ID3 v1 and v2 tags

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Deprecated: This content has been deprecated as of current versions and may no longer be valid. Please refer to Interact for additional details.

Use ID3 tags to store database information into the files themselves, so that you can still see the information when playing the file on another player, and so that the information is still available if you have to re-import the file.

The program supports all id3 tags (v1 and v2). Here is a table displaying some of the basic differences between the two:

ID3 v1 ID3 v2
Stores information for the following fields: Track Title, Artist, Album, Track #, Genre, Year, and Comment Stores information in many more fields than v1, including Notes, Lyrics, Cover Art, Composer, etc.
Stores a maximum of 30 characters of information in those fields. For example, the album called "The Segovia Collection Volume 9 - The Romantic Guitar" when saved as an ID3v1 tag will look like this: "The Segovia Collection Volume". No limit on the number of characters in most fields
Read by many portable devices and car players. Cannot be read by many portable and car players.
Files with v1 tags will be smaller. File size can become quite large.

For more information on tags, see