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What is the Id?


The JRiver Id is a network device that can act as a player, server, or backup. The Id (rhymes with hid) plays high quality audio from a computer anywhere on the network. It can be controlled with a smartphone as a remote, using Gizmo (for Android), JRemote (for iOS), or any standard DLNA Controller.

The Id provides an easy connection from a computer to a sound system, even when they are at opposite ends of your home.

Starting at $315, the Id is also affordable.

Other models are available.

Quality Hardware

The standard Id hardware is an Intel NUC 6CAYH. It's small (4.3"x4.5"x2"). It's low power (8.0 watts), and cool.

The Id is also available on the Raspberry Pi.

JRiver Software

The Id is powered by a special version of JRiver Media Center for Linux. The device can update itself automatically.

Connects to Existing Audio Systems

The Id can use the speakers of any amplifier or TV that has HDMI ports. It can also feed RCA jacks with an 1/8" stereo to RCA cable or adaptor.

The Id works with most USB DAC's.

To play to or from a networked Id requires DLNA or UPnP software on the computer. That could be JRiver Media Center for Windows, Mac, or Linux.



Connect the Id (network, audio out, HDMI monitor, USB keyboard) and select the audio out you want (HDMI, USB, or 1/8" stereo analog), then reboot.

After that, you can remove the monitor and keyboard.

Install Guide

NAS Drives and USB Drives

The Id can use attached USB drives and NAS drives. On the Id's text menu, choose the option called "External Media Menu".

Using this menu, you can tell the Id to add (mount)the drive. Then in the Media Center menu, you can tell MC to import the files or to watch certain folders for certain types of files.

Please see this thread for more information:

Sync Media

The Id runs Samba, so it appears as a drive on a network, and this allows it to be set as a handheld device in MC, so that you can sync files to it.

Tools>Options>Handhelds>Add Device

Use Browse to find the Id. It's under Network. The full path will be similar to: \\[Idname]\Media\Music.


The Id is a:

DLNA Renderer -- When connected to an amplifier or DAC, you can play to it from any DLNA Server.

DLNA Server -- It can host your files and serve them to any DLNA Renderer.

Portable Media Player -- Wherever there is an electrical outlet, the Id can stand alone, and play to an audio amplifier or compatible DAC. It has a 120GB SSD drive. The software takes about 20GB, so you have 100GB of storage (about 300 CD's at lossless quality). It runs a Samba Server, so you can copy files to it from a PC or Mac. Connect a USB keyboard, USB mouse, and HDMI display, or just run it with a smart phone, and no peripherals.

Audio output via HDMI, 1/8" Stereo analog, TOSLINK, or USB. The Id uses the speakers of any amplifier or TV.

  • 2GB of RAM
  • 120GB SSD drive
  • Optional 2TB HDD
  • Intel Dual Core Celeron CPU
  • USB 3.0 (2 front, 2 rear)
  • Wired and wireless Ethernet
  • IR, Bluetooth and WiDi. (Bluetooth, and WiDi are not yet supported.)

Power is 100 to 240 Volts, 50 to 60 Hz. The power supply is an external "brick". It comes with adaptors for international power plugs. More information is at the bottom of the instructions.

Multichannel and DSD are supported over HDMI.

More about the Intel NUC 6CAYH.

More about DLNA


Payment by Paypal

Please send a message to sales at jriver dot c o m. If you send us your paypal address and your shipping address, we will send you a paypal invoice for the Id + shipping. When you receive the invoice, you will pay it with Paypal.

Payment by Credit Card

Call 612 677 8200 (extension 202) or fax your order and address to 612 339 4445. We're in Minneapolis, Minnesota (GMT-6), an hour behind New York City or two hours ahead of California. Please do not send credit card details by e-mail, since it is not secure.


  • $315 with 120GB SSD
  • $395 with 2TB HDD

Which Id?

If you plan to use the Id as a Renderer (playing to it from another machine, then the 120GB model is recommended.

If you plan to store your media on it and use it as a Server, then the 2TB model is recommended.

Either Id can act as a DLNA Renderer or Server.

A license for Media Center is included.


  • $20 to a U.S. address
  • $40 to Canada
  • $55 to other countries

The shipment may be subject to import duties in your country.

When we receive your order, we'll advise on delivery. Normally it ships within 1 or 2 days.


Install Guide


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Id in GUI Mode

GUI Mode