Move, Copy or Delete files from Library

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Delete Media Files from Library

You can delete files from anywhere(1) in Media Center. Select the file(s) you want to delete and do one of the following:

Toolbar Image55 7.png
Right click Delete
Keyboard Delete key
Menu bar Edit > Delete

(1)If you are in a Playlist, selecting Delete will only remove the file from the Playlist; it will not delete it from your Library. If you want to delete a file from your library while in a Playlist, press Shift + Delete.

If asked, select “Remove from Media Library” only. Do not send to the Recycle Bin, and do not permanently delete from disk, unless you want to remove the file from your library AND delete the file from your drive.

Deleting files from your library permanently removes additional information associated with the files such as Playlist affiliations and play count.

Delete All Media Files from Library

To remove all media file entries from your library go to File > Library > Clear Library.

This does not delete the disk files, but just removes all associations to these files from your current library.

Warning: You will lose all database information, including Playlists.

Remove Media Files from Playlists

To remove one or many files from a Playlist, select the file(s), right click and select Delete, or press Del on your keyboard.

This will not delete the file(s) from your library or from your drive; it only removes the file(s) from the playlist.

If you also want to delete the file from your Library and/or drive, press Shift+Delete.