Move, Copy, or Delete Files from Explorer

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We do not recommend this option. It is best to move, copy or delete files from within Media Center. If you delete, rename or move media files from outside the program, you may lose all connections between the file(s) and playlist information, as well as statistics.

Delete files from drive and from library

To permanently delete files from your drive using Explorer, delete the files and then in Media Center do one of the following:

  • Keep your Library, but update it to remove all connection to the deleted files. Go to Tools > Import Media and select the folders you want Media Center to check for changed links. Select the Advanced button, select “Fix or remove broken links” and press the Start Search button. This will ‘synchronize’ your database with the folders you have selected, removing references to files that are no longer in the folders, and importing any new files in the folders.
  • Remove your Library. Go to File > Library > Clear Library to remove your library. You will lose playlists, custom fields, file statistics, and all customization, including toolbars, saved list column headings, View Schemes and custom database fields.

Move files but maintain connection to library

There are two ways to reconnect moved file(s) to the database without losing all playlist associations.

  1. Fix broken links automatically.
    • Go to Tools > Import Media. Select the folders you want to ‘synchronize’ with your database (you would normally always have the same folders checked here: My Music, My Documents, My Pictures, etc). Select the Advanced button, and check “Fix or remove broken links” (include network drives if you want). If you have moved files from one of these folders to another, the link will be updated. If you have moved the file outside any of the checked folders, then the link will be removed from the database, and you will have to re-import the file.
    • Also check “Update library for external file changes”. This will automatically re-read the files’ tags if Media Center detects that they were modified since last analyzed.
  2. Do a Find and Replace. If, for example, you have moved all your audio files from C:\My Music\ to H:\Music, do the following:
    • Do not re-import the files. Right click in the content pane and select Library Tools > Find and Replace.
    • Remove all checkmarks (with the select none button) then place a checkmark next to Filename or Filename (path).
    • In the Find What box, type C:\My Music
    • In the Replace box, type H:\Music
    • Match the case if required, and then select OK.
    • All library fields that used to point to C:\My Music now point to H:\Music.

You can also re-import the files, but you will lose all playlist and statistical associations with the files.