Playback DVDs

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Play DVDs

  1. Insert the DVD Video into your DVD device.
  2. If asked, select Play DVD.

If the DVD does not play, right-click on it under Drives and Devices in the organization tree and select Play.

Stop DVD Playback

  1. Click the Stop button on the player window (if in Full Screen mode, move the mouse to display the player bar at the top), or
  2. Right click in the video area to get a pop-up menu and then select Player > Stop.

Navigate through DVD content

  • Play/Pause, Stop, Next/Previous Chapter. These buttons display at the top when the mouse is moved while in Full Screen Mode. The slider is also displayed to quickly move forward or backward.
  • To switch to Windowed Mode, move the mouse and select the first button on the bottom right. (Double-click in the Windowed Mode display to return to Full Screen).
  • To display all chapters, right-click and select Chapters
  • To display the DVD Root Menu, right-click and select DVD Menu
  • To Fast Forward or Rewind, right-click and select Scanning.
  • For other DVD options (Language, Aspect Ration or other DVD properties, right-click and select DVD Options.

DVD Options Menu

  • Properties (For Advanced Users Only).
    • Select Audio and Video Filters
    • Adjust Video Decoder and Audio Decoder properties.
  • Expand Image. Expand Image lets you enlarge a "movie format" image to better fill the proportions of your TV screen. The numbers (1.33, 1.66, 1.85, 2.35) represent the ratio of width to height of the DVD video image. Your TV screen has a 1.33 ratio, so leaving it at that setting will often waste space at the top and bottom of the screen for films shot in a different format. Most films are shot in 1.85 format; some wide-screen movies are in 2.35 format. Choose the one that best fills your TV screen. Of course, you will not see parts of the movie that fall to the left and right edges, so if you want the full movie image, leave it at 1.33.

Auto Play DVDs

If DVDs don't automatically play, enable Auto Play.

  • Go to Tools > Options > CD. In the right pane click on the arrow next to DVD > Action, and select Play. Uncheck "Ask me every