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JRiver has a lossless streaming service called Radio JRiver.

The emphasis is on high quality audio. It has two major components:


Cloudplay lets you build a playlist of FLAC, APE, or ALAC files and Upload to Cloud (to JRiver's server at Amazon). You will receive an e-mail with links.

Play Radio JRiver

Radio JRiver buttons are at the top of the Cloudplay page and under Radio JRiver on the Streaming Page.

Radio JRiver Stations





Clicking on any one of these downloads an MPL Playlist, which JRiver can play. There is a new aspect to this that we call Super MPL or Super Playlists. A Super Playlist contains more than one MPL, and it can be set to shuffle the playlists within it, but not the files in each playlist.


JRiver pays the license fees. It's Listener Supported. You can donate at any level.

Panel You'll also find Radio JRiver stations under Panel. They can be played in Panel or to other JRiver zones.

Panel settings allow you to control the conversion of the stream, so you can use less bandwidth or get full quality. Click on the settings icon to find these options.

Panel Instructions


All files that are uploaded have been processed by JRiver's Audio Analysis. This means that you can use JRiver's Volume Leveling to play tracks at a more even volume. This is set in MC > Player > DSP Studio > Volume Leveling.