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interface for working with database fields


number GetNumberFields()

Description: gets the total number of database fields
Return Value: the number of fields

IMJFieldAutomation * GetField(number nField)

Description: gets the field at the given index

  • nField: the zero based index of the field

Return Value: MJFieldAutomation * to the field (see documentation below)

IMJFieldAutomation * CreateFieldSimple(string strFieldName, string strDisplayName, number bAllowEdit, long bSaveInTag)

Description: Creates a new field

  • strFieldName: the internal name of the new field
  • strDisplayName: the name displayed to the user
  • bAllowEdit: can field be changed by user
  • bSaveInTag: save the field in the tag in the content file

Return Value: the FieldAutomation interface for the new field

Normally, the strFieldName and strDisplayName should be the same. The strDisplayName may be changed by the user later, but internally the field will retain the name strFieldName.