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OneRemote is a customizable menu app for Android. Its purpose is to provide uniform setup and control of many types of devices.

In OneRemote, you can create a colorful tree structure of items (buttons) in much the same way that you might set up a tree structure of folders on a computer. You can name them and arrange them as you like. You can add photos to the buttons.

Item Types


These are containers for other items.

Each Category can contain one or more of:

Sub-Categories These are second level and beyond. They are just containers for adding other types of items, including categories. Others include:


Reserved for future


Used to open web pages or any valid URL.


Lights are currently implemented as Links but will be moved to a new item called Switches. They can be used with the JRiver Engen server to control Z-Wave devices like switches and outlets. To emulate a switch, this link allows two URL's (for on and off)

Sample URL's:

On http://localhost:52110/alpha000/basic_set?node=2,value=100 (turns on node 2)

Off http://localhost:52110/alpha000/basic_set?node=2,value=0 (turns off node 2)

Use the web page option to list your nodes. The terminal window has a help() feature.


Add an Item

Click the Settings icon in the lower right corner.

Press the + button

Select the type of item (Category, Device, Link).

Select the location where you want it to be in the menu. Root is the home page.

Name it.

Optionally add a photo to help identify it.

Press the check mark in the upper right corner to finish.

Edit an Item

Click on the pencil icon in the lower right corner of the button to enter the edit mode.

See the Add section above for options.

Delete an Item

In the Edit mode press the X and confirm the deletion.


The lights need two links Enter one, then on the next line, enter the second. Data is not used at this time.