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Tools > Options > Images

Player > Playback Options

See also: Playback Options

Image Display


Allows customizing the caption (if any) to display during image playback. This uses the expression language.


Allows effects, like optimize, black & white, sepia, etc. Can also be controlled using the W and E keys, or the on screen dispaly during image playback.

Shrink large images to fit display

If an image is too large to fit on the screen, this will shrink it to fit on the screen.

Stretch small images to fill display

If an image is smaller than the screen, this option will stretch it so that it fills the entire screen.


Disable transitions on manual image changes

This option makes it so no animation is performed when switching images manually (using left / right, etc.)

Pan & zoom during slideshows

This creates an animated Ken Burn's style pan & zoom effect when showing a slideshow. This option can also be controlled using the on screen display.

Slideshow duration

Allows controlling the amount of time each image should be shown during a slideshow.

RAW Settings

RAW Decode Quality

Allows tuning the RAW decoder for speed or quality.

RAW Cache

By default, RAW images are cached after they are decoded. Then, future loads will use the cached image. This greatly improves performance.