc.) if normal way fails. This should simplify DirectShow filter requirement.
17. Fixed: The first image on an iPod could get overwritten each upload. (causing a blank to appear)

11.1.81 (12/14/05)
1. Fixed: Handheld options dialog could crash if no handhelds were detected.
2. Fixed: Clicking "Play" on a library browser tile wouldn't give the focus to the list, so pressing stop and play again would play the tree selection instead of the list selection.
3. Changed: Thumbnail text, player display, etc. use same expression engine as view schemes / columns so more functionality is supported. (also fixes circular reference error when using calculated fields)
4. Changed: Removed "Album Thumbnails" list style -- for grouping views, use the new library browser tile views.
5. Fixed: In CD burn settings, when "use crossfade" setting was disabled, user could still get a message about a direct decoding conflict with dsp settings.
6. Changed: MP3 ID3v2 tagging uses UTF-16 anytime there's a character over 127.
7. Changed: MP3 tag reading now fully supports UTF-8 as well as UTF-16.
8. Optimized: Loading and switching library views is faster.
9. Changed: Clicking "Play" on a view header for a view with no files will show a no files error. (instead of playing other available files)
10. Fixed: Some skins would crop the top and bottom pixels off tree images on selection. (change Tree::Selection::TopBorder and Tree::Selection::BottomBorder to tune 3rd party skins)
11. Fixed: Some MP3's created by Helix in stereo mode would hiccup during playback in MC.
12. Fixed: Erase All thumbnails was not working.
13. Changed: Thumbnail database compacts on shutdown if there is too much wasted space and database is large enough.
14. Changed: MC will warn user if it can not import/play a file by DirectShow method (for aac and other new file formats).
15. Fixed: UPnP Autodetection of server type works better for the DLink DSM-320.
16. Changed: Added a backwards compatibility layer for programs that get thumbnails using MC's SDK. (Playing Now, etc.)
17. Fixed: Search shortcuts ending in p= would fight with the default playlist search shortcut.
18. Changed: In auto-rip mode, if CD is not found in database, user can choose to skip ripping the CD.
19. Fixed: In auto-rip mode, the option "choose the first multi-match CD" was being ignored.
20. Changed: Tuned mouse-wheel scroll speed when in thumbnail and tile lists.

11.1.80 (12/13/05)
1. Changed: When starting playback of a single image, Media Center will not start in slideshow mode.
2. Fixed: Subsequent uses of the shell extensions could cause a crash.
3. Optimized: Substantial speedups when double-clicking a file from Explorer to play inside Media Center.
4. Changed: Updated Podcasting tree art slightly.
5. Changed: Reworked logging format to provide finer granularity of timings.
6. Changed: Handheld options page defaults to the last used device. (instead of the first device seen by MC)
7. Fixed: On CD burn settings page, the "direct decoding" checkbox could be selected even if "omit silence" was selected in the DSP settings.
8. Fixed: Transferring m4a files to handheld device would hang when conversion reaches 99%.
9. Fixed: Folder creation was not working on some WMDM devices. (introduced in 11.1.79)
10. Changed: Library Server now verifies the version between the client and server.
11. Fixed: Multiple CD auto-ripping working again.
12. Changed: Auto-Eject feature for iPod removed from right click and put in Tools->Options->Handheld->Devices. Includes option for auto eject on close and after sync.
13. Changed: Added a Use Default Library option to the Incomplete Shutdown options.

11.1.79 (12/12/05)
1. Fixed: DVD playback was not working properly.
2. Fixed: MP3 files were not getting properly closed after playback. (introduced in build 73)
3. Changed: Right click option to transfer portable files to PC removed. To do this now, drag files to MC 'My Computer'
4. Changed: Groupings in view schemes no longer show as their own button at the top of a library view.
5. Changed: Media Center only uses "Artist" as an abbreviation for Album Artist / Album Artist (auto) in view schemes with only one artist style field. (and never abbreviates in the configuration dialog or pane headers)
6. Fixed: Locate on Disk was not working properly in library grouped tile views.
7. Changed: WMDM style devices honor the "send artwork" setting in handheld options.
8. Fixed: Some edit controls would fail to redraw properly on Win2K machines.
9. Changed: Library views start in the classic pane look by default.
10. Fixed: Library Server would not play correctly immediately after installation.
11. Changed: The 'Delete files not in sync' handheld option will only delete files from the device that are of the same media type as the files in the sync.
12. NEW: WavPack audio format can be played in MC natively if needed DirectShow filters are installed. For now there is no support for ID3 tag reading/writing.
13. Changed: Mp4 and aac are put in the list of natively played extensions (along with m4a).
14. Fixed: Close button in CD rip progress action window did nothing. Now it cancels the rip if user confirms.
15. NEW: Added a custom webpage that shows when clicking "Services & Plug-ins" in the tree.
16. NEW: Include revised artwork for podcasting.
17. Fixed: Some handheld devices not using correct configuration settings (work in progress).

11.1.78 (12/10/05)
1. NEW: New thumbnail storage and loading engine that is often 100 or more times faster. (ex. loading 100,000 thumbs after reboot took over 2 minutes before, now takes less than a second) (also uses less memory than before with no change in thumbnail quality)
2. Optimized: Standard (non-tile) lists that show thumbnails draw over twice as fast.
3. Fixed: Not all images would properly cycle through during a mouse-over slideshow in a library tile.
4. Fixed: Library browser style lists wouldn't redraw properly when scrolling with the keyboard.
5. Changed: Updated Theater View to use the same (more efficient) thumbnail system as standard view.

11.1.77 (12/9/05)
1. Changed: "Files" now the first button in the button row of library views.
2. Optimized: Some optimizations to JPEG / thumbnail loading engine.
3. Optimized: Library browser style views now build missing thumbnails in background threads and update after they're built.
4. Optimized: Library browser style views operate many times faster. (scrolling, selection, etc.)
5. Optimized: Added a thumbnail caching layer that improves performance in all views with thumbnails. (library, image lists, Theater View, etc.)
6. Optimized: MC does more aggressive memory flushing on minimize to be as light-weight as possible when playing in the background.
7. Optimized: Improved data path for thumbnail drawing in image style lists, increasing overall drawing performance.
8. Changed: Reworked thumbnail storage format to provide sharp images with less memory usage and greater speed. (sorry, thumbnails will need to be rebuilt)
9. Fixed: TV would crash trying to write files to non-existent folder during recording or time-shifting.
10. Fixed: m4a files could not be converted to other format.
11. Optimized: Media Center does a better job of pre-buffering images at an image view -- reducing thumbnail scrolling lag during scrolls.

11.1.76 (12/9/05)
1. NEW: Library views allow graphical album, artist, etc. lists to be shown at the same time as file lists.
2. Changed: Further tuning of library view navigation.
3. Fixed: When starting a fullscreen video / slideshow from a library browser tile, the focus wouldn't shift to the display. (so shortcuts, etc. wouldn't work as expected)
4. Fixed: Seeking is now disabled on music from Library Server when it is converted on the fly.
5. Fixed: Library Browser views weren't supporting typed-navigation properly.
6. Changed: Removed status line from Library Browser views. (animated status may appear in general status bar someday)
7. Changed: Starting an image slideshow from a Library Browser wouldn't automatically start the slideshow.
8. Changed: Made bi-directional links and alphabet options in library browser views. (look at view link in top right)
9. Changed: Library browser tiles with too many links use a drop list instead of trying to show all the links.
10. Fixed: Library Browser tile views didn't support double-click.
11. Changed: Library browser views use a more useful placeholder image for items with no artwork.
12. NEW: UPnP Server reports the port it is using.

11.1.75 (12/8/05)
1. Changed: No image thumbnail no longer drawn as large in library browser style pages.
2. Changed: Removed plurals from library browser links and buttons.
3. Changed: Removed underlines on library browser links. (only underlines on mouse over)
4. Changed: Reduced bordering on library browser style pages.
5. Changed: Revised default view schemes. (available from Edit > Reset All View Schemes To Default)
6. Fixed: VOB files were using the wrong name with UPnP Server.
7. Fixed: VOB files had the wrong mime type with UPnP Server.
8. Fixed: Using library server and converting on the fly would truncate some files.
9. Changed: MC will no longer use QuickTime to analyze m4a files.
10. Fixed: MC would not import m4a files with UNICODE characters in the path.
11. Changed: Library browser views use standard typed navigation. (instead of automatic quick search like other views)
12. Changed: Revamped Media Library navigation system to show a full history.
13. Changed: Selecting multiple library browser items and picking "Play" plays all the selected items instead of just the one with the link.
14. Fixed: Podcast configuration was not cloned when you cloned a library.

11.1.74 (12/7/05)
1. NEW: Merged Media Library and Library Browser into one system.
2. Changed: Removed the "Documents" media mode.
3. Changed: Moved "Audio", "Images", and "Video" to the root of the tree. (more like Theater View)
4. Changed: Added "Reset All View Schemes To Default" to the Edit menu.
5. Changed: Tagging with the panes will only ask for confirmation on drop. (not on edit or tagging mode check)
6. Changed: "Album Artist" and "Album Artist (auto)" show as simply "Artist" in view scheme displays.
7. Fixed: Analyzing of AAC/m4a file stopped at 99%-100% and did not continue to the next file.

11.1.73 (12/6/05)
1. Changed: Restored the Library Browser A...Z links.
2. Fixed: Internet MP3 streams were not working.
3. Fixed: Internet MP3 streams didn't have song titles displayed.
4. Fixed: Internet MP3 streams had noise while playing.
5. Fixed: Spectrum Analyzer with cover art was crashing.
6. Changed: Podcast Header now displays Feed update date/time and provides more space for Podcast description. When the URL is unavailable, an error message is shown instead of the descripton.
7. Fixed: Roku was not playing WAV files.
8. Fixed: Atom-style dates are now handled better in RSS feeds.
9. Fixed: Uninstall not working on Windows 98 systems.

11.1.72 (12/5/05)
1. Fixed: After switching among multiple CD drives for burning, the "start burn" button could fail to work.
2. Changed: MC will no longer attempt to download an input plugin.
3. Fixed: When playing multiple AAC files multiple ffdshow icons appear in the Notification tray.
4. Fixed: Files with invalid or missing file dates could fail to import or cause other strange problems.
5. NEW: Added CD / DVD support to the automation SDK. (pMJ->GetCDDVD(...))
6. Fixed: Library Browser "Clear Selection" button was not working.
7. Changed: Tuned the font sizing of Library Browser tabs.
8. Changed: Removed the A...Z links from Library Browser.
9. NEW: Added SyncrhonizeZones to the zones SDK.
10. Fixed: Visualization Studio was not avaialble in the right-click menu when looking at a visualization.
11. Changed: TV aspect ratio defaults to "Source" instead of "4:3".
12. Changed: TV always sets image control settings upon start, either using stored values or using device's default values.
13. New: An option to disable album art transfer to portable devices.
14. Fixed: CD ripping wasn't working on Windows 98.
15. Fixed: Playcount sync for iPod Shuffle.

11.1.71 (12/1/05)
1. Fixed: On a fresh install, the Media Center SDK (com object) would not get registered.
2. Changed: iPod right click 'Volume Adjustment' option allows a volume increase or decrease during playback on iPod if Soundcheck is disabled. When SoundCheck is enabled on iPod, this setting is ignored and the MC Replay Gain value is applied.
3. Fixed: Network share files wouldn't always play / import properly. (introduced in build 65)
4. NEW: Media Center natively plays m4a files through its audio engine when the appropriate filters are installed. (enabling cross-fading, ASIO, visualizations, etc.)
5. Changed: Slight re-arrangement of CD options page for clarity (and renamed from "Devices" to "CD").
6. Changed: Improved messaging (guidance) provided and added ability to restore from backup if libraries fail to load.

11.1.70 (12/1/05)
1. Fixed: When starting a handheld sync from the view header, the status column wouldn't update right away to show the upload status.
2. Changed: Starting handheld syncs from the Action Window or view header will both show progress for the transfer in the Action Window.
3. Fixed: Artwork sizes for iPod Nano and iPod 5g were not being loaded properly -- causing artwork to look wrong. (if you see this, reinitialize the iPod to fix)

11.1.69 (12/1/05)
1. Fixed: Customized Podcast feeds could get replaced by the default feeds on the first run.
2. Fixed: Podcast files that hadn't been downloaded were not playable. (must delete files from Podcast and let the reappear to fix)

11.1.67 (11/30/05)
1. NEW: Audible transfers; Added dialog box to Activate Portable Device if needed during Audible file transfers.
2. Fixed: Did not properly purge Podcast episodes based on orphan file count or orphan MB used.
3. Fixed: Media Center MP3 playback no longer hiccups when playing spliced / or slightly invalid MP3 files that have rewind overflows.
4. Changed: Windows MCE remote (and other remotes that send messages directly to the focused window) work in all Media Center views instead of just standard view.
5. Optimized: Improved file transfer method for iPod and drive based devices to improve speed and minimize file fragmentation.
6. Changed: Some stock Podcast feeds appear by default.
7. Optimized: Ipod artwork database is written and compacted in a much more efficient manner, removing any lags previously caused by fragmentation.
8. Fixed: If Media Center was improperly shut down (system crash, etc.) while Library Browser was visible, the library could fail to load on MC restart in some cases.
9. NEW: Media Center automatically creates library backups every 3 days, and also creates monthly images. (and intelligently cleans up old backups)

11.1.66 (11/29/05)
1. NEW: Greatly improved support and performance for Creative Zen Touch and other "All Content" style WMDM devices.
2. NEW: A List of Default Podcasts can be configured by right-clicking on "Podcasts" in the tree control.
3. NEW: Album Art support for iPod Video.
4. Fixed: Media Center would not install over an old installation if the shell extensions were used to play a file.
5. Fixed: Standard view could not show TV video.
6. Fixed: Media Center starts up much faster now when Podcasts are Configured.
7. Changed: The MP3 encoder is downloaded automatically if it isn't installed and is needed.
8. Fixed: Simultaneous conversion threads setting for handheld uploads was not being honored. (was always using 2)
9. Fixed: Dropping on the root of Media Library would show a confirmation dialog box. (even though no tag changes were being made)
10. Changed: Image playback no longer uses the "hardware style" previous button. (where it jumps to the beginning of a tracks playback)
11. Fixed: Pressing the display next / previous buttons during image + music playback would not scroll through the images if there were more than 500 images in the slideshow.
12. Changed: When starting an image slideshow from the paused state, MC switches images right away.
13. Fixed: Opening MP3 files in Media Editor could cause a crash.
14. Fixed: When doing a sync with "delete files not in sync" set, missing files could cause problems with what files were cleaned from the device.
15. Changed: Moved Podcasts to show underneath Media Library. (by Web Media)
16. NEW: Added a "Playlists" view header with "Add Playlist" and "Add Smartlist" buttons.
17. NEW: Reworked the "Optimize picture quality" algorithm to produce more subtle and pleasing results. (configurable in Options > Playback > Configure Image Playback...)
18. Changed: Better autodetection of the AvelLink player.
19. Fixed: Importing MIDI files could cause a floating point overflow.
20. NEW: Video support for iPod video.
21. NEW: Podcast download and purge parameters can now be configured via the Options menu.
22. NEW: Added stock smartlists to playlist tree.

11.1.65 (11/23/05)
1. Fixed: When converting files for a handheld upload, unnecessary fields could get saved into the tags.
2. Changed: Tuned the "Convert if necessary" logic for handhelds to only convert the same file type when dealing with WMA lossless.
3. Fixed: Option tree commands were not working correctly.
4. Fixed: When picking "Remove unsupported files and continue transfer" for a handheld transfer, MC could crash.
5. Optimized: Improved playlist building speed on iPods with many playlists.
6. Optimized: Vastly improved iPod database loading and saving speed for iPods that support artwork. (also reduced memory usage by a lot)
7. Fixed: Deleting files from an iPod could cause the images for other files to show the wrong art.

11.1.63 (11/22/05)
1. Fixed: When copying playlists in the tree to a new playlist group, the copy would appear in the original group instead.
2. Fixed: When cancelling an upload to a handheld, the database on the device would not get properly saved to reflect the new files.
3. Fixed: When starting a sync, the handheld list and panes would not update right away to show the queued files.
4. NEW: During the file upload portion of a handheld transfer, the transfer speed of the last transfer is displayed in the progress Action Window.
5. Changed: Removed the artificial 12 MB JPEG file size check when loading images.
6. Fixed: iPod eject would unnecessarily save the iPod database before doing the eject, making it too easy to unplug while the device was working if you didn't watch the screen.
7. Fixed: Sorting at a handheld view is setup so that queued files always show below files already on the device.

11.1.62 (11/22/05)
1. NEW: Panes show when browsing the files on a handheld.
2. Fixed: With handheld conversion enabled, MC was not always properly calculating how much could fit on the device.
3. Changed: Tweaked the "squish" space needed on a device for conversion estimate differences, database, cover art, etc.
4. Changed: The bitrate shown for a converted file on a device used to be an estimate -- now it's the actual bitrate after conversion.
5. Changed: Updated Audible service searches to reflect website changes.
6. Changed: Revised database loading order / system and added more logging. (please post a log if you continue to see loading failures)
7. Changed: Handheld conversion uses a unique temporary folder inside of the system temp folder for temporary files to avoid possible problems when running several handheld uploads at once.
8. Changed: Media Center does a better job of capping filenames so they don't become too long for the system.
9. Fixed: Disabled "Uninstall" for Audio Lunchbox and CD Baby.
10. NEW: Number of simultaneous conversions for handheld uploading in now configurable. (so non-thread safe decoders like MPC can be forced to 1)
11. Changed: Added some logging to the Podcast system to help detect possible startup problems. (please let us know if you still see this issue)
12. Fixed: URLs with a 4 character extension (like .mpeg) were being forced to type MP3.

11.1.61 (11/21/05)
1. Fixed: The CD playback plugin would not load properly.
2. Fixed: With "convert if necessary" selected, handhelds would not properly reject unsupported image and video formats.
3. Changed: Service plugin playlists are only created when expanding the service in the tree instead of each program start.
4. Fixed: Clicking "Play" in Library Browser with the jump mode set to "Playing Now (always)" could cause a crash.
5. Changed: Handheld queue status checker rejects CDA files, URLs, and some other unsupported types.
6. Fixed: Additional cases where the "incomplete shutdown" message box would be displayed on startup after a Windows shutdown.
7. Changed: Massaged the "Convert (if necessary)" logic for handhelds to account for bitrate changes as well.

11.1.60 (11/18/05)
1. Fixed: Changing the conversion mode for a portable device would not always stick.
2. Changed: When picking "Sync Now" and then being prompted to configure the sync, clicking OK will start the sync.
3. Fixed: When being prompted to configure a sync after clicking "Sync Now", and then cancelling the options page, the sync button would still show "Cancel Sync".
4. Fixed: When syncing through the Action Bin, once a device was fully synchronized, changes to a smartlist would not properly cause the device to be detected as unsynchronized.
5. Changed: Search control no longer puts more space between "friendly" tokens and regular tokens.
6. Fixed: Handheld communications with WMDM devices would be properly closed in some cases when closing the application.
7. Changed: Empty folders are always removed when erasing files from a a fixed-disk device. (not just when in sync mode)
8. New: Debug logging is incorporated into TV.
9. Changed: Added the "Add Device..." option to Options > Handhelds > Advanced. (also available via right-click Drives & Devices)
10. Fixed: In rare cases, multi-threaded database access could cause database corruption.
11. Changed: Playlists are sent to a device sorted by playlist name. (instead of unsorted)
12. Fixed: Copying album art from folders to iPod for files using Folder.jpg.
13. Changed: Included AudioLunchbox and CDBaby services by default. (can be turned off in Tools > Plugin Manager > Services)
14. Changed: Revamped the tree layout for plugins and services.
15. Fixed: Shutting down MC via a Windows shutdown would be considered an "Incomplete Shutdown."
16. NEW: MC now checks for playlist as well as file changes when checking if a device is fully synchronized.

11.1.59 (11/16/05)
1. Changed: Added a confirmation when changing tags by dropping on the tree / panes.
2. Fixed: Podcasts are now much more tolerant of non-RFC822 dates found in Feed XML files.
3. Fixed: Podcasts no longer become confused when the same Episode appears multiple times in a single Feed.
4. Changed: Devices flagged to be ignored (because they're unsupported or the user said to ignore) are not analyzed on startup. (helps performance and compatibility)
5. Fixed: Conversion / analysis wasn't working properly on some machines. (would go past 100%, etc.)
6. Fixed: When converting for a handheld transfer, art from files that used external art with relative paths (folder.jpg, etc.) wouldn't transfer properly.
7. Fixed: Handhelds wouldn't properly update after loading a new library while MC was running.
8. Changed: Column sizing now caps at a minimum size of 35 pixels.
9. Fixed: Drawing artifacts could appear when resizing columns on some systems.
10. Fixed: In some cases, replay gain could use the gain from one file back.
11. Fixed: When disconnecting and reconnecting a device during the same session, the upload path for music could add extra [Artist]\[Album] items. (check path in Options > Handheld > Advanced)
12. Fixed: Audible file playback on iPod.

11.1.58 (11/15/05)
1. Changed: The PDT can now specify devices that don't support folders (like the PSP) and Artist\Album folders won't be created on those devices.
2. Changed: Added more handheld logging to WMDM device initialization to help find and diagnose problems.
3. Optimized: Greatly improved file listing performance (up to 100x) and reduced memory usage when dealing with fixed drive devices. (or folders / laptops configured to look like devices)
4. Changed: Improved playlist support for fixed drive devices. (uses relative paths when playlists are at root, otherwise absolute paths)
5. Fixed: After deleting files from a device, the user's selection would not be cleared.
6. NEW: Album Art support for iPod.
7. Fixed: Ratings synching for all iPods would not always update MC correctly.

11.1.57 (11/14/05)
1. Changed: The initial "do you want to recognize this device" prompt uses a display name instead of a drive letter for removable devices. (i.e. Sony PSP vs Removable Drive (F:))
2. Fixed: The Sony PSP would not always load its settings from the PDT properly.
3. NEW: Path creation options are fully customizable for handhleds in Options > Handheld > Advanced. (on a per media type basis)
4. Changed: Removed right-click option for folder creation in removable drive type handhelds. (replaced by #3)
5. Fixed: Picking "Add Device..." and then clicking cancel right away would leave a non-visible device in the device list.
6. Changed: When doing "Add Device...", the user must now pick a path explicitly. (instead of defaulting to C:\ which would take a long time to analyze)
7. Changed: Fixed drive type device no longer support all audio formats by default so non-standard types will get converted. (supported types can be edited in Options > Handheld > Advanced)
8. Fixed: While a handheld was analyzing files on startup, Media Center would not gracefully cancel when closing. (would instead warn that it couldn't close until the action finished)

11.1.56 (11/11/05)
1. Changed: When podcast episodes are deleted on the Podcast Feed page, their status immediately goes back to "Click to Download" or "Waiting".
2. Changed: When <keep_space_needed> is set non-zero the Podcast Feed page shows them as status "Purge(*)" where * shows the reason for purge.
3. Changed: Reduced window size for hardware style previous button to 1.5 seconds.
4. Changed: Improved device handling for some Samsung players.

11.1.55 (11/10/05)
1. Changed: Seeks during playback happen in a worker thread so seeking on an http:// stream can't cause a hang.
2. Changed: Revised "date ago" search syntax -- flipped greater than and less than compares to be more intuitive.
3. Changed: Revised "date ago" search syntax -- use suffixes instead of prefixes. (i.e. [Date Imported]=>4y)
4. Fixed: Media Center better handles WMDM devices that have duplicate files on them.
5. Changed: Media Center will create album / album art on any WMDM device that supports it. (instead of just devices in the PDT)
6. Changed: The album name on media-center style WMDM devices no longer has .alb at the end.
7. Fixed: Formatting a WMDM device, and immediately transferring files again could cause issues.
8. Changed: Album-style players now have files ordered in their albums regardless of the order they were sent.
9. Changed: Media Center does a better job of fully recognizing content uploaded with other software on an album-style WMDM device.
10. Changed: Ripping while CD not present gives a better message box, allowing cancel.
11. Fixed: Hidden services no longer re-appear on reinstall.
12. Changed: Shortcuts no longer get (re)created during an upgrade install.

11.1.54 (11/9/05)
1. Fixed: Dropping files on "Handheld Player" at the first page of the Action Window could open two handheld action windows at once.
2. Changed: Improved support for WMDM devices that didn't support folder creation.
3. Fixed: Library Server conversion on-the-fly was not converting.
4. Fixed: Library Server was not putting in content-length header.
5. Changed: Removed superfluous reader logging.
6. Fixed: Unpausing a slideshow after starting it by double-clicking a single image would pause again after showing one image.
7. Fixed: The display in Playing Now would not look correct if "Always show bars" was selected.
8. Fixed: During pre-buffering slow streams, DirectSound playback could "loop" instead of stopping.
9. Fixed: A couple of smartlist presets and search control presets still used the old "time ago" search syntax.
10. Fixed: The UPnP Server, TiVo Server, and Library Server were not cleaning up conversion temporary files.
11. Fixed: Editing in a playlist view header would not work as expected.

11.1.53 (11/8/05)
1. Changed: Scrolling in the player uses loop style scrolling at constant velocity instead of side-to-side style scrolling at constant time.
2. Fixed: With Podcasts configured, the player could get stuck in an update loop while starting up.

11.1.52 (11/8/05)
1. Fixed: Media Center could update its views multiple times when loading. (causing slowdowns)
2. Fixed: Playlist selection in handheld options would not be properly loaded when entering options.
3. Fixed: If there was an open error on a file the burner would hang.
4. Fixed: Setting aa as a supported file type (when appropriate) so that transfers to Audible ready devices will work properly.
5. Changed: Audible file genre set to "Audiobook" by default (if genre field from the file is empty).

11.1.51 (5/7/05)
1. Changed: Removed "Check synchronization" action window item. (happens automatically if you're in a sync mode)
2. Changed: Closing the handheld action bin no longer prompts to clear the transfer queue. (happens automatically)
3. Changed: Remade handheld options dialog.
4. Fixed: Media Center would crash if hiding a service while that service was active.
5. NEW: Added option to auto-sync when device is connected.
6. Changed: Uninstall button disabled for plug-in categories in Plug-in Manager.
7. Changed: Uninstall button disabled for system plug-ins in Plug-in Manager.
8. NEW: Introduced new search syntax for searching for date elapsed, using the prefixes s,m,h,d,y in front of a number. (examples: "[Date Imported]=d1-d20" (imported 1 to 20 days ago) or "[Date]=>y5" (newer than 5 years ago))

11.1.50 (11/4/05)
1. Changed: Added Services to the Plug-in manager.
2. Changed: Added Hide/Show to Services.
3. Removed: Services Manager Dialog.
4. Changed: Improved support for iRiver 8xx, 9xx, etc. devices.
5. Fixed: Podcast Album field (by default Podcast Pub Date) now uses regional time settings.
6. Fixed: Podcast display now remembers user selected sorting criteria.
7. Changed: During a handheld transfer, the currently uploading file will stay visible in the handheld list.
8. Fixed: Unplugging a device during a transfer could cause a crash.
9. Fixed: Player could get "stuck" when a file failed to playback properly.

11.1.49 (11/02/05)
1. Changed: Audible service now comes installed with the player.
2. Fixed: Handheld plugin entries for plugins no longer used would still show in plugin manager.
3. Changed: Plugin Manager labels for Interface Plugins were confusing (changed start/stop to show/hide).
4. Fixed: Plugin Manager default values for Interface Plugins were wrong.
5. Fixed: Now properly handles RFC822 dates found in Podcast Feeds, regardless of OS/User internationalization settings.
6. Fixed: Application no longer crashes when previously downloaded Podcast Episodes vanish from a Podcast Feed.

11.1.47 (10/31/05)
1. Fixed: When resetting handheld devices, previously ignored devices would not always properly show up again.
2. Fixed: While Analyzing Audio, a view refresh could cause the dialog to be cleared.
3. Changed: Removed non-working "Recently Imported" smartlist presets. (all date searches now search actual date instead of elapsed time)
4. Changed: "Nero Fast CD-Burning Plug-in" could cause MC to hang. (plugin doesn't properly support multi-threaded access)
5. Fixed: Minimize button is DSP studio would minimize to an unskinned window.
6. Fixed: MC could use the wrong plugin for some older iRiver devices, causing them to fail to work.
7. Changed: Playlists can now be sorted in custom ways instead of always by sequence number.
8. NEW: File analysis before a handheld transfer no longer blocks the main thread if "Transfer" is pressed before it has finished. (now works in the background)
9. Changed: Transcoding wasn't working for UPnP Server and TiVo Server.
10. Changed: Dropping files on a handheld while it's working queues the files and automatically transfers them after the current upload finishes.
11. Changed: Default Podcast download directory is now My Music/Podcast. This directory is created only when needed.
12. Changed: Podcast Feeds are now much more tolerant of large and/or poorly formed XML feeds, and feeds with some bad episodes.

11.1.46 (10/29/05)
1. Fixed: User created devices (that point to a folder or network path) were converting all files when "convert if necessary" was selected.
2. Changed: Tuned the overall progress algorithm for handheld transfers to give more realistic weights to each step, improving the accuracy of the "x minutes left" prediction.
3. Changed: Device names displayed by MC will always be unique, so two iPods, etc. won't be as confusing.
4. Changed: All handheld devices can be manually renamed by the user. (right-click in tree and pick "Edit Selected Item" (F2))
5. Fixed: Deleting a virtual device or resetting all devices while the device Action Window page was open could cause a crash.
6. Changed: Devices can no longer be deleted while they are working or uploading.
7. Changed: Any device (not just a virtual device) can be deleted in the "Drives & Devices" tree. (use "Reset All Devices" in options to let MC refind all devices)
8. Fixed: Image playback was not working properly for local files.
9. Fixed: When synching data back from an iPod, the ratings would not always properly synchronize.

11.1.45 (10/28/05)
1. Fixed: When doing manual transfers (not a sync), the same playlist could get created multiple times on a WMDM device.
2. Fixed: Views were not sorting their files. (introduced in build 44)
3. Fixed: Devices could show as "Removable Device" instead of a more friendly name.
4. Fixed: Editing a Podcast feed could cause a crash.

11.1.44 (10/27/05)
NEW: Added preliminary Podcast system. See other thread for details. (nice work Gene, and welcome )

11.1.43 (10/26/05)
1. Fixed: Disconnecting a handheld during an upload would not be gracefully handled in some cases.
2. Optimized: Improved performance when connecting a WMDM device.
3. Optimized: Improved performance when doing iPod uploads.
4. Optimized: Increased parallelism when doing uploads with a mixture of conversion and no-conversion to keep all the pipelines full.
5. Fixed: Playback could skip under high system loads.
6. Changed: Improved handling of WMDM handheld players that don't support meta data.
7. Fixed: The play / pause button on the top fullscreen bar would use the wrong image.
8. Changed: Removed the dead area around the volume and position sliders on the fullscreen bars so they can be used when the mouse is at the very edge of the screen.
9. Changed: Image slideshow only uses background thread image loading for internet files.

11.1.41 (10/25/05)
1. NEW: Handheld uploads convert two files at a time and upload at the same time conversion is running -- greatly increasing upload performance with conversion enabled.
2. Fixed: Portables option for 'Sync data to PC' could be greyed out if selected from the Action Window.
3. Changed: Revised how nested playlists get named on a device to be more concise.
4. Fixed: Performing a sync on a WMDM device wouldn't always properly remove playlists.
5. Fixed: When hooking up a new device, MC wouldn't always properly update after gathering files from it.
6. Fixed: Some iPod databases could cause MC to hang.
7. Changed: MC behaves nicer when performing two or more handheld synchronizations at the same time.
8. Changed: Revamped handheld transfer progress list status column and action window displays.
9. Changed: Handheld views now use the same statusbar text formatting as all other views.
10. Changed: Handheld uploads use a more advanced (and accurate) system to portray overall progress that accounts for parallelism, converting, playlist updates, etc.

11.1.40 (10/24/05)
1. Fixed: The search box would lose the focus when doing a search in some views.
2. Added: Upload Audible files through Audible plugin when connected to "Audible Ready" MTP portable devices.
3. Changed: Older Nomad handhelds use WMDM instead of a custom plugin. (provides more standard integration)
4. Fixed: French version of WinTV PVR 150 could not record.
5. Fixed: On-the-fly conversion wasn't working for TiVo and UPnP Server.
6. Changed: The UPnP Server can now specify a fixed TCP port to use.
7. Fixed: Delete wasn't working on some handhelds.

11.1.39 (10/21/05)
1. Fixed: Ripping could write the wrong number of tracks to cdplayer.ini, losing the last track info.
2. Fixed: Player could crash when failing to create a playlist on an MTP device.
3. Changed: MC does a better job of working with WMDM players that have no PDT entry.
4. Fixed: Encoders were not always using on-the-fly compression when they should have been.

11.1.38 (10/20/05)
1. NEW: Added new search modifier ~fill to support limiting a smartlist to the number of files needed to fill the default device. (NOTE: you can use ~fill=[...] with a device name to specify a device)
2. Changed: Improved handheld "convert if necessary" logic so players that support multiple formats will only convert files that are not any of those formats.
3. Fixed: Inserting an audio CD with no files on it would still attempt auto-playback.
4. Fixed: When creating a new playlist from the Send To menu, the action window list wouldn't show the new tracks right away.
5. Fixed: MC could show "Circular Reference" errors in cases where there was no circular reference.
6. NEW: Typing when a list control has the focus runs a silent quick search (Ctrl+Q) instead of searching just one column. (tap F3 to find subsequent matches)
7. Fixed: Some packages (MP3 encoder, etc.) would fail to install.

11.1.37 (10/18/05)
1. Fixed: Playlists would not properly transfer to a handheld when certain options were set.
2. Fixed: Performing sync's with file conversion enabled on WMDM devices would resend the same files over and over.
3. Changed: Changed default convert option for handhelds and servers to "Convert (if necessary)." (instead of never converting)
4. Fixed: Library lists would not update as expected to reflect changes in the playing track.
5. Changed: Select All / Select None gives the list that responds the focus so future global commands (analyze audio, etc.) use tracks from this UI piece.

11.1.35 (10/14/05)
1. Changed: Play count, rating, etc. is synced back from a handheld as soon as "Check Synchronization" is clicked so that an accurate picture of what needs to be sent can be presented.
2. NEW: iPod shuffle support. Current support requires that a cleanly formatted Shuffle (using iPod Updater)has been run with iTunes one time prior to running with MC. After running with MC, iTunes will need to rewrite the Shuffle database. AAC and Audible content performance not fully tested.
3. Changed: Reworked installation system finalizer to hopefully fix hangs after installing plugins reported by some users.
4. Changed: Revised shutdown system to fix rare cases where the process could hang at the tail of shutdown.
5. Changed: Switched how the installer detects a running process of Media Center so it won't accidently run with a dead process lingering.
6. Fixed: In-place editing in list controls was not working properly.
7. Fixed: On-the-fly conversion to handhelds was not always working as expected.
8. Changed: Improved list messaging during handheld uploads. (show progress bars, etc.)
9. Changed: "Sync Now" button changes to "Cancel Sync" button in a handheld view header when a transfer is in progress.

11.1.34 (10/13/05)
1. Changed: HDTV's Dynamic Decimation option is no longer selected by default.
2. Changed: Reworked handheld Action Window sync system.
3. Fixed: Several handheld bugs.

11.1.31 (10/6/05)
1. Fixed: Installer could fail to install newer required shared libraries on some systems.

11.1.30 (10/5/05)
1. Fixed: Switching modes (Mini, Standard, etc.) could cause a crash in some cases.
2. Changed: The UPnP Server now requires no configuration of IP address even on multi-homed machines.
3. Changed: Switched display back to Playing Now.
4. Changed: Image of playing file loaded in a background thread. (improves performance with http:// images)
5. NEW: Added "Image" Action Window that tracks the playing file.

11.1.28 (9/27/05)
1. NEW: Moved playback display to Action Window -- automatically shows when playback starts.
2. NEW: MC plays an image slideshow of Internet images when viewing the "Cover Art" display.
3. Changed: Reworked Tools (and right-click) menu for playback display. (moved all configuration to Options..., etc.)
4. Fixed: The TiVo Server wasn't always recognized.
5. Fixed: Empty folders would not be detected / deleted when a background tagging operation was still in progress.
6. Fixed: Ripping to Ogg Vorbis would leave temporary files and not save cover art.
7. Fixed: Having "Change underscores to spaces" as the only cleaning option selected would not work.
8. Changed: Internal access to iPod database rewritten. Should now accommodate latest iPod firmware and be much better at cross application support.
9. Changed: iPod soundcheck field is now populated. Users should disable any replay gain settings for iPod and retransfer files(if they are on the iPod). Files will play with correct adjustment if soundcheck is turned on.
10. Changed: Image playback loads images in a background thread to prevent stalling the rest of the program. (especially important for internet images)
11. Changed: Double-clicking a single image in the library will no longer ever start a slideshow. (select multiple files to see a slideshow, or pick "Start Slideshow" from the display menu after playing one file)
12. Changed: Reworked fullscreen bar's look and feel.
13. Changed: Upgrade installs don't prompt for Express vs Custom.
14. Changed: Sorting of edit comboboxes for dates sort with newest dates at the top.
15. NEW: Moved handheld initialization to a background thread.
16: Changed: Track grids draw grid lines even when they're empty.