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Media Center is purchased from within the program. Please download and install the program, then choose purchase (on startup or from the Help menu).

To purchase an upgrade at a discount price, you must have the previous version installed and licensed before beginning the purchase process. See Upgrade for more details.

After choosing to purchase, a browser is opened to the correct web page. The product and price will be at the top. Please verify that the price is correct, especially if you are upgrading from a previous version. Enter all information, choose a payment type (Mastercard/VISA or PayPal) and click Purchase. Do not back up or you may be charged twice.

The next page presents you with details for confirmation. Clicking the Purchase button on the bottom of this page will charge your credit card (if you chose Mastercard/VISA) or take you to the PayPal site to complete the purchase.

After the purchase has been made, the browser displays a welcome page and a license page. The license should be automatically installed at this time. If it is not, it can be installed by right clicking on the Registration Code on the license page. The license is also e-mailed to the address you provided.

Restore from a Registration Code


Registration Code Your proof of purchase. A long string like XXXXX-11111-XXXXX-11111-XXXXX-11111. Do not give your code to anyone.

Your license will be revoked if you do.

Install Key A file containing a license. Double clicking or otherwise executing this file installs the license. The Install Key can only be used for a

limited time, though once installed, the license is good forever.

License The right to use Media Center. The license is installed by an Install Key.

If for any reason Media Center becomes unlicensed, you can restore it. You are limited to 10 restores in 1 year. (We count how many restores you have done in the previous 365 days when deciding if you can restore now).

Visit the Restore Page and enter your Registration Code in the blank provided. Your Registration Code was e-mailed to you when you first purchased. The e-mail came from buy-button at jriver.

If you cannot find your Registration code, you may have it e-mailed to you (from the Restore Page). When you do this, you will also receive a count of how many restores remain.

Restoring automatically installs your license. There is nothing more to do. You will also receive the Install Key via web page and e-mail.

Pop-up blockers can block the automatic license installation. If you retry with the pop-up blocker disabled, you will get two e-mails, but the second "restore" is actually part of the first: doing two restores in a row is only counted as one.

See Restoring Media Center for more detailed instructions.

Install Key

Purchasing or restoring Media Center generates an Install Key that can be used to install a license. This Install Key IS ONLY GOOD for 14 days. After that, you will need to get a new Install Key by doing a Restore. The Install Key is installed automatically, e-mailed to you (for purchase or restoring).

For 14 days, you can re-install your license by clicking on the Install Key in Explorer. Media Center will do the rest.

Right Click on the Registration Code on the license page to save the Install Key if you need to install on a computer not on the Internet, or use the Install Key you receive by e-mail. The Install Key will work for 14 days.

Common Issues

I don't have a credit card

You can use PayPal to purchase. You may need to transfer money to your PayPal account first, and wait for the transfer to complete before purchasing Media Center.

I don't know if my license has been installed.

In the program, you can see the license status at Help->Registration Info.

My system is suddenly not registered

The most common cause of this is changing the system name.

I don't use Internet Explorer, and clicking on the link doesn't work

Save the Install Key as a file (see above), find it in Explorer and double click on it.

I was charged multiple times

Please e-mail music at jriver com with copies of the receipts.

I can't use my mjr file

Your Install Key is only valid for two weeks. Use the Restoring process described above to generate a new one.

I've lost my Registration Code

The Restore Page can be used to send you a list of your registration codes.

I've lost my Registration Code and my e-mail address has changed

The Restore Page can be used to change your e-mail address if you remember your password.

The browser stops at "Purchasing in progress, please be patient"

Check your firewall settings and browser security settings.

I've run out of restores

Post a message on Interact, and we may reset your restore count.

I have two computers

Use your Install Key to install a license on both computers. You may not install your license on anyone else's computer, and if you own many computers, you will need to purchase multiple licenses for them.