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Interface for working with a single service


BOOL Process(string bstrCurrentURL, string bstrNewURL, string bstrPostData)

Description: calls a service's Process function

  • bstrCurrentURL: the current URL for the service
  • bstrNewURL: the URL to visit
  • bstrPostData: empty or the name of a file containing POST data, the file will be deleted

Return Value: TRUE on success, FALSE otherwise

BOOL Execute(string bstrCommand, VARIANT vFileDisp, string *bstrResult)

Description: calls a service's Execute function

  • bstrCommand: the command
  • vFileDisp: MJFilesAutomation interface

bstrResult: a pointer to the result Return Value: TRUE on success, FALSE otherwise

LPDISPATCH GetWebBrowserHTMLDocument()

Description: get the currently viewed service web page
Return Value: an IDispatch pointer to an IHTMLDocument2 interface