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madVR is an advanced video renderer written by Mathias Rauen, which leverages the power of your graphics card (“GPU”) for advanced video scaling and processing.

Some of the advanced features that madVR offers include:

  • high precision YUV>RGB conversion
  • inverse-telecine with decimation to extract 24p from a 29fps source
  • frame blending to play back video smoothly regardless of the source framerate or refresh rate
  • colorspace transformations and 3DLUT calibration.

How do I use madVR?

Media Center's Red October feature uses madVR when set to High-Quality mode. When enabled, MC will automatically download madVR and configure it for optimal use. Red October HQ requires a relatively powerful computer to work well, but if your computer is capable, you can enable it in MC's Options here:

Tools > Options > Video > General Video Settings > Video Mode: Red October HQ

That's all that's needed! The next time you play a video, Media Center will download the required files for the plugin to work.

Important -- Nothing further is required in order to enjoy the benefits of madVR.