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represents a collection of playlists


number GetNumberPlaylists()

Description: returns the number of playlists contained in the collection
Return Value: number of playlists

MJPlaylistAutomation * GetPlaylist(number nPlaylist)

Description: gets the MJPlaylistAutomation interface (see below) for the given playlist index

  • nPlaylist: the index of the playlist to retrieve (0 to GetNumberPlaylists() - 1). To retrieve Top Hits and Recently Imported playlists use index -1 and -2 respectively.

Return Value: MJPlaylistAutomation interface

MJPlaylistAutomation * CreatePlaylist(string PlaylistPath, string PlaylistName)

Description: creates new playlist at the specified location

  • PlaylistPath: location of the playlist. If empty, the playlist will be created in the root of the playlist tree.
  • PlaylistName: name of the new playlist

Return Value: MJPlaylistAutomation interface

boolean DeletePlaylist(string PlaylistPath, string PlaylistName)

Description: deletes existing playlist

  • PlaylistPath: location of theplaylist.
  • PlaylistName: name of the new playlist

Return Value: true - if success, otherwise false.

IMJPlaylistAutomation *CreateServicelist(string Path, string Name, string Service, string ServiceID, string ServiceData)

Description: Finds or creates the playlist associated with a service

  • Path: Not Used
  • Name: The name of the playlist
  • Service: The name of the service
  • ServiceID: The ID of the service
  • ServiceData: Service-specific data

Return Value: the MJPlaylistAutomation interface